Producer Mui Siu Ching on Ensemble Cast for “Forensic Heroes IV”

Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> held a costume fitting today and is preparing to start production on the fourth installment of the popular series. Producer Mui Siu Ching <梅小青> joked that since many of the cast members have also participated in the filming of Deep in the Realm of Conscience <深宮計>, this would be a hybrid of the two dramas.

Although Forensic Heroes IV has not officially started production, the drama is already surrounded with gossip. It is rumoured that Nancy Wu <胡定欣> declined her role because she did not want to collaborate with Alice Chan <陳煒> again. Mui Siu Ching clarified that this was not true and that the two are actually good friends. However, she confirmed that she had offered Nancy a role but she was not able to accept because the script had not been completed at the time.

Forensic Heroes IV will have a large female cast including Alice Chan <陳煒>, Selena Li <李施嬅>, Jacqueline Wong <黃心穎>, and Rebecca Chu <朱晨麗> causing confusion as to who the female lead will be. Miu Siu Ching explained, “We did not specify the lead characters. Our goal was to have as many actors as possible join our cast. Every actor will have their own part to play in the drama so there is no need to compete for screen time. There are actually many others who will be participating but as to who they are, we’ll keep it a secret for now!”

Other artistes at the costume fitting were: Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Shaun Tam (譚俊), Patrick Tse (謝賢), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑), Savio Tsang (曾偉權), and Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡).

Source: HK01

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  1. Another disaster in the making lol

    It’s been a while for Patrick and Gabriel.

    Of course Nancy didn’t accept. She’s eyeing the Mainland market.

  2. The cast is extremely weak…not a single artist that I’m excited to see. Out of the entire FH franchise, only the first installment was worth watching. The second installment started to suck when they essentially relegated Bobby, Frankie, and Yoyo to supporting characters in order to boost Kevin and Charmaine. FH3 was a joke with a cast that was pretty much useless and a script that was incoherent. Now FH4 has a weak cast and most likely rehashed script. Thank you TVB for ruining yet another franchise!

  3. “Our goal was to have as many actors as possible join our cast” yes I can see that, as there are many people who I can’t recognize…
    So disappointing to not see any of the old cast here from FH1

  4. what a TERRIBLE CAST, I dont want to see Shawn, Rebecca or JACQUELINE on my screen again for a while maybe never…

  5. Didn’t recognize the 海俊傑 name at first, Googled his imaged and he looks just like that that uncle that just married the young girl.

    1. @mike
      Last time I heard of him(Gabriel Harrison) he was accused of harrassing another actress at ATV. A failed TVB and ATV actor/singer who we are showing zero anticipation for his return…

  6. Omygod!!!………….where are all the good leads such as Bobby Frankie Roger Lawrence and Wayne Lai as for female leads Jessica TAvia and Niki im really not a fan of Alice and Rebecca kinda contemplating myself if im going skip this series sucks big time TVB loosing alot of good artist and all there series is falling down hill

  7. More than half of those actor/actresses are seriously crap.Sorry to their fans but Patrick Tse, Fred Cheng, Gabriel Harrison, Yumiko Cheng, Jacqueline Wong are terrible. Forensic Heroes 3 was already too much. If we want to watch this genre again we can return to the originals. No need to continue making the audiences suffer…

  8. If the cases are good, I’d watch it even though Patrick Tse, Yumiko Cheng and Fred are not good actors. Rebecca and Jacqueline are barely average as well. However, the quality of 2nd installment was already deteriorating and I could not even complete the 3rd series so I seriously doubt this one is good.

  9. I’m not sure if Yoyo still acts or not but tvb please bring back Bobby, Frankie, Raymond Cho and Florence. I actually like Alice I don’t have any problems with her or Raymond too Selena is okay too and Gabriel haven’t seen him for a while so not sure how it goes for him and I think he’s the cousin of Flora Chan if I’m correct. I’m surprised Patrick is going to be in it maybe for a short film. I find tvb is a joke sometimes.

    1. @cutie777 Yoyo filmed a series for RTHK’s new TV channel when it launched last year, but haven’t seen her in anything since then. I believe she is still acting though definitely takes up jobs less frequently than before (also I remember seeing on her Weibo awhile back ago that she was either injured or was ill so had to go on a long hiatus…haven’t checked recently so don’t know if it’s still the case).

      I’m not a fan of Alice either (I actually thought her acting in DITROC was too exaggerated and definitely not award-worthy but I guess compared to the other female leads, all of whom pretty much sucked, her slightly better acting stood out…).

      I’m not surprised to see Gabriel back in a TVB series, as he was on an episode of Cantopop at 50 a few weeks ago and had already hinted that he would be returning to film a series in the near future (and yes, he is Flora Chan’s cousin).

      From what we saw in Bet Hur, Patrick Tse has definitely lost his touch so don’t expect him to be any good in this series. Sure, having him reunite with Michelle Yim (who has a guest role in the first episode I believe) will satisfy fans of their pairing from ATV’s King of Gamblers from back in the 90s, but considering Patrick looks old and haggard now (whereas Michelle still looks great), might do more harm than good.

      TVB is definitely a joke, though nowadays, it’s all the time rather than sometimes, lol!

  10. Yay….they got Fred Cheng to return…woohoo

    I’d probably check out the first episode for Alice Chan, but that’s it. Unless they release a really awesome trailer or photos or something.

    1. @june
      Didn’t Fred recently come top of a online poll for most hated TVB artist mainly due to his supposed cheating and also mistreatment of his dog? Can someone search this up since I don’t know how to type chinese? I’m surprised TVB have cast Fred in a drama. His popularity has long gone….

      1. @jimmyszeto Yes, that’s true, though it looks like he is trying to make a comeback now that the dust has settled (and mainstream audiences have largely “moved on” to other scandals). For me, his cheating and the dog scandal thing were just icing on the cake…prior to that, knowing how he “used” his ex-girlfriend Lesley Chiang and broke up with her as soon as he started to become popular (which was the main trigger point for the 3 year depression she suffered through), he was already a “賤男” in my book….he can try to come back all he wants, most likely he’s not going to be successful because he managed to also burn his bridges at TVB with the way he handled the whole thing with Stephanie (on the surface, TVB appears to have forgiven him, but it’s noticeable that they are less enthusiastic about him as they used to be, which means that they are still bitter over what happened). In any case, I don’t plan on watching FH4 anyway so to me, Fred being in this doesn’t matter much…

      2. @llwy12
        Fred won’t be able to come back from this. His singing isn’t Jacky Cheung level and he is too thin framed to grab many girls hearts. Maybe he can be back to playing yoyo’s little brother in the background type roles…

      3. @llwy12

        It’s hard to know what is true and what is not.
        Initially, when I read that he broke up with Lesley right after he became popular, I also feel disappointed. But then, Lesley herself came out and said they have always been just friends and have never dated. Then later, there was rumor that Lesley fell into depression after breaking up with Fred.
        So, which is the correct version?

      4. @kidd Both of them never admitted to the relationship publicly, which is not surprising as 99% of celebrities don’t….but Lesley did talk about it with her friends privately and both her brother Benji as well as her dad Paul Chun had confirmed it at one point (after the breakup). Also, Lesley did a few really in depth interviews about her depression after she got better and though she didn’t mention Fred at all, she did say it was due to relationship issues, plus the timeline matched, so I tend to believe the whole dating and breaking up piece is true. I’m also not surprised that she would try to protect Fred publicly— they’ve known each other a long time for one and it was obvious how close they were relationship-wise. She’s not going to deliberately sabotage his career by speaking crap of him publicly (which is why when reporters asked her, all she could do was cry…it was her brother and her dad who were ticked off to the point that they told reporters not to mention Fred’s name in front of them ever again).

        And sorry, but with the way Fred handled his whole relationship thing with Stephanie, where he was already proven to be a liar — just ask his boss, Voice Entertainment chairman Herman Ho, who actually stuck his neck out for Fred and was even willing to put his own reputation on the line to guarantee that Fred and Stephanie weren’t dating because both had denied it to his face and he trusted them wholeheartedly, only to be told days later that he had been played (and subsequently became the laughingstock of the HK entertainment industry)…given that track record, of course I’m going to believe Lesley and anyone from her camp over Fred….

      5. @llwy12
        I’m sure it wasn’t long ago that Paul Chun Pui was saying that Fred was a good kid and he treated him like a son. Before Fred completed Voice of Stars of course. What a disappointment for Paul…

      6. @jimmyszeto Yes, exactly. Paul’s entire family went from supporting Fred 110% (Paul took time off from his busy schedule to fly back to HK so he could attend Fred’s first concert and be there in the audience alongside both Benji and Lesley to cheer Fred on — not only that, both Benji and Lesley would try to get Fred work opportunities every chance they could and also used their own popularity to promote / push him up — they actually did more for him than his own management company TVB did!!!) to not even wanting his name mentioned in their presence. Given the relationship that Paul and his kids had with Fred (plus how long they’ve known each other, which dates back to before Fred even entered the industry), it’s not possible that kind of “break” would occur over something minor. Paul and his kids are very close (moreso than other celebrity parents and their children because of the experience they all went through of Paul’s first wife — Benji and Lesley’s birth mother — leaving him when the kids were still very young and so he had to play both the mom and dad role as a single parent) — with that said though, both his kids refuse to let him help them in their careers, so he does the only thing he can do, which is to be the loving father who is always there for them in their personal lives. If Paul could decide to leave TVB — his employer of many years and a company he had always respected — due to the horrible way they treated his son, I have no doubt that he could cut ties with Fred after finding out how he treated his daughter. Doesn’t matter how fans try to spin it — when it comes to the Chiangs, in my book, Fred was absolutely the one in the wrong….

      7. @llwy12
        Fred obviously didn’t need Paul after he rocketed to fame and went his own way. Now he can experience the taste of returning to zero popularity. It’s a matter of time till someone else takes over in TVB theme tune duties…

  11. They got Gabriel Harrison back? Now, I’m excited. It has been a long time since I saw him on TV. I liked him in the old series he acted in such as ‘Anywhere But Here’ and ‘Kung Fu Soccer’. He is also a good singer.

    He still looks very handsome here. 🙂

  12. woah Gabriel is back !!! probably just gotta watch this because of him, nothing will ever beat the original Bobby and Frankie though.

  13. I personally dislike sequels. Sometimes I wish that they should just start with a new story if the story does not continue from the others or if they cannot get the original cast back. Armed Reaction II, III & IV should have never been made.

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