Shawn Dou Enjoys Staying At Tiffany Tang’s House

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Shawn Dou Enjoys Staying At Tiffany Tang’s House

The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕云台> is not Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) and Shawn Dou’s (窦骁) first collaboration, but it was definitely the series that brought the two actors closer together.

Though Tiffany and Shawn each have their own significant others, the onscreen couple kept in contact after their collaboration. Shawn openly talked about his “cohabitating” relationship with Tiffany, sharing that he would stay at Tiffany’s house in Shanghai whenever he’s in town. Shawn is also good friends with Tiffany’s husband, Luo Jin (罗晋).

“Tiffany and I have a lot to talk about,” said Shawn in an interview. “Whenever I’m with [Tiffany] I would hear her daughter, so that would make me really want to visit her. Their daughter really enjoys my company, that’s why I love staying at their place.”

Shawn Dou is currently dating Macau heiress, Laurinda Ho (何超蓮).

The Legend of Xiao Chuo is currently streaming via Tencent Video in mainland China, WeTV in Taiwan, and myTV SUPER in Hong Kong.


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      Tang Yan is definitely not a actress that can just pair with many actors in romance dramas….She really have to feel comfortable with them otherwise, her awkwardness is just too obvious….

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