Sheren Tang and Kevin Cheng Win Most Popular Artist Awards in Beijing

Kevin Cheng’s (郑嘉颖) popularity skyrocketed this year after mainland drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> aired on Hunan TV and TVB series, Ghetto Justice <怒火街头> was released earlier in the year. At the 2011 National Drama Festival held in Beijing earlier this week, Kevin won the Internet’s Most Popular Male Actor Award, while Sheren Tang (邓萃雯) received the Internet’s Most Popular Actress Award for No Regrets <义海豪情>.At the 2011 National Drama Festival in Beijing, the attending artists included Kevin Cheng, Sheren Tang, Ruby Lin (林心如), Kent Tong (汤镇业), Annie Yi (伊能静), Ming Dao (明道) , Steve Ma (马景涛) and Zhang Hanyu (张涵予)and others. Earlier in December, Kevin Cheng won the TVB Best Actor Award due to his performance in Ghetto Justice. In addition, it was recently rumored that Kevin’s mainland filming fees rose sharply from $160,000 to $250,000 Yuan per episode.

Currently rumored to have reconciled with ex-flame Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼) congratulated Kevin’s most recent award, by posting clapping and victory emoticons onWeibo. This year, Kevin apparently attained luck in both career and love!

TVB’s two-time Best Actress, Sheren Tang, received the Internet’s Most Popular Actress Award for her performance in No Regrets. Chang Hanyu’s Water Margin <水浒传> received the Best Series of the Year Award, while husband and wife, Wen Zhang (文章) won the Best Actor Award for Naked Marriage Era <裸婚时代> and Ma Yili (马伊璃) won the Best Actress Award for Twins Life <双城生活>.



Jayne: Congratulations to all the winners!

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  1. Congratulations, Sheren, on your new award. You certainly deserved it. All your fans are so happy for you!

  2. Sheren sang the theme from “I Have a Date With Spring” at the event. Makes me bloody nostalgic, lol for the good old days where the HK TV industry produced damn great shows!

  3. 水浒传 is Best Series of the year? LOL! It’s such a joke to the award since this series is the most criticized among 4 new adaptions of 4 grand novels.

    Wen Zhang and Ma Yi Li won Best actor-actress together, lol, isn’t it’s too arranged?

  4. Congrats to Kevin and Sheren.

    Sheren looks very very good for her age. 🙂 She also looks younger than her age.

    Who’s that actress with Kevin? Thanks.

    1. That’s Liu Shi Shi, who co-starred with Kevin in Bu Bu Jing Xin.

    2. Kinda bored with her same dress look except now is red. She changed to white later, boring.

  5. Wayne Lai should also be awarded and attributed for his good acting. Keep up Wayne

  6. congratulation to Kevin and Sheren. I am so happy for both of u. Hope and wish u get more awards next year. BRavo

  7. To those who’s saying Kevin’s hoarding all the awards, awards in China is like cutting meat. So many awards. One series is enough to fill all cabinet.

    Or see #6308 onwards

    Both Kevin and Nicky knows how to dress for the occasion except Kevin unleashed the inner glitter in him whilst Nicky is ermmm… more … formal. I like his shows, very spiffy looking shoes. Face however can do with a bit more makeup. Kevin looks good in the pics above except the pants…

    1. Nicky looks absolutely delectable in his suit! I know fashion is totally unfair because men looks so good in something so boring as a standard suit while women gets much more sartorial freedom.

      So I’ll just be happy that Nicky once in a while does don the classic suit so I can drool over him, and not always laugh at his otherwise terrible fashion sense (although he’s not too bad in comparison with other male celebs.)

      There are too many awards in China and like I said before, it dilutes the meaning of it.

      1. I disagree! I say he has great fashion sense, except when he is being asked to put on some fashion for photoshoots. On his own,he can dress very well! And very youthful! How to cut 10 years from age? Dress like Nicky!

      2. Yes, I suppose it is mostly the fashion shoots. Very odd fashion choices.

        But I don’t like how often he wears boots. They don’t look good on him.

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