Korean Adaptation of “Bu Bu Jing Xin” Releases First Stills

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo <步步驚心:麗>, the Korean adaptation of the 2011 hit Chinese television drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> (known in English as Scarlet Heart), has revealed some all-new production stills this week. The drama is directed by Kim Kyu-tae, and is a co-production between NBC Universal and YG Entertainment for the network broadcaster, SBS.

Previously known as Moon Lovers, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo stars K-pop singer IU as Hae Soo, a young woman from modern-day Korea who travels back one thousand years to the Goryeo Dynasty. There, she falls into a love triangle with the fourth prince Wang So, portrayed by Lee Joon-gi, and the ambitious eighth prince Wang Wook, portrayed by Kang Ha-neul.

scarlet heart ryeo 3Wang So is a cold-blooded fighter, but conceals his face behind a mask. After meeting Hae Soo, he slowly begins to strip down his mask, showing his true side. He eventually succeeds his father’s throne and becomes King Gwangjong of Goryeo, the kingdom’s fourth king.

“The filming environment is intense,” said Lee Joon-gi. “Although I’ve shot many historical period dramas in the past, I don’t want to be bogged down. I want to do even better in this drama. This is my first time working with director Kim Kyu-tae, so I’m filled with anticipation and nerves.”

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, which will also be airing in Mainland China simultaneously with South Korea at the end of the year, also stars Hong Jong-hyun as the third prince Wang Yo, EXO’s Baekhyun as the tenth prince Wang Eun, Nam Joo-hyuk as the thirteenth prince Wang Wook, Ji-soo as the fourteenth prince Wang Jung, and Jo Min-ki as King Taejo of Goryeo.

scarlet heart ryeo 1 scarlet heart ryeo 2  scarlet-heart-ryeo-4

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sorry but I have the feeling that this Korean adaptation is going to be a disaster although I like Lee Joon Ki.

    1. @nori There’s been a lot of hype about the remake from the international fans of K-dramas. So if this remake does so well, then K-dramas fan may watch the original. I remember a thread on OneHallyu forum about why K-dramas fans don’t branch out to other Asian dramas. Also I’ve seen evidence of K-dramas fans branching out to Taiwanese dramas because 3 Taiwanese dramas got Korean remake and also when Taiwan remade several K-dramas, fans of K-dramas just branch out to Taiwanese dramas.

  2. I believe the drama will do well as they have cast some many well known and up and coming actor and actress. Just not sure if I can compare it to BBJX as I can’t picture LJK as the 4th prince. He does not have the commanding presence as Nicky! IU was an excellent choice for Cece role though as she can act and is at the right age. Will be intersting for sure!

    1. @happybi i dont like LJK at all and am upset that he was chosen for this role. i do not find him attractive/charismatic nor have a commanding presence…debating if i want to see my favorite drama be adapted and possibly get butchered like crazy or just pass lol

      1. @riceball120 eheheheh I like him as an actor. He’s actually pretty good but I really can’t picture him as the 4th prince. He doesn’t have a commanding/dominating presence as Nicky so can’t picture him as a King. I’m sure this drama will do well but I just can’t let myself compare it to BBJX and I think I’ll be fine.

      2. @happybi LJK is just one of those actors that I cant look at for some reason…nothing personal against him lol..i guess it’s because i dont find his acting convincing enough for me.

      3. @riceball120
        I do find him a little too feminine for my taste as well. haha lol but hey cute enough since I never watched the original I have nothing to compare it with. Girl lead seems too young thou I mean it’s like their trend right now, young girl/older men or older woman/young guys as leads so I guess just have to see if any good on screen. Nicky Wu – ppl love him on that show and that was how he got famous again but I find him wow…aged quite a bit but I know hardcore fans will say he can do no wrong hahaa…but too me hes overrated so I mean gotta give these new remake leads a chance? hey, never know until we see it? I saw the Taiwanese Fated to love you and didn’t like it but actually find the K version fun and lighthearted to watch and I was able to finish it from Beg to End. Usually w/kdrama I can never finish beyond a few episodes.

      4. @kiki Nicky was excellent on BBJX. Think if you watch it you will know why people like him after the drama. Also IU is a good age for the Korean one. As the female lead is suppose to age from 15ish/16 yrs old to the 30s.. And IU can play the naive/spunky role well so I think she will shine in this one. Just not sure about LJK.

        I actually watch the T and K version of Fated to Love you. Gotta say I like the Taiwanese one more. Maybe because it’s the original and overall I thought that storyline was better. But I love Jang Nara and JH.

      5. @happybi
        I know, Jang H & Jang Nara – heard of the girl but watched practically nothing of both leads so it was really refreshingly to me. I like it cuz it’s stupidly lighthearted and fun to watch and the acting is also pretty good. It was nowhere as dragging on the Tv so I was really happy about the Kv. 🙂

      6. @kiki it’s not is femininity that bothers me…i just dont find him charismatic enough to play my beloved 4th prince lol…the reason why im debating to watch this remake/adaption is because I have like an anti K-drama syndrome because i have started many K-drama that i never finish cuz 1. i hate the main cast or 2. the story plot is too messy. I might give this one a chance as i LOVE period dramas and it’s based off one of my favorite dramas…but still debating…

  3. scarlet heart boasts a few important roles…emperor, 4th prince, 8th prince, 13th prince and of course ruoxi. usually an adaptation in another language is hard to succeed.

  4. I don’t think Koreans know it’s a remake of Chinese drama. But anyway, will watch it to see how they carry out the characters, K style.

  5. My affection for BBJX was not the actors or performances, some were inadequate (*ruoxi*) but because I knew the history and Yongzheng is my fave emperor in history so I feel for him. This one.. everyone is so young and I know zero about korean history older than king sejong. I hav zero hope for this but I bet it will be more romantic, more passionate kissing scenes and more dramatic.

    1. @funnlim in BBJX 4th prince will do anything for ruoxi as long as it doesn’t compromise his ambition. He loves her deeply but not blindly. That’s why I love 4th prince. In this version I bet he will go insane when this ver’s ruoxi gets tortured or whatever.

    2. @funnlim
      I haven’t watched the original so I wouldn’t how un-passionate those kissing scenes might be? haah lol…but from what I see of glimpses here and there of kdramas I don’t think they have passionate scenes either? LOL…
      or I must have been watching the wrong ones? hehee….Passionate – I think the most passionate kissing scenes I see were of Taiwan dramas, they go all out on the bed scenes sometimes but all other countries, I don’t see any passionate scenes well, besides American ones. aha lol….

      1. @kiki You are def. not watching the right Korean drama. ekekek TVN ones have some passionate scene!! It’s much better then Taiwan one but then I haven’t watch much Taiwan one for a very long time. Let me know if you want some KDrama recommendations. ekekekekk

      2. @happybi
        hahaha LOL… I guess not. I have only watched Fated, Heartless City kdrama. That one there was one good kiss in the whole 20 episodes but that’s about it, absolutely 0 romance factor other than that kiss. hahaa lol…Also, a family kdrama Ojakgyo Brothers, a family oriented drama and the kiss scenes are just as bad as FULL HOUSE ahhaha…lol… lips were never moving. So I guess I really haven’t watched a lot to know but then I am always just 1-2 episodes and I couldn’t finish so even if there were intense kisses on there, I wouldn’t know. haha lol….

      3. @kiki You need to watch “Once more happy ending” currently airing and have Jang Nara in it with Jung Kyung Ho. Loving it!! LOL funny and acting is awesome! Cheese in the trap is currently airing too and it’s awesome. Oh My Venus is completed and it’s a very funny drama too.

        If you want passionate, go watch “I need romance 3” I enjoyed it. not sure how old you are but “Answer me 1977” is pretty good too. It’s during my time so the theme in that drama was very relate-able. ekekekek

    3. @funnlim
      Finally someone besides me who goes for other aspects of a series besides the cast. People just focus way too much on the cast and ignore everything else and then complain about why a series with such a good cast is so bad.

  6. oh gosh…i have heard of Korean drama adaptions that go wrong when the Taiwanese or Mainland does them. Now the Koreans want to make their own version of my favorite drama…tempted to see how much of the storyline is going to be butchered… ;-;

  7. I hope that they do the adaptation, then they should change the story according to whatever historical characters they have based the story on and not how the Chinese version ended. Because what made BBJX very enjoyable was that they managed to stick with history yet include a lot of fiction so it seemed very real.

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