Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu: Romance with Each Step

After Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) publicly confirmed their relationship earlier this week, they received a deluge of support from fans and friends. The happy couple, who met when filming the time-traveling drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, will reunite in two upcoming dramas and, according to Nicky’s manager, would not mind a fourth collaboration if a fitting opportunity arises.

Nicky and Cecilia became a popular on-screen couple after appearing in Bu Bu Jing Xin, which began filming in late 2010 and aired in September of the following year. When they held hands on stage after winning Magnolia Awards for Most Popular Actor and Actress in 2012, it was rumored that they were already in a relationship. However, in an interview later that year, Nicky denied that he was dating Cecilia.

The two were reunited to film Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情 >, the anticipated sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin, earlier this year. Nicky’s first day on set happened to coincide with Cecilia’s birthday, March 10, and the cast and crew helped her celebrate after finishing their work for the day. Because Nicky and Cecilia’s behavior showed that they were very close, rumors again surfaced that they were dating. However, many dismissed the news as media hype.

Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁師 >, which began filming at the end of June, brought the two lovebirds even closer. On August 8, paparazzi spotted Cecilia preparing to fly from Zhejiang to Beijing. A mere ten hours later, she was seen at the airport with Nicky, on the way to Hangzhou. Despite the hectic schedule, the two were clearly in good spirits and could not stop smiling.

On November 9, Nicky and Cecilia were seen together at Cecilia’s Shanghai apartment late at night. The secret meeting allegedly lasted eight hours – long enough for everyone to begin gossiping that a romance had blossomed between the two of them. These intense rumors led Nicky to admit on November 13 that he and Cecilia were indeed going out.

“The media had already photographed them together, and the photos were all over the Internet,” said Ren Yue (任玥), Nicky’s manager. “So we decided to be generous and admit to it.”

Wang Jun (王俊), the publicity director of Cecilia’s management company, shared that the company was completely in the dark about her relationship prior to the announcement. “It must have been a joint decision by the two of them to tell everyone on that day,” he said. He added that it was natural for a romance to develop between Nicky and Cecilia, since they had collaborated three times already.

He also hoped that everyone would not pry too much into Cecilia’s private life, though he understood that many would be curious: “Every artist has a different choice – some are willing to share more, while some want to keep their emotions to themselves. Let’s not ask Cecilia too many questions and let her properly enjoy her happiness!”


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  1. Lol. Jayne, everytime I wake up, a new article about nicky and shishi appears!!!

    1. Is it weird if I want them to be married and have kids and live happily ever after!?

      1. Heather,
        Everyone is eager to find out the back story to Nicky and Cecilia’s romance. Did it start last year or this year?

        “Is it weird if I want them to be married and have kids and live happily ever after!?”

        Not at all! We all wish them the best and that they have a happy future together!

      2. I wish them happiness too. Hope this is not a publicity stunts to promote their drama and future collaboration.

      3. I also wish them happiness but must say that they are luckier than some couples because they were a popular onscreen couple that already won over the support of the fans and public. Many fans and all even fantasize about them being together in real life, so for them to fall for each other is like a dream come true for the fans and viewers. However, as well know onscreen turning into real life couple does not happen often and is pretty rare although it is still possible. Glad that Nicky and Cecilia have joined that rare list and will end up happily.

      4. @ HTS

        Actually, there are plenty ShiGe and HongShi who are pressed about this. Though it’s probably better than the FengMi fans, I guess, when YM announced she was dating Hawick.

        And it’s too early to say they will have a happily ever after, though I ofc hope for the best.

      5. I know that but they still have it better than some other couples. Oh yea, I meant to say that I hope they will end up together happily since who knows what the future will hold? Even in many cases when you think a couple is happily married and then they announce that they will divorce out of the blue. There are too many of those out of the blue moments lately. That occurs a lot in life since life is truly unpredictable.

  2. So he was already getting little goodies before letting everybody knows. What a horny old fart…hahaha.

  3. It seems that Nicky Wu falls in love with his co-star quite easily, and he did it a few times in the past. I hope Cecilia Liu is his last lover-costar.

      1. But it is dangerous for an actor to fall in love easily with his co-stars. There is not that much security for Cecilia Liu in future unless Nicky Wu will film all his series with Cecilia only.

      2. Nicky does NOT fall in love easily, when you think about how many dramas he has filmed and NOT fallen in love.

      3. I do not think Nicky falls in love with all of his co stars. But it is not just Nicky, many guys and girls may have crushes on their co stars since they see each other a lot and work together for a long period of time. However, it does not mean that everyone will fall for all of the guys and girls they co star with.

        IN the e circle, temptation is even higher since you are constantly surrounded by good looking people and all. But the main thing is are you able to control your feelings if you are married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend?? I think if you love and trust your spouse or bf/gf then you should not worry too much. Nicky is at the point in his life that he needs to treasure any love relationship that he gets because he has had a failed marriage and all. His time is more limited if he wants to have his own family while Cecilia is still young and still has more time to settle down and start her own family. Good luck to them both and hope they end up happily!

    1. He films A LOT of dramas every year. I don’t think it can be considered “falling in love quite easily” just because all his exes were costars of some sorts. Where else would he met women? The man works all the time.

  4. Nicky works way too hard and now with his own ‘businesses’ and even more popular than ever. All of us know he almost ‘never had a normal childhood or enjoyed his teenage years like most boys his age back then because he worked and contributed to his family/helping his father pay his debt. But inspite of all this he never complained. With his fighting spirit he turned out tops because he endured without crashing in. Not many can do that.

    I personally felt he was ‘duped’ into his first marriage by his ex (an obvious gold digger) and he suffered the most embarrassing divorce (as far as chinese tradition is concerned) as his ex committed adultery right under his nose. Right now, he deserves all the happiness.

    1. How was he “duped”? It takes two for a marriage and he was not that popular nor have that much money then, so she can’t possibly called a gold digger then.

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