Nicky Wu Mentions Intense Kissing Scene in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”

Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) is a workaholic, and it is something he proudly admits to. Being an actor, producer, and businessman really leaves Nicky no other room to do other things. Not only does Nicky produces his own dramas and films, he also helps his colleague produce theirs too.

“As a member of acting industry, I have a duty to use the money I earned in this industry to help others fulfill their dreams of making movies,” said Nicky. “They’re only small investments. I do not expect anything in return, and I will not purposely promote it. Knowing that I have at least contributed something will make me happy enough.”

When it comes to the entertainment industry, it is all about luck or chance. Talent only takes up a small piece of the pie.

“I’ve met many people who have dreams but never saw their chance. I invest on their films so they can finish their movies. On the one hand, I can help my friends fulfill their dreams; on the other, my high income is also from this industry, so by giving something back is like forming a full circle.”

Once Nicky puts money in the movie, he will not expect to earn anything in return. “Most of them are art-house films. You can win awards overseas but never in the mainland. I knew these risks already but it doesn’t matter. Films are meant to be creative. If the market only has commercial blockbusters and not independent films, the industry will not be a complete one. All I want is to help my friends realize their dreams.

Kissing Scene with Cecilia Liu Will Be Intense

Qing dynasty drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> was one of 2011’s biggest television drama hits in mainland China. Not only did the series pushed Nicky to superstardom, his costars Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗) also achieved new heights in their careers. When the sequel was announced, a lot of pressure was put on the production teams’ shoulders, but would it be as successful as its former?

“A lot of people great anticipate it, but I what I want to say is that Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情> is a modern drama. The style and genre of it is very different from Bu Bu Jing Xin. What we should care about is not whether or not it would be as popular as Bu Bu Jing Xin, but we should view this drama as a completely new series. Of course, I do hope that the audience will get a fresh feeling after watching Bu Bu Jing Qing. That is what we’re aiming for.”

Of course, as part of the Bu Bu series, there must be something that connects the two dramas together.

“In terms of the relationships of the characters, there would be some relationship entanglements, as well as father and son grudges. Bu Bu Jing Qing does continue from Bu Bu Jing Xin, so I recommend everyone to prepare a box of tissues when it comes!”

Another commonality between the two series will be the relationship between Nicky and Cecilia’s characters. Nicky revealed that he had intense kissing scenes with Cecilia. “Our relationship is a little more intimate in Bu Bu Jing Qing. After all, one is a period drama and another is modern! Please look forward to it! The kissing scene we had in Bu Bu Jing Xin is nothing compared to the ones we had in this one!” Teaser trailer clips also revealed that the real-life lovers will also have a bed scene in Bu Bu Jing Qing.


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  1. Looking forward to it! I really like how he says that viewers should view this as a new series and that whether or not it will have the same momentum as the first one! I think that when a sequel is out in terms of books/movies/etc, most people compare the two things together instead of enjoying the series as a brand new thing. 😛

  2. Can’t help comparing them if it’s a sequel. I’m eagerly anticipating that kiss. Lol.

  3. why don’t you pick on Nick Tse’s 70-something year old dad who’s girlfriend is younger than his daughter?

  4. hehe it’s always not that steamy as they make it out to be, well maybe to China audience.

    1. yeah and from what we saw in the MV, they seem to be do the bed scenes with shirts.
      kissing and bed scenes are better in korean films

      1. Its really weird to watch them make out ehhe, especially in HK series, but I like those short and sweet kisses, the story does make a difference when it leads to how the kiss started.

      1. He’s 43, with a head full of hair and a healthy body. What more can he ask for?

    1. Going to ask my dad to cut his hair like that, i wonder if he can rock it lol

      1. Yup he still does. Ask him , he said he is not a celebrity, only celebs can get away with that hairstyle lol. Oh well.

    2. He does have amazing hair! My father is only a week older than Nicky, but he’s half bald already. Lmao.

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