“Bu Bu Jing Qing” Set to Premiere on April 22

Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, sister production to the 2011 hit series Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>, is scheduled to premiere its first episode on Zhejiang STV’s China Blue Theater lineup on April 22, 2014. This will be Bu Bu Jing Qing’s first exclusive nation-wide premiere.

Produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, Bu Bu Jing Qing stars Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗), Ye Zuxin (叶祖新), Sun Yizhou (孙艺洲), and Annie Liu (劉心悠). It is loosely classified as a sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin, a time-traveling drama about a young woman who was transported back in time to watch the rise of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. While the backbone of Bu Bu Jing Xin’s storyline focused on political intrigue, Bu Bu Jing Qing will instead take its main leads to the dark side of modern-day workplace politics.

Production for Bu Bu Jing Qing began in early March 2013 and ended four months later. Reports circulated in early March of this year claimed that Bu Bu Jing Qing was slated to premiere on Hunan TV – the same station that broadcast Bu Bu Jing Xin – on March 9, 2014, but the rumor was quickly debunked by official sources.

Bu Bu Jing Xin, the series that shot Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu, and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) to unprecedented fame, also brought Nicky and Cecilia together. Bu Bu Jing Qing is seen as a reunion for the real-life couple and its premiere announcement has netizens buzzing.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Omg that’s awful!!! My finals are during those few weeks!!!!!

      1. didnt feel too bad. think of it this way. u guys can watch it without feeling leave hanging at the end of each episode.

  2. too bad 13th and 14th couldn’t return, but still very excited!!

  3. Yay!!! I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully some nice people will upload those episodes to share with us (The non-China, Taiwan viewers). Thanks

  4. I just rewatched the ending trailer (theme song) from an older post by J/Stars…….towards the end LSS in wedding gown but the groom is not Nicky !!! Horror, I hope it’s not true because if Nicky and LSS reunited but not married to each other again this time around, I think fans like myself will be very upset !!!

    1. that is one thing i was like WTF????
      they didn’t show much scenes of Nicky and LSS so I hope the series will have much more than I think it should have. I’m glad this will show soon so I can see another production from them when the year ends

      1. That wedding scene can be just one of the scenes during the series, so it does not mean that it is the actual ending. I also hope that they end up together but lets wait and see.

  5. Plz, upload to You Tube, I wish can subtitle in English Version, or Hurry up will sell in Comercial DVD , As soon as possible. thanks

    1. No doubt it will be uploaded in HD at youtube probably a day or 2 after initial broadcast. But the english subtitles will depend on fansubs. From what I can see for K-dramas, fansubs can be a day or 2 after broadcast. But Chinese series don’t have that dedicated followers so to speak so I am afraid there won’t be english subtitles until fans do it or Singapore Mediacorp broadcasts it and someone rip it.

      DVD will probably be released within 6 months of initial broadcast, I hope but most often no English subtitles until picked up by local distributor and almost always subpar subtitles.

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    3. Interesting. Moments after this I got the following email;

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    4. Geez, better request that Facebook investigate and take preventive/prohibitive action.

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      1. Funn Lim:

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      4. I had to write a post about it. This is to expose her, to publicly name and shame her, if not she will never ever stop. How then should one deal with bullies? this is not fighting back. This is standing up.

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      8. – Rita:
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      10. “wasn’t able to get into your account, then what would the police do since it’s not a full identity fraud?”

        At least, there is a record of the attempt.

      11. If Tee V be is accessing js by internet cafe, it can geg tricky. Plus malaysian police is quite corrupted.

      12. Funn Lim,

        Just remember there always will people who say something negative/mean. Don’t think of them – just remember only those nice people who are supporting you. You will never be able to please everyone. Don’t sweat on unnecessary things/people. Don’t waste your time & energy on them. Have a great day.

    6. ok. i apologise for the insults and what nots. i hope you be fair to tvb productions and those artists.

      seriously i used to like your reviews like everyone else until lately. maybe criticising has got to your mind, but pls be more fair, i hope you are able to tone down your sarcasm against tvb or the artists.

    7. If you have been following my reviews I have toned down a lot over the years. I have readers emailing me saying I have not been as sarcastic as I was before. Please be mindful my criticism about a plot or a performance is not like what you did to me; personal attacks on the artiste’s personal life. I look at the professional life and no more. I think I was fair except you chose to pick my review on the negative and disregard everything else I said. Like I said; I am tired. So I am gonna stop writing for a while.

    8. MW,

      “Geez, better request that Facebook investigate and take preventive/prohibitive action.”

      A better thing happened. Facebook freeze my account so no one can access. I think this is the best because frankly I rarely use facebook.

      1. Facebook never freezes account but they deactivate accounts.

    9. One of the many reasons why I never use facebook and regret even getting an account in the first place.

    10. @Funn,
      That’s good. “Safety” is also the reason why I don’t publish my information on the internet.

    11. MW, I don’t either except this person knows my email and with that email first posted as me in Jaynestars which was why the avatar was me but the text wasn’t. Now the same method is used to try to access my Facebook except unless she is a close friend or family, she wouldn’t be able to answer any questions. It is the same Modus operandi. And someone asked me a very good question; all these because of some online argument? It is the same imposter same person but I will not talk about this anymore. No doubt she will return.

    12. If an email address is public, maybe don’t use it anywhere else except for where it is published?

    13. Hmm. Hope you get back into the swing of things soon. We’re all here, because we share a common interest, and it’s a shame that you should feel the need to refrain from writing.


      Sort of looking forward to BBJQ. Hoping it would be THE one that will change my mind on modern Mainland dramas.

      1. Yep. So far there are no modern dramas from China impressed me yet. I hope BBJQ will change my mind about that.

    14. get feng xing (风行网) they usually get it up a day after the ep is aired (in hd). You’ll be able to watch plenty of other stuff on there too

  6. @jayne, do you happen to know what time will it air on 22 April???

  7. @Jayne, do you know when we can see it upload on youtube with eng subs?

    1. That will depend on whether or not people will upload it to youtube. But there are some uploaders who do upload the episodes quite quickly, while others take longer. 🙂

      1. I do not think it is that bad because I have seen even worse hairdos than this one.

      2. He looks… good. The hair is weird, I admit but gotta admit, this man has lots of hair. Doubt he will ever go bald.

      3. whichever way you look at it, this is an awful hairdo which looks like it was inspired by the porcupine.

    1. He looks so much better with normal/clean cut looking hair sytles. He has great hair. He’ll be the last man on earth to go bald. 🙂

    1. It’s not even released how in the world can you possibly have seen this?

  8. Funn,

    I checked the ip address and it is the same ip address as Tee v b. She indeed tried to hack into your facebook address.

    She is the same person as “Vivien”, “lol” or better known as Bosco hater who fills our site and other online forums with negative comments about Bosco. Aside from this, she has also chosen to bully Funn online recently and even hack into her Facebook account.

    Funn, good thing that you lodged a police report.

    1. I’ve always suspected as such because the writing style is similar. I think I’ve made myself a mortal enemy for reasons I don’t even know. And she accused me of being negative and so what she is doing is very positive? No doubt she will return in yet another name because bullies are cowards and they often do thinking anger and attention empowers them. Unless she moves, I now know where she is, I have her IP address and I have made a report to that effect, at least it is on record. So I was right again and again. She is a total and utter idiot and worse than that, a mean spirited one. But I am tired of arguing with her. However if she is smart she should know when to stop. But bullies never do.

  9. Thanks everyone for words of encouragement. I am very tired with facing the same nemesis again and again and again. If I am considered negative and mean spirited, I wonder what Tee V Be is? Or shall I just refer to her name Vivien? Since all the same? I am sure she is lurking around here somewhere but the difference is she is now exposed. But bullies never run. I am not sure which Bosco hater she is but if you do read a very negative comment about Bosco which contributes nothing to the discussion, I do think it is her. So just expose her again and again and again until she grows up and hopefully see how childish she is.

  10. Funn, you don’t need to waste time explaining your actions to these keyboard warriors, they’ll just keep nitpicking you and you’ll be more stressed out. Give yourself a short break and continue writing as you please, never ever let these bullies dictate your path. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an opinion and being outspoken about it.

  11. Sorry to hear that! But what motives would tee v be have to hack into ur acct?

    If u dont use fb, why didnt u deactivate it?

  12. I thought it was weird when I saw Funn’s reply to one of my comments, but with a different avatar. I have to agree that it could have been a lot worse if she decided to “publicize” it.

    And since we have no idea what she will do next, I would stop using that email address or close that email account, if necessary.

  13. Funn’s episodic thoughts 4 ep. 5:

    Is this how HK train their ATF agents? Because they say 8 weeks training? Schedule seems to be like this;

    7 weeks of arguments with boss/trainer and having issues with one trainee
    3 days of reconciliation and pep talks
    1 day of super dare challenge
    2 days of more training like perhaps defusing a bomb and recognising a terrorist
    1 day of last day of test

    What about art of interrogation? Analysis of terrorists? How to withstand torture? Something like that? I swear all these are inspectors level and they’re being trained like first year cadets.

    What must Carson do to get kicked out? Even if he has the highest potential, he is too much of ME ME ME that he is such a burden to the entire team. But it was funny how he jumped over to the other building as a dare when Ngo Sir did it. By the way I find it amazing Ngo Sir is described as 51 years old because that is about the right age!! TVB is never about age accuracy!! Don’t break your own standards TVB!

    Let’s see; Eddie was born in 1962 so that makes him about 49 at the time of this series. He looks good! He looks youthful. Ruco was born in 1977, about 33 when he was filming this series. A good 16 years of difference between them? Wow, Eddie looks great! He has always looked about the same size, hardly ever put on weight.

    Back to the story.

    Love story between Carson and Jessica which suddenly turned into kissing and I was like when did they start? I mean episode 4 they were still just friendly with one another? Kiss, hug, flirt, etc and still ZERO chemistry. I felt nothing. Switch to Storm In A Cocoon for real chemistry. So my conclusion is

    1. Aimee is difficult to pair with any actor because no chemistry and her performance in here is ok since the character suits her but if you didn’t point her out, I swear I would have just looked past her.

    2. Ruco is difficult to pair. I wouldn’t say in The Other Truth he was best chemistry with Tavia because I didn’t see it that way. Ruco however is great with Louise Lee and some other actresses like Linda Chung and Ankie Belkie.

    Ruco looks like a thug in here. True!! No glasses, so thin, hair same colour as the tone of his skin and his skin so tanned, he really looked like a gangster. Suddenly I miss his Luk Kung Tzi where he was bigger, cuter, handsomer and better hair with glasses.

    Aimee looked so thin!

    Ron looked ok. I tell you this; he may be wooden but he is best as delivering those witty one liner like he did tonight when he was asked “If I order you to die, will you die?” and he shouted “If sir order me to die you must have your reason sir!”

    Had a good time chuckling at that line. But no, I don’t see how Ruse Of Engagement is interesting because it is typical TVB. I see nothing different or special.

    No Yoyo tonight.

    1. Ep4:
      Maybe episode 3 and I have no fate to be together. The day I recorded episode 3, it was raining so basically it was no show. I tried recording 2 separate sessions in the middle of the night only to find out next day before Episode 4 was broadcast that the decoder was switched off. And I couldn’t wait so I went on to Episode 4, half scratching my head why they’re now back in the academy. I won’t be backtracking to Episode 3 unless you can tell me what’s good, apart from the 2 brothers in shower together.

      Episode 4 is ok. A lot of heated arguments, typical of cadets hating their trainers (Carson Vs Ngo Sir) that it feels it has been done before, millions of time. If Carson is so unhappy, and he is a senior inspector I believe, why not just quit and go back to CID? Is he so passionate about ATF or is it because of Jessica? And Jessica also is strange. She is obviously attracted to Carson (and as if the world is so small, Alfred is in love with her too) and yet avoided him or rather flirts but deflirts each time. This is so similar with Outbound Love, right down to the zero chemistry. I find Ruco more chemistry with his bro than with his girl. Yoyo’s chemistry with him is yet to be seen. In fact Aimee has zero chemistry with Ron as well. I used to like Aimee a lot but with TVB throwing her to the forefront with every opportunity they could get, I feel I don’t like her too much because let’s face it; this was 3 years ago, so her acting is raw. Fast forward to Outbound Love, 3 years later and her acting is still lacking. She alone is ok. But with guys, somehow she seems to be holding herself back. I find her acting unnatural. In fact I feel Yoyo’s appearance here as the nosy reporter was more flirtatious with Ruco than Aimee with Ruco and Yoyo wasn’t supposed to be flirting with him yet. I see Ruco releasing the entire electricity charge on Aimee and all I can see is Aimee is like a wood; the electricity just cannot get through.

      I enjoyed Ron and Ruco’s scenes together even if I scratch my head why they’re back to like school days in academy when Ruco’s Carson graduated a decade ago. I feel something very immature about these 2 characters and hot headed as well, just to give a bit of drama with an estranged relationship between Ngo Sir and the 2 guys, especially potential top student, Carson. By the end of the episode I was wondering what Carson had to do to be booted out of the academy since he has broken every possible rule, including subordination. How can he ever work under Ngo Sir if he so resent Ngo Sir? Ahhhhh now that’s the beauty of a TV series. 5 episodes later I am sure he feels he has misjudged Ngo Sir and now Ngo Sir is like his big brother! But still I feel everything is on a rewind when shouldn’t we be told why in the first place Alfred ever believed his super cop brother Carson could ever be a gangster?? Was this told in episode 3?

      Ron is still wooden but he fares best with another guy; he does best those buddy-buddy scenes and I enjoy those scenes immensely. I just find it painful when I am watching him being lovesick because he only ever has 1 expression; a very serious one. I also don’t see why these 2 guys immediately zoomed into Jessica. A lot of series with Aimee in it it is always assumed she is so attractive in every way guys just fall for him. I don’t get her appeal. In fact poor Beauty, no guys like her, except maybe Negative.

      Chris Lai is ok, since 3 years ago, his acting is very very very serious and raw but his Negative is a rather competent ATF member.

      Yoyo Mung is not my favourite actress. In fact I don’t think highly of her acting. 3 years ago should be around the time when her acting was the worst simply because she wasn’t paying attention, always seemed distracted. In here, her scenes are few but thus far she is not believable as a top reporter but I like her rapport with Ruco which speaks more than what Ruco has with Aimee. That will be the saving grace.

      By the way in the beach scene as Carson and Jessica flirted with one another, she was shoeless and walking along the seashore, they talked, talked and then she left and she forgot about her shoes. Quite literally, her shoes’ there but she just walked out of the camera. She is not scene per scene actress like Charmaine Sheh but she is certainly inconsistent.

      So far this series is the usual standard and since this was 3 years ago, you can assume that was right smack during the time TVB was quite predictable and was exhausted in ideas. But since it is only episode 3, it is still too early to tell.

      I can however vouch for Storm In A Cocoon which is becoming more and more interesting thanks to the cast. Steven Ma gave Ka Yeung such a masculine and yet educated personality and now we are left wondering did the unhappy and justifiably angry Ka Hin betray Ka Yeung? Ahhhhhhh drama! Drama!! Something which Ruse of Engagement has yet to show. I mean it is a show about terrorists, but it feels like a show about every criminal there is except terrorists. But don’t give up on it just yet. It might hold a few surprises just yet

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