Shiga Lin Recalls Her Reactions When Carlos Chan Proposed

Shiga Lin (連詩雅)  made her first public appearance after announcing that she and Carlos Chan (陳家樂) are engaged. The actress was in a good mood and revealed that she was flustered during the proposal.

While many fans had already started addressing Shiga as “Mrs. Chan”, Shiga insisted people continue to call her by her name. The newly engaged actress confessed that she fears losing or scratching her engagement ring and revealed she had not been wearing it while working.

When asked to talk about how Carlos proposed, Shiga responded, “Right now, I recalled the moment as being very unexpected. I am still processing it, but all my close friends were there to film it. I haven’t gathered the video clips to watch it yet.”

Shiga added that she was very emotional, “I was too nervous to look at [Carlos] during the proposal. It was embarrassing. I was very shy to be put in that situation. I am not even this shy when I am singing on the stage.”

The couple first met while they were filming 2019’s travel program 12 Summers < 12個夏天and after dating for a year, the couple knew they were heading towards marriage. Shiga shared that the couple naturally got together after she discovered Carlo’s kind personality and that they had many common interests.

Although the couple hoped to get married next year, Shiga and Carlos had been busy with work and had not properly sat down with the parents since the Lunar New Years and they have talked about wedding details and the dowry. Admitting that she is clueless with wedding planning, Shiga would have to learn from her friends who got engaged during the pandemic.

Source: HK On CC

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