Shiga Lin Still Dreams About Marriage

2020 may be Shiga Lin’s (連詩雅) 10-year anniversary debut, but she isn’t slowing down. Now in the prime time of her early 30’s, Shiga is using this window of vigor to fight for more opportunities to develop her career. “A girl’s youth is limited,” she said.

Although rumored to be dating Carlos Chan (陳家樂), marriage isn’t in the books for Shiga—at least not anytime soon. “I wouldn’t mind having a small wedding ceremony,” said Shiga. “It doesn’t have to be very extravagant, but just enough to be memorable, so I have good things to show to my kids and grandkids.”

Debuting as a singer, Shiga’s foray into acting only happened in the last few years. Starring in blockbuster dramas such as Life After Death <那些我愛過的人> and Line Walker: Bull Fight <使徒行者3>, Shiga plans to continue pursuing acting, but she still hasn’t given up singing. “It’s important to be multi-talented in this industry,” she said. “I will definitely not give up singing. It will be always be my number one, but I’m also very happy that I get to do acting too.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shiga was unable to release her two planned songs for her 10-year debut anniversary this year. “We originally postponed its release because I fell sick, but then this pandemic happened,” said Shiga. “We’re still waiting for the right time to release it.”

The 32-year-old trended on social media following her supporting appearance in Line Walker: Bull Fight earlier this year, in which she played an undercover cop who was the first love interest of Tin Tong Gor (Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪). The pair shared a passionate kissing scene that lasted two minutes.

“It was actually pretty awkward and embarrassing,” recalled Shiga. “Ben and I were originally not very close, although we were acquaintances. The [kissing] scene was my very first scene for the show, and it was a long kissing scene. Of course it was awkward.”


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