Shirley Kwan Calls Sister After Missing for 36 Hours

Shirley Kwan’s (關淑怡) suicide message on Facebook alarmed her friends and family. After missing for 36 hours, Shirley finally called her younger sister to let her know of her safety.

Shirley’s anger and disappointment in her career and personal life were evident in her message, which stated, “I want to commit suicide!” Her friends, such as Alan Tam (譚詠麟), asked Shirley to re-emerge, giving the people that love her a chance to support and help her resolve problems together.

Although her manager, Marianne Wong (王敏慧), repeatedly called Shirley, the calls were not returned. It was unclear as to whether Shirley’s family had called the police regarding her 36-hour disappearance.

At 5 PM, Shirley finally called her younger sister. “Shirley asked her family not to be concerned, as she is safe. Perhaps she was not happy and wished to have several days to quiet down by herself. Her son is temporarily being taken care of by the maid,” Shirley’s manager revealed.

As a single mother, Shirley poured her love upon her son in raising him. It was speculated that Shirley will not commit suicide because she still loved her son and wished to remain by his side. Later this afternoon, Shirley is scheduled for a studio recording, in which she is expected to attend.

Shirley’s Breakdown Induced by Music Contract?

Shirley’s emotional breakdown was allegedly due to a music contract that did not materialize. In discussion with Gold Typhoon Music earlier to release her music album, the company asked Shirley to also sign a management contract. Since the company had numerous artists, Shirley reportedly did not wish to sign the management contract, which led to the deal falling apart and Shirley’s utter disappointment.

There were other rumors that Shirley backed out of the music contract last minute, while deciding to let her manager, Marianne Wong’s, distribute the album for her.

Prior to her disappearance, Shirley’s most recent public appearance occurred on Friday, September 7 at 11:10 PM. The single mother made a rare appearance in Hong Kong’s nightlife district, Lan Kwai Fong. She was spotted waiting for a taxi to take her home, while touching her eyes hurriedly several times.

Source: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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    1. yeah, i know but she has never been an attractive singer anyway and that pic is even more unflattering ahaha…havent heard anything from her for ages and w/so many young newcomers chances are shes’s already forgotten. sad but reality does kick in…:(

  1. I hope Shirley gets the treatment she needs and to be strong for her son. At the same time, her actions seem like a desperate cry for attention. Unfort thats what happens when you’re career takes a downward spiral.

  2. Thank heavens that she is safe. Now time to get stronger for your son, family, friends and most importantly for yourself, Shirley! Straight posture, chin up and take over the world!

  3. Knew she wont commit suicide. She’s rather angry and pissed off bout her life.

  4. All the drama and for what? Some publicity. Is there an album next or what?

  5. I don’t think all this was for seeking attention. I think she has depression and needs help asap.

  6. Talented singer, hope she find happiness soon and
    help with her depression.

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