Shirley Kwan Disappeared Since Mid-Afternoon

Shirley Kwan’s (關淑怡) suicide message on Facebook alarmed her friends. Vowing to end her life after being deeply disappointed by the people in her life, Shirley has disappeared since mid-afternoon on September 10.

With Shirley’s cell phone turned off, her manager reached Shirley’s younger sister at 9 PM. “Her sister contacted Shirley’s maid, who said that Shirley had stepped outside.”

According to Shirley’s manager, Shirley was betrayed by a friend whom she had known for more than a decade.  “Since she is an sentimental person, she may have been momentarily overwhelmed. She should be okay.”

Career and Personal Disappointment?

It was understood that Shirley will join her new music company under a new $3 million HKD contract. Despite this, Shirley blasted her music company as well as a friend who had betrayed her trust in her suicide message. Due to these recent career and personal triggers, Shirley did not wish to put up with the hypocrisy of the people in her life anymore.

“I am not afraid to die! Who betrayed me and who is worthy, I know clearly in my heart! I no longer want to suffer from unfair treatment! I do not wish to see anyone!”

Depression or Suicidal Tendency?

In August, Shirley had posted a message noting her unhappiness, including her inability to express herself when she was a Polygram singer in the 1990s and lamenting that no one understood her.

An inside source close to Shirley revealed, “She is unable to deal with the pressure. There is no platform for her to vent, making her become further depressed.” Shirley’s friend added, “I can only sense that Shirley is angry, but not suicidal.”

Shirley’s Friends Alarmed

Alan Tam (譚詠麟), who had collaborated with Shirley when they were both Polygram Music singers, left a sympathetic message on her blog, “Just heard about your recent disappointments. [I realize that] your emotional spirits are very low and you do not know your direction in life. This made all the people that care about you to become very worried. There is nothing in this world that cannot be resolved. It is only your own footsteps leading you into an alley. Please re-appear, allowing your friends and people that love you to share and resolve those problems.”

Working with Shirley countless times, Wyman Wong (黃偉文) was anxious as he did not have confidence in locating her. “I will ask some close friends to try to find her. I do not have confidence that I will find her. She is difficult to pinpoint and often temperamental, I cannot follow her.”

Source: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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  1. I hope she is safe and sound and will seek treatment as soon as possible.

  2. Hopefully someone finds her quick and help show her that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I don’t know if it’s the fame, or if singers are just too emotional but,
    I recently went to HK and I looked up at The Oriental and thought “Damn Leslie, that’s high as hell, you crazy”

    1. Yes, I also wonder why he chose to jump. He was such a perfectionist so I’m surprised he didn’t plan carbon monoxide poisoning to die pretty. Maybe it was an impulsive moment. I wish he had provided some clues so someone could’ve saved him. Will always miss him.

      1. I guess we as outsiders will never understand why Leslie or anyone else who chooses suicide as a way out unless we are in their shoes. Depression is something that is complex and is something that many cannot comprehend… Anyways, hope that Shirley will not choose that path and will get the help that she needs.

      2. @ HeTieShou

        I am also of the opinion that unless you walk in the same exact shoes or see what she experiences daily … no one can really understand another person’s circumstances, worries or problems.

        To really say that’s crazy, selfish or whatever.

        @ josie and dd
        Leslie – as a fan, I too wondered why he chose to jump. Dying prettier would be more in character with his perfectionistic preferences.

  4. I think that she may get through this since she told people about it. Therefore,I think that is a cry for help instead of trying to end her life in silence. She is trying to seek help which is a good sign…

    1. We will know soon enough. Hopefully it is just temper tantrum and she is hiding somewhere.

  5. Hope she is found and alive. A very talented singer and dancer who for some strange reason did not reach the famous she should. Shirley is one of the best 90’s singers.

  6. most of the time ppl who say they want to die wont as they tend to want the attention to seek help.

    those who really wants to die wont tell the world and will just do it, like Leslie for example.

    1. not exactly! some people do die after they write it! it happens but again, not always like what you mean.

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