Shu Qi Admits Pining for Marriage 

At the premiere for romantic comedy The Last Women Standing <剩者為王>, Shu Qi (舒淇) shared her views on love. In her romantic interactions with men, she was often the more pro-active party who would pursue the man rather than the other way round.

On how she goes about pursuing a man she likes, Shu Qi joked, “Like Nie Yin Niang [Shu Qi’s character in the film The Assassin <刺客聶隱娘>), I will keep silently appearing before the man.”

On a more serious note, Shu Qi admitted that confessing to a man and telling him, “I like you” takes a lot of courage. When she is rejected by a man, she sometimes wished that she could “throw him into a river”. Shu Qi added that, however, on her own end, she has rejected quite a number of suitors.

Since she is 39 years old, Shu Qi was asked if she is looking forward to the day when she could finally get married. She said in a raw moment of honesty, “As a celebrity, I have worn all kinds of beautiful clothing, but every single time I put on a wedding gown and stand before the mirror, I still have a moment where a little voice inside me will say, ‘Hey Mr. Right, please come and marry me. I’m a good catch!’ I believe every woman inherently has such desires. No matter how carefree a woman is, she will always have moments where she pines for marriage.”


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  1. Shu Qi, I have no problem with you. I think you are an intelligent and beautiful woman. I hope the words coming from your mouth are true. Too often we have had celebrities lying through their teeth to the world about their marital status. If you are married already, do not make such public comments, I’m not saying you are married, maybe you are, maybe you’re not. Just saying my two cents worth. I also will not be surprised if a certificate shows up for Ah Sa and William Chan. Just saying. It seems as if certain people who are friends with or work with certain actors always turn out married and deny or try to hide it. tehee.

    1. @abc123a I know Im going to get attacked for this but i never found Shu Qi beautiful. I can agree with her acting but not so much on people’s rave on her beauty.

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