Shu Qi and Stephen Fung Together Once Again?

After a complicated on-off romantic relationship that has spanned 17 years, Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Shu Qi (舒淇) appear to have rekindled their love yet again during the Lunar New Year season.

Rendezvous in Hong Kong for Lunar New Year

When asked about her relationship with Stephen, Shu Qi has always denied a romantic involvement and explained that they are merely “good friends.” However, this year, she deliberately flew back to Hong Kong on the evening of the Lunar New Year in order to spend the holiday with him.

Shortly before the New Year, Shu Qi wrapped up filming in Beijing. On January 29, she immediately took a plane back to Taiwan to celebrate the New Year with her family. In previous years, she tended to stay for an extended period of time, but this year, she remained only long enough to enjoy a reunion meal with her family before heading off in the evening to Hong Kong.

Around 8:30 pm on January 31, Shu Qi arrived in Hong Kong, where she took a taxi to her apartment hotel. Stephen’s Jeep was spotted in the downstairs parking lot, and the two were not seen leaving the building until 19 hours later.

The next day, at around 4:30 pm, Stephen exited the building by himself and drove his car to the building entrance, where he allowed Shu Qi and a staff worker to embark. In order to fend off any peeping eyes, Shu Qi deliberately sat in the backseat and donned a cap with the rim pulled down low.

Upon arriving at their destination, Stephen gallantly opened the door for Shu Qi and assisted her in placing her pet cat, May May Boy, inside her bag. They later returned separately to Shu Qi’s home, where Stephen appears to have spent the night.

Romance Rekindled Throughout Holiday Season

Earlier this month, Shu Qi accompanied Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) on a trip to Nagoya, Japan. Without her boyfriend, Shu Qi was often on Facebook and Instagram to pass the time. On February 8, she returned to Hong Kong, where Stephen immediately delivered take-out to her.

Shu Qi and Stephen were also together on another day during the Lunar New Year season, as proven by separate photographs taken with their manager, Miss Guan. Although the couple does not appear together in the photos, Miss Guan is seen wearing the same apparel, which hints that the two photos were taken on the same day.

A Complicated Dating History

Stephen and Shu Qi first met while filming Bishonen <美少年之戀> together in 1998. Although they were photographed together at a Hong Kong suburb and were spotted entering one another’s houses, Stephen surprised fans by his announcement a few months later that he was dating Karen Mok (莫文蔚). By then, Shu Qi was romantically involved with Leon Lai (黎明), though it was reported that both Leon’s father and his fans disapproved of Shu Qi due to her soft-core porn past.

In 2002, Stephen and Shu Qi reunited onscreen for Haunted Office <Office有鬼> and were seen going out to watch a film and eat Japanese food. However, they appear to have simply remained friends and even attended a Leehom Wang (王力宏) concert together after Shu Qi appeared in one of Leehom’s MVs and began dating him.

Around 2006, Leehom broke up with Shu Qi after becoming involved with Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄), and the same fate befell Stephen when Karen announced their breakup a year later. In a strange love-square situation, Stephen was later spotted with Vivian, who specifically flew to Hong Kong that year to celebrate his birthday. That same year, Leehom and Shu Qi were also seen holding hands in Japan.

In 2012, rumors began spreading that Stephen and Shu Qi had rekindled their love and were vacationing in Tokyo together after Stephen’s successful proposal. The two denied the rumors, with Shu Qi explaining that she was in Japan with her mother, whereas Stephen was there for work.

Despite reports last year that the couple had broken up for good, Stephen and Shu Qi seem to have reconciled once again. Only time will tell if they will follow the footsteps of their old flames, Leehom and Vivian, both of whom have tied the knot in the past few months.


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  1. Shu Qi’s cat is so cuuuuuute (see bottom of source link).

    Whoa! Relationships can get so complicated.

    Also, I don’t see why people keep saying that Leehom Wang is gay. Based on this article and his recent marriage, it doesn’t sound like he is gay.

    1. @MW
      yes, Shu Qi’s is just too cute!!!

      I wonder why she carried her cat out in that tote bag and not a pet carry bag or pet carrier.

    2. One thing for certain – her boyfriends keep changing but the cat will love her unconditionally,.

  2. It look like Shu Qi is a good bed partners but not the type you bring home to your parents.

    1. WTF why not??? I’m sure she’s not the only chinese actress out there with the pass (soft porn). You need to get over it moron.

      1. Those parents and yours need to be more open minded. Only typical Asians like yours and those parents are focus on the pass. So what for what she did in the pass? It does not means she’s a bad person – and it is not like she’s continue doing it now.

      2. Maybe your mama like those kind of girls but some parents don’t. Be good Brandon Teena. LOL

      3. Maybe Tina is the same type of person as ShuQi. With a lot of pass relationships more than Shu Qi.

    2. I remember the first movie i saw shu qi was storm riders.She was so cute and hot and fit.I also liked her in the transporter.
      @ kiwi for da record u r an 병신.

      1. 欲女 Iron Sister 1996 she was not good but great in it. Hey you should watch it. You love it.

      2. @kiwi r u serious or joking about iron lady?It got poor reviews.
        BTW r u from new zealand?

      3. Serious or not I liked the movie and looking to download the file to watch again.

      4. Hey 병신 do you know what that means. I didn’t know that you’re that much into Shu qi. Dude you’re one sneaky SOB.LOL

      5. @kiwi bro 병신 if u use google translate thats wrong definition.Anyway sorry call u 병신.
        Go Wallabies.

      6. @kiwi I revoke my apology and double the
        미친놈 씹새끼!
        Looks like your nothing but a troll.

      7. Let’s not let this type of offensive/pointless communication snowball, shall we? Or, if you must, please take it elsewhere.

    3. Yea….most of the men she dated went on to marry other decent women.

    4. kiwi is right, saw saw some photos of shu qi naked with her legs spread wide opened while sitting on a chair, which parents in their right mind would welcome her with opened arms? the picture should be in the internet still, imagine her in laws, their relatives, and wedding guest going home after dinner to view her naked photos on the internet, its sad she did not choose her path well

      1. @ Tiny,

        If they truly love her, they will accept her pass no matter what with the naked pics.

  3. Shu Qi and Stephen Fung are both gorgeous Asian actors. They would make a perfect couple and have such gorgeous kids together.

  4. I hope all this gossip is fabricated as a cautionary tale to girls to warn them about being treated frivolously otherwise this is a public spectacle of a girl being passed around and emotionally abused. I never saw her soft core porn films but she seemed so nice and friendly in The Transporter that it would be believable that she is a sought after girlfriend but you really can’t play with her and then not consider her serious emotional material just because she was in some movies that were very popular because she is attractive because then the onus is on the viewer not the performer – if you bit into a cream puff and enjoyed it, how then can you disdain and ostracize that cream puff from respectable society.

    Do I want a daughter doing porn, no? Do I want a son marrying Shu Qi? Only if it is true love and then you just have to be grateful that she is alive and healthy and not murdered by some gangster.

    1. Agreed. People are so bitterness of her pass, and it is like twenty something years ago. Poor girl she can’t go on without people criticizing her pass. Imo any parents out there don’t want their son to married Shu Qi are missing out on a good person like her who could be a good wife and take care the family.

    2. Cleo

      I can make some sense out of what you are saying, and must say I agree.
      Shu Qi is a decent, sweet young woman who is a loyal friend, not ex-girlfriend to her frieds, especially one in particular

      She never has anything bad to say about anyone, or any of her peers. Yes, she started off in soft porn, but she is not the only one who has done such in the way, loooong past. This woman has paid her dues and atoned for her mistakes and the holier than thou glass case housed asian people need to give her a break. Soft porn means simulating sex and nudity. It is not hard core porn. She wasn’t doing the deed with these men.

      How long does Shu Qi has to suffer and have the sinless , perfect world throw her acting past in her face?. Hello people, it is her acting past, not her human, real life morally living past. There is reel life and real life. Are any of you judging Shu Qi any better than her?.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with a decent man marrying her, she deserves the best, as she is a good woman.

      Shu Qi was in soft porn at 16???, Hmmm. Well instead of bashing and judging her, she was still a minor then. Very vulnerable and impressionable. Blame the producers, directors, fellow actors, her parents, and everyone involved on the soft porn projects. Why single out a young 16 year old minor.

      Seeing that these people are so pristine, proper and pure, soft porn should not be happening in Asia at all, and a 16 year old should not be involved. It is an abomination to all that is holy in Asia.

      Wish the happy couple well in their new life.

      1. Trini – I agree with your response. people need to forget about the pass and focus on the present. the pass DONT DO anything good.

  5. A gun wasn’t put to her head to do porn at sixteen. It was fame that she starved for and she got it. She’s ever so lucky if she end up with Stephen Fung.

    1. wow, was it 16? omg, underaged. whoooo…haha..LOL..
      True, Stephen Fung is so cute but he sure likes these kinds of girls. haha
      Wasnt it Karen Mok b4? Oh well…

    2. no other choice for stephen now that karen mok and vivien shu are taken

      1. yum yum ,

        I disgreed with your respond. Stephen can date any girl he wants, if it is not Shu Qi…even though his ex KM and VS are taken. If Stephen is dating Shu Qi, it’s called true love b/c he’s not judging her.

    3. That is not true. Reports early on was she wasn’t in it for the fame but for money to help her family that were poor.

  6. If it’s true they are together again, I wish them all the best. Hope they’ll get married soon.

  7. 🙂 Shu Qi/Stephen Fung reminded me of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – at first, they keep denying their relationship in public, but then they ended up together as a loving couple. Haha so cute. Congrats to both of them if it’s true that they are dating. Shu qi deserves a good man who will truly loves her and can ignore everything else. It called wise man.

    1. Sarah,

      I wouldn’t compare Angelina Jolie w/Shu Qi even thou I am not a fan of either. Haha… LOL
      Sure, it might look all peachy now about Angelina Jolie but you seem to forget she was the homewreaker and husband stealer once upon a time? haha… But it is ironic how sometimes life gets. Jennifer Aniston was married to him for a few years but never pop any babies out where as to this woman who popped 3 babies for the dude yet they are NOT married? haha.. OH well, it’s really weird sometimes but Angelina Jolie did steal the dude away but it does take 2 to tango so can’t just blame the woman, BP was a pig too. haha…

      1. Windy,
        Haha I’m not a big fan of Angelia Jolie myself. And of course, I would never to compare shu qi with Angelina Jolie. .i Was only saying Angelina and brad Pitts relationship denying to the public at first.

      2. @Sarah,

        I know, Angelina Jolie even went on some interview before or after the whole Brad Pitt Mr&Mrs. Smith movie saying she had enough men in her life and she did not need someone elses’ husband. Yeah, yeah, whatever haha LOL..The fact of the matter is, she did steal or seduced someone’s husband as he is married at the time. He divorced the wife and how quickly did they shacked up? SIGH… but like i said it takes 2 to tango so if she’s the homewreaker then he is also a pig. haha… The only thing Angelina Jolie that ppl should give a bit of credit for is adopting kids? haha Whether or not it’s out of pure good heart or whatever, if she has money and supports kids, that’s always a good thing I guess.

      3. Windy,
        Yes, I agree with your response about Angelina. Chemistry…

    2. Shu Qi and Linda Lovelace yeh. A softcore and hardcore spreading their legs for a living.

  8. Ugh, here we go again. I don’t understand why people like to bring up Shu Qi’s pass every time they read about her on the internet. Get over it people!! Leave her alone!!!! She’s not murdering anyone!

      1. Kiwi, you need to get a life. All your negative comments about the actress would make me think you just a bitter person. Guess what? Nobody cares. At least she’s famous and you’re not.

    1. It’s the butterfly effect. Whatever decision you make will have an effect on your future.

      1. @Primrose

        I hope you make no decisions, actions, or mistakes or has ever made any that will affect your future.

        I hope you are perfect and angelic in every way.

        How would you like to do or say something and then lose everything. You regret your action, you promise not to every make that same mistake again and you really mean it. No one gives you a chance, no one wants to date you, talk to you, give you a chance at anything. How would you feel???.

        Unfortunately, people are measured by their past. If a person has made mistakes and have atoned for them, that person deserves respect and a fair chance in life. Only miserable, corrupt, immoral ignorant people who can’t understand life, or who can’t trust even themselves will live in the past.

      2. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We don’t spread are legs or stick are butts up for a living.LOL

      3. Trini,
        I am just stating a fact. Every decision a person make carries repercussions – good or bad.

  9. Isabella Leong is a daughter most parents would like to have. Shu Qi is something that parents are shamed of.

      1. Kiwi,

        Shu Qi don’t give a F what people think of her now. She has moved on with her life and focus on her career. She’s no worried about her love life – true love will come to her one day. You’re just pathetic with your negative comments about the actress.

    1. Kiwi,
      Shu Qi don’t give a sh** what people think of her now. She has moved on with her life and focus on her career. She is no worried about her love life – true love will come to her when it is the right time. And she’s also have people out there who are supporting her.

  10. This is great news if SF & SQ are dating. Stephen, you need to be a man and step up to the lady 🙂 They would be my first asian/celebrities couple on the list to date.

  11. Some of us are empty vessels, making a lot of noise about not spreading our legs or a living. It does not mean that the noisemakers are any better than Shu Qi. In fact, their actions just might be worse. It is just that SQ is in the public’s scope, and these hole-lier than thou people are not.

  12. This just telling me Stephen Fung is not popular because when he was dating his previous women, no one seems to care much about the news. And now he’s rumored to be dating a famous actress Shu Qi and everyone else reacted ridiculously b/c her pass. People make mistakes – nobody is perfect in certain way. Shu Qi need to move to Hollywood – here we don’t care what people have done.

    1. shu qi mentioned once that english is quite a difficult language for her to master, so i guess she won’t be moving to hollywood

  13. Geeeze people are very judgemental of the actress. Give her a break, its her life and relationship. I agreed with Jackie – Shu Qi need to move to Hollywood where she can have a normal life and the acceptance.

  14. Carless of what people would think of the actress, but there is something especial of her – and she looks very unique for an asian actress.

  15. The only hot/sexy chinese actress we considered here in the US is SHU QI.

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