Vivian Hsu and Husband File for Divorce

Netizens are stunned to find out that Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) and Singapore businessman Sean Lee (李雲峰)are separating after nine years of marriage. The news came as a shock since the ex-couple weathered through different obstacles throughout their marriage.

Vivian met Sean in 2013 after working together Sex Agogo <72小時莎到你> in which Sean was the one of film’s investors. The two wed in 2014 and It was rumored that Sean was swimming in debt of more than $1.4 billion Hong Kong dollars in the early days of their marriage. In spite of their financial challenges, Vivian stuck by and offered her support.

In 2015, Vivian and Sean gave birth to their son but it was not without challenges. Due to Vivian’s age, the actress once revealed that she had more than 300 needle injections during her pregnancy. The process was so intense that Vivian’s buttocks had no more surface to prick additional needles and was bedridden. As she did not walk for an extended period of time, she lost her muscle strengths and had to retrain her body to do basic functions.

After recuperating, Vivian returned to the entertainment industry as a producer and brand spokesperson. It was rumored that Vivian’s comeback was to help Sean pay off his debt. When asked about the matter, Vivian denied the rumors and added that women should have their own careers. She shared that she was in the entertainment industry out of her interest and wrote an article praising her husband: “It my fortune to be able to marry to someone who cares about the family, who understands and respects each other, and who is willing to support me in continuing doing the work I love.

Last year, Vivian was dragged into Wang Lee Hom’s (王力宏) marital mess and the two were accused of having an extramarital affair. Although Vivian denied her involvement, the scandal forced her to keep a low profile. During this time, Sean also voiced out his support for his wife and defended her against the allegations.

After overcoming so many obstacles, many netizens are surprised and feel it is regrettable that Vivian and Sean’s marriage has ended. It is reported that the couple’s son will continue to remain in Singapore for his schooling.

Sources: HK01

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  1. I am not surprise it ended. I am just glad their son is able to stay and study in a stable environment.

  2. It’s nice of him to hold this news from breaking, the divorce was probably happened from way before.

    1. I agree… She have been living in Taiwan for quite a while now. plus the rumours etc. who knows what really goes on behind.

  3. That Hsu family is always involved in some type of controversy. Maybe she is fed up and had enough of him. She has fame and money and eill go forth and choose a quality man from the pack. After all her money offords her that opportunity.
    I do not like those Hdu sisters one bit. It looks lije Taiwanses Hsu celebrities are bad news, make abd female. There is a make Hsu, if I can call him a male, due to talk, that nakes the Hsu women look like angels, God forbid

  4. She’ll find another man eventually, there’s no shortage of those when she’s successful, beautiful and famous.

  5. I find Dee and her sister to be man eaters. Any smart man should run fir his life. Women like them are never happy.
    Taylor Swift is another one, known all over the world. The money that the Asian celebs have is coffee change compared to Taylor’s wealth, yet she can’t seem to find a man to settle with and she wants to settle down.

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