Travel Restrictions Separate Vivian Hsu and Husband

After marrying businessman Sean Lee (李雲峰) in 2015, Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) has primarily resided in Singapore with her husband and son. After completing work obligations in Taiwan in February, Vivian began feeling symptoms that led her to worry about having contracted the coronavirus, including dry cough, headache, fever, and difficulty breathing. When she landed, she immediately asked her husband to take her to the emergency room. Following a series of tests, it was confirmed that Vivian was fortunately only suffering from gastro esophageal reflux.

Recently, she returned to Taiwan for work. On March 19, which also happened to be her birthday, she held a press conference to announce and promote her new single with a new record label. Many industry friends sent in videos wishing her a happy birthday.

Among them was one of her husband, who sweetly expressed, “Happy birthday! Twenty five years ago, the company wanted to sign with me. Twenty five years later, they are signing with my wife. You guys are right. She really is better than me. I love you. I’m waiting for your return in Singapore.”

Surprised by her husband’s video, Vivian couldn’t help but tear up and shared that she has not seen her husband in person for more than half a month already. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the travel entries between Taiwan and Singapore have become extremely strict. Travelers are required to be quarantined for 14 days prior to entry as well.

Unfortunately, Vivian is now separated from her husband due to these restrictions and can only webcam with him daily. Their son, Dalton Lee, is currently with Vivian. Father and son can only speak to and see each other through the screen.


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