Vivian Hsu Denies Involvement with Leehom Wang

Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) sent shockwaves after she release a scathing post accusing the singer of cheating with multiple women. One of the women was described as a married mother with a child and it led many netizens to suspect that Vivian Hsu  (徐若瑄) was involved with Leehom. As criticism continued to build, Vivian finally issued a statement on her Instagram page to present her side of the story.

In Vivian’s statement, the actress denied claims that her neighbor saw Leehom visiting her apartment in the middle of the night. Vivian wrote, “Today it was reported that a neighbor spoke to the media. I think the neighbor was mistaken so I want to make it clear to everyone.”

Vivian continued, “This year, Leehom Wang attended two of my family’s gatherings. One was an afternoon tea (with a group of friends). The other time was after dinner (my husband hosted and invited friends over). I shared photos of the gathering on social media and we were always with a group of friends. There was no private meeting! I live with my family. My family have always enjoy a lively atmosphere so there is no need to speculate. I am clarifying now to stop any more unnecessary association.”

The actress shared how her feelings of being dragged into the scandal, “Leehom’s marriage matters have greatly impacted me. I have not done anything wrong to my husband. I am speaking up because I also have a family, a child, friends, partners and work. Everyone around me is all suffering from stress and hurt from this incident. This incident is affecting those who are innocent so I hope the rumors will stop. I also hope that Leehom Wang can come out and resolve this. Don’t let your personal affairs hurt your friends.”

Ending her statement, Vivian revealed that she and her label enlisted a law firm to collect evidence and to protect her rights.

Source: HK01

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