Simon Yam’s Attacker Said He Planned Attack for Years

Given Simon Yam’s clean and friendly image, both the actor’s company and good friends find it hard to believe that the attack was personally targeted.

The brazen knife attack of actor Simon Yam (任達華) at an event he attended in Zhongshan has attracted much public attention, with different versions of the accused’s motives emerging.

Among the rumors include how the organizing contractors had delayed payment for the project, which led to the attacker accidentally mistaking Simon Yam for the boss of the contractor company and thus injuring him. However, the organizers have repeatedly denied this and said that there were no monetary disputes.

Yet others have blamed the incident on the accused’s mentally unsound state, while there were also talk that the accused had been arrested at the event venue after the attack, and had apparently admitted to his crime when confronted with sufficient evidence. It was believed that he admitted how he had planned the attack for many years and intentionally targeted the 64 year-old  actor, though his actual reasons for doing so were unclear and pending further police investigations.

However, Simon Yam’s artiste management company Emperor Entertainment Group as well as his good friends in the entertainment industry find this explanation to be lacking, as the actor is known for having good interpersonal relations with everyone, and also has a friendly and helpful reputation. Neither have they heard about him having squabbles or bad blood with anyone. Therefore, they found it hard to believe the said rumors and thought that there might be more to it.

At the moment, Simon’s quick recovery is everyone’s top concern, while awaiting the results of thorough police investigations into the event organizers and related parties.


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