Sire Ma and Ex-Lover Filmed Sex Video Together

After a video of Sire Ma (馬賽) dancing in lingerie surfaced on the Internet, she implied she was betrayed by a former lover who had leaked the contents. Filing a police report and holding a press conference, Sire said she had loved and trusted the wrong person. But her lesbian ex-lover, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), suggested otherwise by calling Sire a forever-cheating liar. The mainland businesswoman further revealed that she and Sire had filmed a sex video together.

Sire Ma Directed Her Own Steamy Video?

Ziqi spilled the lingerie video was taken with Sire’s camera, contrary to the actress’ earlier statement that she did not own the contents. Ziqi claimed it was Sire’s own idea to dress in the peekaboo lingerie outfit in their secret hotel rendezvous in Shanghai. Their relationship was kept secret since Sire knowingly became involved with Ziqi, who was married to wealthy mainlander, Laura Lee.

“That night in Shanghai, Sire asked me if I could head to her hotel after work. She said she had a surprise for me. As soon as I entered the room, she was already dressed [in her lingerie]. She told me she danced in the Hong Kong pageant and wanted to show me her moves.”

Ziqi is afraid that their joint explicit content will be leaked publicly. Asked if she and Sire had taken a sex video and photos together, Ziqi said, “Yes! She has our intimate photos on her camera, so I’m afraid my own photos will be exposed.”

Although Sire continued to send Ziqi nude photos of herself via WeChat, Ziqi deleted them after their breakup.

Wang Ziqi: “Sire Ma Lied About Drinking!”

Ziqi also found it ridiculous that Sire claimed she was under alcoholic influences in the lingerie video, since she never drank alcohol in their three-month love affair. Ziqi shared, “Sire said she suffers an endocrine disorder from too much pressure while filming for TVB. She has allergies and would constantly develop acne on her face. She is a long-term consumer of Chinese traditional medicine. She doesn’t even eat seafood, so why would she drink?”

Furthermore, Ziqi expressed she is unsure if she was the only one who had received the lingerie video from Sire at the time. Sire had sent flirtatious text messages to a senior Hong Kong male artiste past his fifties, and because of this, the women slapped each other in an argument. While Ziqi declined to name the actor involved, Sire reportedly acted flirtatiously with Damian Lau (劉松仁) on the set of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>.

Ziqi added she is unafraid of police investigation in the leaked video case, since she has done nothing wrong. Since Ziqi is now suspected to be the person who has leaked Sire’s lingerie video, Ziqi felt it was critical for her to clear her own name as it involved legal matters.

Ziqi’s biggest regret is her impending divorce with Laura due to Sire’s involvement. In response to Sire’s cries that she has loved wrongly and misplaced her trust, Ziqi retorted, “First of all, may I ask whom she has ever truly loved? I’m the one who has loved and trusted the wrong person. Because of her, I did many ridiculous things and lost my lover of seven years! Tell me who has loved the wrong person!”

When asked what kind of person she believes Sire to be, Ziqi exclaimed Sire would always be a cheating liar in a fake mask who has committed hideous acts.


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  1. Oppsss…the scandalous affair is getting more dramatic. Who’s the ultimate liar here? Hmmm…

  2. The more we learn, the more tangled the story becomes.

    1. Can’t wait and it’s better than watching tvb drama. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  3. No matter how bad Sire Ma is, she can’t really compare to this biatch. She is completely venomous. Got to remember she was the one who leaked Frankie’s voice recording with Vicki Dong, and got herself into jail for it.

    1. Sire messed with the wrong person. After what this Wang Ziqi lesbian woman did to Frankie Lam, Sire should have known better. You toy with this lesbian woman’s feelings and her money, you better be ready for the backlash. Wang Ziqi reminds me alot of two lesbian women I used to work for, one from HK, the other from Taiwan. And they were full of venom!

      1. She was involved with Frankie Lam?! WOAH…if so, this lady aint no simple lady…

        I wish this lady would shutup actually. whether or not she genuinely wants to ‘clear her name’ or just another one of her continuous schemes out of revenge, she’s not making it any better for both ends.

      2. No surprises at all. The girls just want to have fun. The three girls are players. If Sire can’t take the heat don’t come into the kitchen. That’s for sticking her nose in the wrong place. Two vag!nas are already hard to handle and three is a crowd. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      3. BTW, if Sire decided to go for the boys after the scandal. You boys better watch out. You will get hard and pain with this lizard. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      4. Don’t know about the “hard” part after this mess. LOL!

    2. @ Nicole,

      Actually WZQ never went to jail. Per MSN news:

      “A few days ago, Wang Ziqi succeeded in her appeal. She joined Wang Yiqin who is Kenix and Frankie’s manager in China, in exposing the couple’s affairs.

      According to Wang Yiqin, Kenix started an affair with her Revolving Doors of Vengeance co-star Joe Ma not long after her marriage in 2004.

      The manager also claimed on the last day of filming for Red Powder in Shanghai in 2006, Kenix cried while hugging her, saying, “Yiqin, I should be ashamed of myself. When Julian Cheung came over to hug me goodbye, I asked if he could stay tonight. He said he was going home to his wife.”

      Anyways, so I guess while she had supposedly “blackmailed” the couple about exposing Frankie’s affair, she got off scott-free because she was telling the truth? And I’m guessing she didn’t blackmail them…

      The news is confusing.

      1. Moncheri,

        This is interesting. It is a shock to learn that Kenix Kwok is/was a scarlet woman. I learnt that Ada Choi was a scarlet woman too….Really couldn’t judge a book by its cover!

      2. To be liable for blackmail the defendant must:
        Make a demand
        With menaces
        The demand must be unwarranted
        have a view to make a gain for himself or another or have intent to cause a loss to another.

        It doesn’t matter if she is telling the truth or not, as long as she’s trying to extort by holding something over their heads. And are you saying everyone acquitted are innocent of their crime, and everyone in jail are guilty? With her rich wife, she could have got off the hook easily.

      3. “Really couldn’t judge a book by its cover!”

        No problemo, we all do that. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      4. @Moncherri

        Blackmail is when anindividual has knowledge, photos, videos or other forms of incriminating evidence ofanother person or persons which can be used to destroy the indidual/s.

        The blacmailer usesthe evidence to get the peopleinvolved to do their bidding while using threats to expose the evidence, which can hurt the person/svery badly. Blackmail is a federal, or capital crime, which is why a blackmailer can go to jail.

        The evidence that the blackmailer has is usually 99.9 the truth, that is why they use this evidence as blackmail.

      5. Whoa…I wonder how much truth is there to it. If so, gotta give props to Chilam.

      6. I have little doubt Chilam Cheung turned down many cheap sl-u-ts who hang all over him (and other married men) before.

  4. Ziqi is the one who is a hideous liar. Maybe Sire is a liar too, but I guess Ziqi lied to Laura Lee about her whereabouts when she was with Sir. If she lost the love of her life, whom she was married too, what the hell was shee doing with Sire in the first place?. It takes two to tango.

    Ziqi, you too are a cheating liar, who pretsented a fake mask to the world and to your wife, the love of your life Laura Lee. I suspect you are the one who leaked the video.

  5. It’s one of those stupid breakup tit for tat except that the public has a morbid interest in it since a public figure and steamy sex videos are involved. Both parties are losers, the victim as well as the perpetrator. Where will they hide their faces after this?

  6. Ahhhh sex tape. No doubt, ex lover leaked this since even if she implied others received a copy, I don’t think Sire was so stupid to send a copy to someone else. What a messy end and I wonder what started this poisonous feud? Sire’s first statement about her issit? So vindictive.

    1. I have this feeling the sex tape will never be released since this woman wouldn’t want to show to the world her private bits and habits or maybe edited to show only Sire.

  7. This should be a criminal act. What a jerk of an ex lover!

  8. This is all too sad and is becoming uglier and uglier. You really wonder who is lying and who is not. I guess we can all just speculate and guess. You can really love someone one moment and really hate them the next. There is truly such a thin line bête wee love and hate.

    1. Meant to say between. Gosh why do these stupid iPods and iPads replace our typos with such stupid words?

  9. Yawn… Real exciting news about vindictive and vengeful lesbians…

  10. Anyone know what Ziqi did to Frankie Lam? I just know briefly that she told the wife he has an affair.I can’t find any news on this.

      1. wow, kenix and frankie marriage is not simple, imagine going home for another round of acting, btw, what was kenix thinking, sleeping around with her co-stars? doesn’t she know that men are the worst gossips, people kenix slept with esp would call kenix a ‘public toilet’ etc and it’s very mean of her to chide frankie, telling him, he was living off her when he couldn’t find work

  11. cat fight not interested, just leaked them all they’ll be even more famous to be honest …

  12. My gosh, Sire is full of problems….TVB must regret promoting her.

  13. no goods can be said for both side.the only victim is laura lee.

    1. Sire is one greedy b!tch so blinded by greed. Like mother, like daughter. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  14. Did anyone know what did Frankie Lam do to Ziqi such that she will expose his affair to Kenix and the world?

  15. Well, to be clear – this is what we know for sure:

    Sire Ma is nonchalant about entering into dalliances and affairs with married people. That alone tells me a lot about her and her sense of morals.

    Wang ZiQi is a hypocritical woman who would stop at nothing when it involves self-preservation and vengeance. She has a thing for exposing other people’s business, but…it seems like she does tell the truth – i.e., Kenix and Frankie’s affairs.

    So maybe she was truthful about Sire. Although that’s still no excuse for exposing her ex-lover’s business like that.

  16. I was wondering, is Sire’s name pronounced see-ray or sai-er

  17. Both are biatches if you ask me… Both are badmouthing each other after the fallout and kissed and tell…SIGH…
    UGLY rich older women seems to be bad news whether or not the Frankie Lam incident is true. Sire Ma – if she really is that materialistic, she deserves every backlash.

  18. What does 620 gotta say now? Still keeping this crying drama queen? She’s full of crap. Don’t try to make yourself look like a victim.

  19. I can’t say I miss seeing Sire in dramas. Her acting was never much good. She had a good deal going on there but she threw it all away when she decided to latch on to this woman (whom everyone in the industry knows has a bad reputation) last year. What happened to her is unfortunate but at the end of the day, actions have consequences.

    1. Agree with Beth! Sire Ma’s can’t act at all! Dun understand why TVB still want her!

  20. Sire messed with the wrong person. It’s never going to end until she’s out of the entertainment business. Her ex is out to get her.

  21. enough with sire ma news already.. not very interested in seeing her naked with another woman :\

  22. If compare Laura and Sire ma, I think sire more attractive. I would prefer to have sire rather than Laura

  23. “The mainland businesswoman further revealed that she and Sire had filmed a sex video together”

    I wonder how they have sex together??

    Use fingers?

  24. The Frankie-Kenix thing was never really confirmed. They even held a press conference to deny any affairs; they just said that that nasty sounding lady was trying to blackmail and defame them and then she was sent to jail. Her evidence was a tape-recording that no one really ever heard so everything was circumstantial and never confirmed.

    1. “a tape-recording that no one really ever heard”

      There was a tape-recording. Whether it’s really Frankie or someone sound like Frankie I don’t know. I’ve heard it. At the time of the incident, this recording can be found in some forums.

      1. What was the tape recording about? Frankie talking dirty like Ron?

      2. @rofl

        No. It’s just male voice sounding like Frankie begging a woman (presumably Wang Ziqi) not to let Kenix know about his affair.

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