The Lesbian Love Triangle: How Sire Ma Stole Wang Ziqi from Ex-girlfriend

The Sire Ma (馬賽) lesbian scandal continues. In a viral video that surfaced online, Sire was seen kissing mainland Chinese film producer Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) on the streets of Shanghai. Aside from Sire being branded a liar for denying the romance earlier, her career is at risk as TVB asked her to take two months rest and vendors dropped her from promotional events. Sire’s ethics are now under fire, as Wang Ziqi’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Lee, claims Sire stole her lover.

American-Chinese entrepreneur Laura Lee is Wang Ziqi’s business partner; the couple had dated for one year. They were still involved in a relationship when Sire accompanied them on a trip to Europe in August. Laura said she was fooled by Sire’s innocent facade, but later discovered Sire had “the appearance of a white rabbit, with a coat of mercy, but hides a knife within.”

Laura was initially trusting of Sire and had regarded her as a friend. Sire was dating mainland businessman, Jian Jianfeng (簡建峰) at the time, thus Laura did not suspect her real intentions. “Halfway through our European trip I was beginning to sense something weird, because Sire randomly said during a meal, ‘My mom is worried that I might like women one day.'” Laura added, “Now I understand. She was sending hints to Wang Ziqi. When we came to our last stop in Rome, she suddenly changed her clothing style and dressed sexily. When I rested in my room, she went out shopping with Wang Ziqi.”

Laura further implied that Ziqi had been planning to cast Sire in a movie she was producing. She also implied that Sire did not pay for any expenses during their trip to Europe. Ziqi also gifted Sire with luxury items such as Cartier jewelry during the trip.

After the trip, Laura left for the United States to handle a personal matter. Sire secretly met up with Wang Ziqi in Shanghai during this time. Laura said, “Sire Ma lied to me. She told me she was going to Chongqing to visit her mother. When I returned to Shanghai, I discovered that Wang Ziqi changed all of her passwords in her phone. She constantly received WeChat messages, and they were all from Sire Ma.”

Laura confronted the pair in a coffee shop in Hong Kong. Sire admitted that she has been dating Ziqi since September. “She also told me that Wang Ziqi was happier with her and demanded me to back out. She said Wang Ziqi didn’t love me and being together would be useless. I was beyond embarrassed.”

Laura said she was disheartened at Sire’s attitude. “She won my trust first and then stole from me behind my back, ruthlessly.” Though Laura is hurt and disappointed with the breakup, she will remain friends business partners with Ziqi. “We’ve been through a lot together. I always wish nothing but the best for her.”

Asked if she would forgive Sire, Laura said, “Let’s put it this way – she is not qualified to even be in my memories, but injuries need time to repair.”

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    1. No, the world has not changed but your awareness is quite narrow. Such situation can be found in a lot of lesbian chinese story (called as Yuri novel). Sorry that I don’t know the English name of such kind of novels

      1. Like you mentioned, novel can be anything under the sky but now we are talking about real life!! Of course, we are in the new century but it’s still not easy to accept such relationship

    2. Indeed! A woman telling another woman how yet another woman is hers and hers alone.

    3. Novels are written based on life experiences, so even though ‘anything under the sky’ they still reflects real happenings.

      It is not like they are futuristic science fiction stories.

  1. It’s interesting. TVB should take the story into their film and I’m sure that it will take more attention of the audience =))

    1. So true … TVB needs fresh and creative storylines, this would make one interesting drama, so different from TVB previous dramas lol.

      While i feel sorry for Laura, having Sire Ma stabbed her in the back back, but her lover Wang Ziqi is not innocent, if anything, Ziqi plays a bigger role in this deceit … bought Sire expensive gifts, paid for her trip, changed her passwords etc .. it takes two to tango, from the article, Laura only blames Sire … Laura is either in denial or she’s hoping Ziqi would come back. I hope she wise up and left go off both.

    2. Let’s wait for TVB’s new series “Midas”, which is currently in production..In it, Nancy Wu kisses Kate Tsui

    3. You’re kidding right? that’s like telling Sire Ma to go kill herself. No one needs or wants their scandals to be made into a production for the whole world to critique about. Being an artist is already enough exposure to bear with.

  2. Laura is intentionally making Sire as a money-hunger. But holly hop, Sire was born rich, she dun need money from Wang Ziqi.

    1. But she didn’t have fame and connections, so she wanted to get that from Wang Zigi. Shes greedy. She denied having a relationship with Wang Ziqi because I reckon she will ditch her after she got what she wanted.

      1. If she isn’t a lesbian, she has many other choices not Wang Ziqi. It sounds pretty forced and hard to believe for a rich girl to force herself to love another woman just for fame/connections.

      2. She didn’t claim, the reporters dig her background and wrote so. I have never seen Sire showed off anything.

      3. the point is, sire is stealing the girlfriend from someone she knows or she is just using wang as a stepstone to her career. i think both action is an immoral behaviour and cant be talked good.

  3. Sire sounds like a determined woman. Ahhh the knives are out. Let’s see another version.

  4. People say the world is changing and more open, but if this is the change and openness then they should go back to school to learn some morals!

    1. Sad but true fact of life….
      Why can’t Sire be a les with dignity instead of a woman known as a woman stealer. Then again, maybe there aren’t that many ‘powerful’ lesbians around to choose from.

  5. I believe Sire really is attracted to this woman. The video shows a very affectionate couple. But of course doesn’t mean she didn’t steal someone’s girlfriend. She is quite aggressive isn’t she?

    1. I know, a bit too much esp even when they were eating and still steals a kiss in between..awww…haha..

  6. while i have met lez and bi girls in the past is it possible if a lez goes back to straight orientation?

    1. I have no les friends so I haven’t a clue. Haha LOL..But I would assume a ‘bi’ person is easier to get go back than a pure les or gay? ahahaha LOL..I mean I don’t know…
      Before Fifty Shades Of Grey Casted James D and Dakota Johnson. Women fans mostly wanted MATT BOMER to play Christian Grey but MB is openly gay so there is NO WAY a director will ever cast him since he’s gay. I remember seeing comments on people saying: All those sex scenes might turn him into a straight again…Some people beg to differ, saying it’s not easy or something so really it’s hard to say whether it’s men/women.

      1. Omg matt bomer. Such a waste. That guy is perfection! So hot. So gay. Too bad. So sad.

      2. babycakes,
        You are cracking me up. LOL… You are actually rhyming it. Matt Bomer is not the only HOT gay guy. Wentworth Miller is also a super HOT gay hahaa.. They are the most wasteful gays in Hollywood IMO. Too bad and so sad indeed. Haha LOL..

      3. windy,

        And so what if they are gay? Like you and I have a flying chance to see them lying next on our bed if they were straight. Get a life…

      4. May,

        Yes, I am sure you HAVE A LIFE and we VALUE your opinion.


      5. @may…I have a life but you clearly don’t have a sens of humour.

        @windy…ooOOO Wentworth yums

    2. Its possible, just look at the future NYC Mayor first lady, flip-floping between lesbian and straight.

    3. You can find a lot of gays in hairstyling and modeling. My hairstylist told me that once a man has experienced a gay relationship, he will never go back to being straight. Apparently, gay men are REALLY affectionate, tender and caring.

      As for lesbos, I personally know of a pair from my old schooldays who migrated to Australia and lived together as “man and wife”. Since they could not have children, they kept a dog which they treated like their child. The “husband” subsequently went to the extent of getting a sex change operation, and recently ditched his “wife” for a younger model.

      C’est la vie!

  7. I don’t believe in same sex relationship. Something about this girl Wang Ziqi I don’t like. Good luck!

  8. Why is it like a cheesy TVB storyline. The mistress is blamed for everything, yet the cheating “husband” Wang Ziqi seems to have not done any wrong according to Laura’s story?
    Too chicken to blame the “business” partner in case she loses financial support Im guessing.

    1. Exactly, it takes TWO TO TANGO and most of the time ppl just tend to forget that fact.
      This so called rich woman probably do have alot of connections so they both will NOT voiced it towards her lest they will break their own rice bowls? haha LOL…

    1. seriously, i concur. maybe sire has a thing for mandy before, now her dreams can come true with a look alike. maybe the extra bonding is bc of that.

  9. I don’t know probably just my imagination. From the above photo they look more like threesome lovers or swingers?.

  10. From the article, Sire is a bisexual person.

    To Ita,

    When I see their pictures in this article, I thought they all have similar facial features and they seem like threesome.

  11. A classic example of an innocent looking woman hiding a knife underneath.

  12. But isn’t this wang ziqi a felon? Didn’t she go to jail? How can she still be popular in the circle? Esp. After betraying frankie and kenix. Why would they trust her!!

  13. I have some friends who are lesbian and I realize that there are may pretty girls like Sire. Cause you do not meet them in the real life, you consider that there are just few couple. Indeed, I find the love story more attractive and interesting than Nicky’s and Yang Mi’s

  14. If this really happen, she can’t just blame Sire alone. It takes two to tango

  15. im a little sad at the title that uses the word lesbian, but I guess it can’t be helped after all its all about gossip I just wished they’d use different terms… why not just take it off and start the title with how X stole Y from X…

    oh well I hope hope Laura finds someone better because I dont think that relationship among “celebrities” tend to last long and in this situation I wonder how long they will last before the media is all over them… sad sad

  16. Don’t these people just feel ashamed of themselves talking like this in public?

  17. this is why traditional chinese clothing had extra material – is it called a placket behind the opposite side of the shirt where the buttons are so there would be no flared opening.

    I wish traditional Chinese clothing design was appropriately recognized as being awesome and modest.

    Anyhoo, this story makes it sound like lust was the deciding factor that made the third party the winner in this scenario. But then that means the emotions are nothing so there is really no permanent injury. The one that chose another reallhy didn’t share anything meaningful with the person thrown over for the third party.

  18. I find lust overrated – if you can act foolishly because of it then enjoy your life while the rest of us spoon cooling congee into our mouths as we watch the show.

    very unlike Daniel Day Lewis in Age of Innocence.

    tsk, tsk

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