Sire Ma Sues Tabloids for Releasing Explicit Video

Sire Ma (馬賽) faced immense pressure since the online leakage of her intimate lingerie dance video. The video was filmed by Sire for lesbian ex-lover Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), who denied releasing the video to the public. While the police is investigating the person behind the video’s release, Sire is taking legal action against the Hong Kong tabloids that violated her confidentiality by disclosing her private photos and video clips.

Sire is suing Hong Kong publications Next Media, Apple Daily, Face, and Sudden Weekly. She asked the court to stop them from publishing more of her private content and to hand over the copies that are already published. Furthermore, Sire accused the tabloids of working together as a team to seize private information, which is a breach of confidentiality. Thus, she demanded a compensation fee. The case has been scheduled to be heard at the High Court of Hong Kong.

When asked to comment on the situation, Sire expressed, “Many thanks to the Hong Kong police team, privacy commissioner, lawyers, and other various legal teams for their hard work. Things have now entered the judicial process. Hong Kong’s society is ruled by law, and I believe that the law can protect every citizen. Thanks for the concern.”


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    1. When will she just shut up and be gone for good? So sick of her playing the victim role and not accepting responsibilities for the things she had done.

  1. “Sire is taking legal action against the Hong Kong tabloids that violated her confidentiality by disclosing her private photos and video clips”

    Ok I understand but shouldn’t she sue the person who gave them these clips as well? And what confidentiality? You mean privacy is it? But I don’t suppose the mags will argue fair expose or whatever the term is? Instead of suing the mags (which she should, after all easy kaching there), she should sue the person who revealed those videos and slap herself for being so stupid. And like the Kardashians, since all are revealed, might as well make the porn sites pay her for her videos and pictures and earn some royalty in the process.

    1. “shouldn’t she sue the person who gave them these clips as well?”

      That person knows too much so it may backfire. Besides, going after the big fish will essentially shut that venomous person up and get Sire lots of $$$$.

  2. I wonder where she’s going to end up in after all these dramas. Hopefully she’ll win the lawsuit and get plenty of $$ to retire early. It’s surely bye bye to her career for now as I see there’s no possibility of turning point for her.

    1. Her career is not over, there is still a turning point, i am sure adult film will sign her without a second thought. She’s a natural

  3. feel bad for her. there’s really not much opportunity for her now in showbiz. she probably won’t be able to marry into a rich family with the scandal. she should probably quite showbiz and do something else, leave hk.

    1. I don’t feel bad for her. Being blindly in love is an excuse. She knows she is a public figure, yet she selfishly dismay that and take explicit pictures/videos in order to satisfy her sexual needs.

  4. somehow she reminds me of a younger, cosmetically enhanced gong li. Anyone?

  5. Twins also can return to the showbiz, why not her? When time pass, people tend to forgets, and she will come back!

    1. For the case of Twins, Ah Sa’s scandal is very tiny and cant make a dent. Differently, Ah Gil is still surpassing hard time to come back. Twins is much more popular than Sire, they have fans on their back. For Sire, although she can come back but it is obvious that she doesnt have much backup.

  6. Since harm has been done, might as well take de opportunity to make some moolah $$$ from it.. Nothing to lose but much to gain .. Smart girl

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