Sita Chan Refused to Love Sammy Sum

The sudden death of Sita Chan (陳僖儀) was shocking and saddening. The 26-year-old Cantopop rookie star passed away in a fatal car crash in the early morning of April 17, while she was on her way back home from a studio recording. The talented singer-songwriter was known as the “female version of Justin Lo (側田)” when she first debuted in 2011, and her success in the music industry was eminent; Sita won multiple newcomer awards in the last two years, including the highly acclaimed Best-Selling Female Newcomer  award for the IFPI Hong kong’s Top Sales Music Award. Sita had a bright future.

In just two years, the polite, kind, and outgoing Sita had made many friends in the industry. The songstress’ love life, however, was not so bright, and this may have been the reason to why Sita chose to dedicate her life to music.

Sita had been through four relationships in her life, in which three occurred before she debuted in the industry in 2011. Each relationship ended brokenly, causing Sita to become even more hesitant about starting a new relationship.

According to Face Magazine, Hong Kong Film Award-nominated actor, Sammy Sum (沈震軒), was close friends with Sita, and their mutual friends all agreed that a romantic relationship could have happened between the two if Sita had not rejected the idea of it.

Past Boyfriends

A source close to Sita said, “Although Sita and Sammy rarely meet up privately, everyone was aware of how close they were. However, Sita mentioned that she didn’t want to date anyone yet. Maybe it was because of too many heart breaks.”

Sita went through four dating experiences. Three was before she joined the industry, while the fourth was after she debuted as a singer. Her first boyfriend, who was said to be “muscular and handsome”, turned out to be abusive, and their fights had gotten so big that the police had to be involved. “Sita avoided muscular men after that,” said the insider.

Her second boyfriend studied overseas. Sita initially believed that they would overcome the long distance relationship, but Sita later learned that her boyfriend had cheated on her with a new girlfriend.

Sita’s third relationship was right before she debuted in the music industry. The man actively pursued Sita for months, and Sita herself took three long months of consideration before she agreed to hold his hand. However, after only one week of dating, her boyfriend complained about Sita being too attached and broke up with her. One of Sita’s friend said, “He was such a jerk and left Sita in the middle of the mall!”

Sita’s parents suggested her to vent out her feelings into a song, and that was when Sita found her love for music. Sita wrote about her heartbroken sentiments in her first self-written song, “Forget” <忘川>, which was released as the final plug for her debut EP, Crazy Love.

According to her vocal teacher Lam Tak Po (林德寶), Sita had turned to rely on writing music to convey her true thoughts and feelings. Of her three posthumous songs, one of them was dedicated to her mother, while the other, “Don’t Love Me” <不愛我>, the Mandarin version of “Fei Fei” <蜚蜚>, was a song about her fourth and last boyfriend, whom she dated last year.

Her boyfriend was simple and ordinary. As he was not part of the entertainment industry, Sita thought he was able to give her exactly what she wanted – security. However, her boyfriend was flirtatious and allegedly cheated on her multiple times. After dating for a few months, she broke up with him. No one knew about the breakup until half a year after the matter.

A friend of Sita said, “Sita had a great personality. She never cried in front of us, and she was always happy around everyone. I didn’t know she broke up with her boyfriend until we had a long conversation.”

Relationship with Sammy

Sita and Sammy met on the set of Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜愛夜蒲2> in early 2012. Sita was only a guest star and rarely had scenes with Sammy, but the two costars immediately clicked. The film’s production team admitted that Sita and Sammy were very close, and expressed that the pair would sing the same duet –“You are the Most Precious” <你最珍貴> by Jacky Cheung (張學友) and Francesca Kao (高慧君) – whenever they go to karaoke with their group of friends. “If Sita never said she didn’t want to date, they would have gone out,” an insider said.

Indeed, Sammy was devastated after he was notified of Sita’s death earlier this month. The shocked Sammy, who was on location in Foshan to shoot for TVB’s Always and Ever <情逆三世缘> at the time, wrote on his Weibo, “Sita was a very hard-working artist! Although we haven’t known each other for long, she was my best friend and soul mate in this industry…. We promised each other that we would chase our dreams together, to fight for our ideals together… it’s true. I really miss you… love you!”

According to reports before Sita’s death, Sita was cast as the female lead opposite Sammy in Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) upcoming romantic comedy film, The Three Brothers <媾女不離三兄弟>. The film was planned to commence shooting in late May 2013, and Sammy and Sita were tagged to star in the film as lovers.  In a long-distance phone interview with Sammy last week, he expressed that he is still shocked and baffled about Sita’s death. “We went to karaoke right before I left for Foshan. We sang our favorite song, ‘You are the Most Precious’ together. We sing it all the time.”

Sammy, who was introduced to the entertainment industry after auditioning in an EEG- held singing competition, shared the same music interests and tastes as Sita. “We had a lot of topics to talk about. But we are not a couple. I never thought about it, but now that she’s gone… I really don’t want to talk about it. Sita was a very outgoing, hardworking, and happy girl. She once told me that she had written a song for our new film, and she wanted me to sing it with her. She also promised she would send me the demo soon.”

Sita’s funeral service will be held in May 10. Her producer and manager, Paco Wong (黃柏高) said, “It will be a western-style service held in Po Fook Hill. I know that she liked the color pink, so the mourning hall will be arranged with pink decorations.”

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  1. It’s so unfortunate that her past relationships were so unsuccessful. I remember listening to an interview she says that paco wong would tell her she’s 苦命人 and the sad lyrics in most of her (popular) songs are pretty depressing. I guess he got the 苦命 part right…

    RIP Sita

  2. something about how sammy would tell the whole world how he would wake up crying and how he loves her and all that makes it seem like he’s milking her death for attention. if someone was grieving over another person they usually don’t go telling the world about it like he did.

  3. i don’t think it’s right to still write about sita’s personal life when she’s not here with us anymore. why do they even have to wonder if she would have dated sammy? is that even important to know?
    and though i don’t know what sammy’s intentions are, i also don’t see why he has to share all his feelings when he was merely a co-star. why draw more attention to her death? i don’t understand…

  4. I think it would be fun to be pretty except EVERY guy would want to date you even if they didn’t love you and then get mad at you because you aren’t right for each other. Look at Song whatshername from Korea who is short and always gets dated and then dumped by her male leads. How can they resist asking her out, right? but they should leave her alone if they don’t really like her because they end up trampling on her.

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