Song Joong Ki Wows Fans in Singapore

Starring Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun-been, Reborn Rich became the most-viewed K-drama this year after airing just 8 episodes. Making a publicity appearance in Singapore recently for the Viu original, the popular 37-year-old star attracted an enthusiastic turnout and wowed fans with his trademark smile!

Indulged In Black Pepper & Chilli Crab

The friendly star also greeted hundreds of fans, who had gathered and were waiting to catch a glimpse of him.

Chatting about the positive reception across Asia, and recent drama-chasing trend started by Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki said the positive response came as a surprise, explaining, “I heard many Asian audiences love romantic Korean dramas, but this is not that,” He added how taking on the role was a no-brainer to him, as it was another chance to collaborate with scriptwriter Kim Tae-Hee, whom he trusts deeply. The two previously partnered for Sungkyunkwan Scandal when they were both newbies.

Delighted to be in Singapore, the star said, “I really like Singapore, but due to the pandemic it’s been a few years since I came, I’m glad that this time I brought a new drama again to Singapore.” He also shared that he had the chance to play golf in the morning and also ate Black Pepper and Chilli Crab, local delicacies which he missed.

In Tune with Online Discussions
Reborn Rich is the first time the actor had to play two roles within a drama. “This is the longest time I spent filming a drama, I had to be both Yoon Hyeon Woo in the “present”, and Jin Do Jun from the “past”; that made it difficult to shoot, at first I’d feel confused as I had to play both characters, later on I had a sudden realization, they are not two independent persons, but one and the same person, and so I found the solution,”

Asked about the highlights of the drama’s second half, he gave away, “Do Jun has all the memories, and when he returns to the past, he will have some ties with his family and grandpa, which complicates things for him,” Taking note of netizens’ responses, Song Joong Ki said, “I saw in the discussions, some viewers commented that they enjoyed “Reborn Rich” as they could learn about Korea’s history from the drama, some also mentioned that Song Joong Ki is very handsome, I like that, haha!”

Asked if his varsity life is as exciting as Jin Do Jun’s, he cheekily replied, “I was in boys’ school from primary to secondary school, and could only meet girls in university, so I was very happy then!”

Watch “Reborn Rich” Press Conference Highlights:

Source: Hk.On.CC

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