South Korean Drama “Love (Ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2” Climbs in Ratings

Starring Lee Ga RyeongPark Joo Mi, and Jeon Soo Jyung, South Korean drama Love (Ft Marriage and Divorce) 2 sees its viewership rating soars to a new high of 9.33 percent as the series ramps up its conflicts.

The drama follows the lives of three couples who in their 30s, 40s, and 50s whose marriages are on the brink of collapse after experiencing various relationship problems. In the sequel, the plot intensifies when the husbands have been unfaithful as they each try to hide their extramarital affairs from their wives. The focus is now shifted to the wives and their reactions upon discovering that their husbands’ infidelity.

While many viewers are drawn to the sequel’s shocking storylines and complicated relationships, Love (Ft Marriage and Divorce) 2 has been compared to another South Korean melodrama, The Penthouse 3. The two dramas are criticized for their illogical and messy plot. With only eight more episodes to the finale, how will the relationships unfold in Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2?

Source: Korea Star Daily

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