South Korean Drama “Weather People” Drops Heart-Fluttering Trailers

Upcoming South Korean drama Weather People: Cruel Story of Office Romance pairs up Park Min Young and Song Kang as employees of the Korea Meteorological Administration where their life experiences and romance are as unpredictable as the weather!

In the romantic drama, Park Min Young plays a forecaster with a cold and strict personality that makes her hard to approach. Standing on the opposite of the spectrum, Song Kang plays a free-spirited and passionate weather reporter. Just like the turbulent weather, will the two polarizing characters collide to create a disastrous storm or will they find their happiness at the end of a beautiful rainbow?

While fans wait to see how the characters and their relationship develops, two new teasers have been released to showcase Park Min Young and Song Kang’s chemistry. The first teaser follows the two leads working in the weather forecast room while making glances at each other.

In the second teaser, Park Min Young takes a nice nightly stroll with Song Kang following closely behind. Completely aware of each other’s presence, the two characters make hearts flutter as they smile fondly while enjoying the romantic night together.

The drama is directed by Cha Yeong Hoon who previously helmed critically acclaimed drama When the Camellia Blooms. Providing details of the drama, the production team shared, “This is the first Korean drama that takes place in the Meteorological Administration and will focus on the romantic pursuits of the weather forecasters. Park Min Young and Song Kang were able to convey romantic feelings with just their eyes and smiles and they didn’t need any dialogues.  I hope that the audience will look forward to the drama.”

Weather People: Cruel Story of Office Romance is expected to premiere in February 2022.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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