Tavia Yeung and Him Law Caught on BBQ Date

Twenty-seven-year-old Him Law’s (羅仲謙) former relationship with Theresa Fu (傅穎) ended earlier on a physically violent note. At the same time, frequent rumors surfaced that Him and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) entered a younger man, elder womanrelationship after costarring in On Call 36 Hours <On Call 36小時> together. Despite denying the romantic rumors, the pair was caught on a barbeque date together in a suburban park on Halloween night. Him also picked up Tavia in his car. Apparently, their ties run quite deep! 

Prior to Him officially breaking up with Theresa Fu in May 2011, he allegedly started dating 32-year-old Tavia Yeung, who often verbally supported Him amidst physical violence allegations. Tavia and Him continuously denied their dating rumors, with Him stating that he had never driven her in his car. 

Taking Care of Tavia Attentively

Despite denying dating rumors, Tavia and Him were spotted secretly on a barbeque date on Halloween, October 31st. At 5 PM, Him appeared in Tseung Kwan O and drove alone to Tavia’s new residence. Ten minutes later, Tavia sat in the passenger seat of Him’s car and they arrived before his apartment building. Three of their friends appeared, bringing the prepared food for the barbeque. Tavia stood beside the car and gestured animatedly while talking to everyone. The barbeque event demonstrated that Him was very attentive towards Tavia and took care of her well. 

The group of five arrived at the suburban park, leaving behind the loud city district. The friends chose a remote barbeque grill area, located away from other grill sites. Him and Tavia sat closer and closer together, often whispering and laughing loudly together. When the pair discovered the reporter taking photographs, Tavia and Him appeared embarrassed. Him approached the reporter, “Please do not take any more photographs, otherwise you will frighten our friends.” (Why are you here for a barbeque?) “We live nearby.” When the reporter pointed out that their other friends lived very far away, Him helplessly waved his hand. 

Refusing to Take A Photo Together 

With their barbeque intruded upon, Tavia and Him refused to sit together for a press photo. Tavia said, “If you are able to take photos, then go ahead! Can you let me see the photos? Please make sure the photos are good looking! Do you wish to eat together with us? I can grill the food for you!” Although Tavia appeared to speak generously, when the reporter left, she urged friends to quickly take a group photo together to post on her Weibo blog. Apparently Tavia was concerned about the [implication that she was spotted on a barbeque date with Him Law] very much!


Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: I hope Tavia does not have romantic interests in Him Law, but their reactions do seem a bit awkward.

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  1. ROFL why not Him Law is HOT and got many females chasing him. Tavia is also a female 😛

    1. Vivien,
      I hope Tavia is dating Lai Lok Yi instead, who is handsome too.

      Theresa Fu and Him Law’s relationship ending on such a violent note still makes me feel uneasy.

    2. Just because someone is hot, it doesn’t mean that they’re a good guy. He’s a known cheater and the way him and Theresa ended their relationship left a bitter taste in my mouth.

      1. Agree! N once a cheater will always most likely continue to be a cheater.

      2. N maybe it’s just me but I never found him to be cute or anything. He’s plain looking to me. I think Ruco is cuter n has more potential.

      1. So man like big boots and women like 6 packs? LOL
        Anyway, I don’t see Him and Tavia as couple, it just doesn’t match!

      2. he sure made full use of his six packs. Tavia also fell under his charm

      3. Oh come on, he has 6 packs for what if can’t beat anyone a little :P.

      1. you have changed already. no? you now resembles Holo the wise wolf 😛

  2. I think they are dating, especially judging from their reactions. Look at the jacket she’s wearing and the pants he’s wearing, perhaps it’s a set but she felt cold so he lend it to her? Tavia can do so much better than that! Haha!

    1. Actually it’s quite clear that Tavia is wearing a set jumpsuit that is brown. Therefore the jacket isn’t HL’s. Anyway HL is SO not on my list whether it be looks or acting.

      1. Agreed. The first time I saw him in that ‘four leaf clover’ series I thought he was cute. But now after all the hype around his body, looks, and cheating habits, I’m done. I can’t stand this guy. I really hope Tavia’s not with him, but it does seem highly suspicious since she’s comfortable enough not to wear makeup around him…

  3. Lai Lok Yi is a much better choice for her.Chris is cuter and at least he is not a woman beater.

    1. In term of personality, Chris Lai seems to have upperhand but in term of money earning, Him has higher earning since he’s actively involve in advertisements, movies etc.

      And this is not suprising to me if Tavia goes for Him since she has openly praised Him as handsome & would like the rumours with him etc before in some earlier posts. I think TY has something in Him.

      1. depends on what tavia likes more. If more money and popularity it’s Him. If it’s love security might be Chris since Him got girls chasing his six packs

      2. just asking, what do u think Tavia likes in a guy?

        I think TY isn’t that simple, she knows the game very well 😛 when and who to snatch it over hehehe.

      3. lol how would i know what tavia wants. Did she mentioned anything in her interviews before? I just think that her friendship with Him may not be that simple

      4. Lol, maybe have reason for her to get skinny very fast like this :P.

      5. Tavia likes money most. She said so all the time. So, maybe Him is a better choice. 🙂

        I personally prefer her to go with Lai Lok Yi though. He seems more honest and he hardly has any bad news on him. So, he must be a pretty decent guy.

      6. If Tavia likes money, then she would probably want to marry someone more well off than Him or any of her collegues… It would be sad if she married for only money though…

      7. now IF this HimTavia rumour has truth Tavia certainly has motive ti choose 6packs over $$$ 😀

      8. Chris is much better with a natural proportion head-body.

        i actually thinks he is too good for tavia in terms of looks, so if tavia is dating the woman beater then be it.

        she cannot cry to the public if he beats her…

      9. Maybe tavia dislikes that he’s a boring guy w/ a action figure obsession. It’s easier to overlook if the guy is Louis Koo. But unfortunately, LLY doesn’t have much of a career yet.

      10. with so few siu sangs in tvb these days they should promote Chris.

        some say he isn’t any good but in my book he isn’t any worse than say wooden Ron.

      11. LOL, ofcourse he is in your book. however he seems to be getting a little fat lately, maybe too much fun playing plastic and too little exercise…

      12. Not only in my book but also in more ppl’s books than LLY :P. That’s why he is promoted more than LLY.

        I can tell you that I prefer LLY over Ron :P.

      13. im surprise you do, haha

        always thought you were a die hard 2R fan.

      14. Yes, I’m a mini 2R fan but that dun mean I can prefer another guy :P.

        And my top fave now is the one in my avie, keke. Super cutieeeeeeeeee.

  4. oh it does look like the two are at least good friends. I thought Ma Ming is chasing Tavia?

    1. Never? I think MM and Nancy even have more chance to chase each other more.

      1. Kenneth is all talk and no action. Nancy, selena, and now tavia are all taken. A girl can’t wait forever for that slow guy.

      2. LOL, so nice guys do indeed finish last.

        kenneth needs to get his act together, however there are very in tvb that fit him.

        perhaps he should go after some miss HK that are real beauties if there are any….

      3. “LOL, so nice guys do indeed finish last

        Nice guys do not finish last. Slow guys do.

  5. They didn’t went go alone.There was a group of people. The reporter just made it seemed like it was just the two of them.

  6. Please not Him Law. If he can bruise Theresa, he can broke your nose too.

    1. Yes, tavia must worry about her nose.

      Not sure if they’re dating or just friends. But it does seem odd that Him would bbq w/ her on Halloween instead of going to some party. And I thought it was suspicious when she admitted she calls him “Him Him”. A little too affectionate for colleagues.

    2. Yes it’s worth to be worried. Do you watch Woman on the run? Fake nose can cause to death.

      1. Speaking of the nose, my mom had a friend that had a nose job that gone bad and became sick because of it. However, not sure if she died from it or not, but it is true that in some cases it can cause death just like with any kind of cosmetic surgery.

      2. Nope, watch Woman on the run and you will know what I mean by this. Not the case of your mom’s friend.

      3. I have never heard of that show that you are talking about. I don’t think you live in the US right? Maybe it is a show that only airs in your country.

      4. It’s a TVB comedy sitcom, with Nat Chan, Joyce Tang and some else.

      5. THanks for the info! I have not watched TVB series or any series for awhile now…

    1. Why only body fox? lol don’t need to compare career and money?

      1. Because it’s kinda obvious that Him has more of these things than Lai Lok Yi. Even in TVB. Him is nominated with Best supporting in 2008 while LLY has never stand for a top 5 nomination of anything.

        The only thing Lai Lok Yi has more than Him is experiences, also means he is older than Him :). But for love experiences, Him definitely has more than Lai Lok Yi.

        Lol, checking Him’s wiki and I find this:

        Sex Education Online – 2007 – Role: Edison – Internet serial drama
        Episode: “Tales of a Hong Kong Girl”

        It’s Him’s work and his role is Edison for a Sex Education Online :P.

      2. Him really has a much better body than LLY. I prefer LLY too..tink he is more sensible..luckily LLY has the height.

        However some girls love ‘bad boys’..I got 2 galfriends..knowing well they will get hurt in relationship they still want to be in it..

        One got a good guy and bad boy to choose..she chose the bad boy coz he is more interesting and handsome..

    2. im mean when i click onto the picture one after the next lol

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