Tavia Yeung and Sire Ma Film “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”

Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Sire Ma (馬賽) and Mary Hon (韓馬利) filmed a scene at a temple yesterday for TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. Both Tavia and Mary portrayed barrister Damien Lau’s (劉松仁) wives in the show. In the scene, Mary prayed for Tavia to become pregnant with Damien’s child in order to expand the family lineage.

The smoke from the incense sticks was very strong, irritating Tavia, Mary and Sire’s eyes. The actresses forced their eyes open during the filming of the scene, which was completed in half an hour. Displaying her good spirits despite the irritation in her eyes, Tavia belted out Danny Chan’s (陳百強) song, Tears For You <眼淚為你流>, upon which Sire and Mary followed Tavia’s lead and joined in the singing.

Sire stated that it has been a wonderful learning experience on the set of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles due to the experienced actors. In April, the cast will head to Shanghai to film on location. Despite the exciting locale, Sire may not have time to shop or tour the local attractions due to the tight filming schedule.

Recent tabloids claimed that Idy Chan (陳玉蓮) was hurt in love and thus converted to a Buddhist for three years. Both Sire and Tavia claimed that they were not knowledgeable about Idy’s private love life. Tavia added, “There is no need to care whether the rumors are true or not, as long as Idy is happy. After working with her, I find her to be a very nice person.”

Source: ihktv.com

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Jayne: Glad to see that more TVB dramas are filming remotely in China for some much needed change in scenery. Hong Kong media interest on “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” has been intense since its filming; almost media coverage every week!

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  1. silver spoon and what? why changed name? prominent family sounds better and easier to remember.

    I always find TY inherits this ancient beauty looks, that means she looks good in those shanghai’s and ancient’s costume.

    Is sire ma gonna in those “little sister” role again? I’m a bit fedup already watching Sire ma always in little sister role, hopefully tvb can give her a more challenging role like mistress for example.

    1. I think that TY looks better in ancient series.example.Sweetness in the salt.Twins Of Brothers.

      1. Her best ancient look should be Land of wealth. But it’s all before 2007 when the nose involved in.

    2. Agree ……. “Prominent Family” sounds a lot better and easier to remember. I don’t like the new English name. Clumsy!

  2. i’m not a fan of this type of era but will look forward to see kenneth in it.

  3. Change of location, same old formulaic storytelling won’t help. Hopefully this will be different.

  4. Is it just me, or does Sire Ma look like Angela Tong in that picture.

    1. Sire Ma does look a bit like young Angela Tong in this photo.

  5. Tavia looks pretty with this era image. She has the 古典美..Actually hope she can pair up with Kenneth Ma in this drama but it will be a new pair up with Damien Lau. Hope to see 鱼仔 and 一件头 soon 🙂

    1. Maybe just my eyes but I can’t feel the 美 factor in this picture. Rather than that, I see the “old” factor.

  6. Sorry, I don’t see 古典美 in Tavia Yeung. She is just okay for ancient drama series, better than some other actresses (such as Myolie Wu or Flora Chan). Charmaine Sheh and Ada Choi look a lot better with 古典美.

    1. It just matter of personal opinion. I cant feel any ancient aura beauty from Charmaine. She look more charming and pretty with modern look. Only Tavia and Ada I can only feel aura of 古典美.

      1. Not with Tavia or with Ada. Charmaine, depends but mostly she looks good in costume series. But ancient aura beauty, very very few has that.

    2. For beautiful Tavia in ancient costume, check out ‘Twin of Brothers’ and ‘Land of Wealth’. She looks really beautiful in it.

      1. I agree on Land of Wealth where she looks elegant. For TOB, she looks ok and suitable for the role, but not really that super pretty. But all are before 2007. 2007 is the top for her look, and after reaching it, she gets downhill.

    3. Myolie has a modern face. And she was never famous for being pretty but famous to her uniqueness and fashion sense.

      I think the 古典美 should belongs to Gigi or Sonija or Margie Tsang or Carmen Li. They looks traditional and elegant with the aura of ancient ladies. Sheren, Athena Chu are cute 古典美 type. The ladies now seems to have modern face which are not really suitable for ancient series.

      Uhm, Michelle Yip is pretty in ancient outfit, especially in the “boy” clothes.

      1. @ fox : wow!! Tavia looks so bad after 2007…She still looks presentable but just that everyone focus on her nose more…Wonder if it is her short hair that makes the nose more prominent…she is actually not bad 🙁

      2. @momo,

        I think tavia’s thin like stick face that make her nose stand out but I didnt really get bothered by her nose while watching THC.. I find her still pretty.

  7. Myolie and Kate Tsui don’t really have 古典美. There is one more TVB actress, Noel Leung who really have the 古典美. She looks very pretty in period drams…

    1. Myolie and Linda doesn’t have the ancient look (Myolie looks the worst). Kate looks normal. However, I can’t take her seriously playing any role beside her being a prostitute as she did in Relic, LOL.

      Fala looks good with TY being the best in ancient comstumes. At least she was until her nose “exploded”. She was so beautiful in TOB, sigh…

    2. I’m not a big fan of Noel’s ancient look but she’ll look prettier in white clothes. I like the ancient beauty of Gigi, Carmen and Sonija more.

    3. I agree that Noel is very pretty in ancient dramas. But it was almost a bad thing for her as TVB would only cast her in ancient dramas.

      I actually don’t think Myolie has a bad ancient look. But she has only done War of In-Laws, right? I don’t think that was suppose to be an elegant role.

  8. Agreed that Tavia looks very pretty in ancient costumes. Have always been attracted to her in traditional themed drama. Can’t wait for this drama as well. TPH is a way better English name than SSSS. LOL quadruple S.

  9. When you mentioned the singing I actually thought that it was part of the series. I was thinking this is a new concept for TVB they have done an ancient series that is a musical lol

    It will be interesting to see Tavia and MAry as Damian’s wives. Don’t think I’ve seen Tavia in such a role before.

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