TFBoys Celebrate Six Years Together

China’s top boy band TFBoys gained immediate success and popularity nationwide when they debuted in 2013. Entering their sixth year, the three young idols Karry Wang (王俊凱), Roy Wang (王源) and Jackson Yee (易烊千璽) celebrated their anniversary together. They shared a photo of themselves holding the cake on their social media group account, and later posted a message addressing fans, “TFBOYS’s special six; let’s take big steps together towards the future.”

The group also released a new song called “My Friends” <我的朋友>, which they performed at their sixth-year anniversary concert Confession The Fever <告白THE FEVER> on August 10 in Shenzhen. Though a present for fans, the song is meant more for each other as the trio each posted on their individual accounts, “Sing it for you”, “Thankful for meeting you” and “Growing up together”.

The release of “My Friends” marks their first group activity since their Lunar New Year performance five months ago. With the members of TFBoys each establishing their own studios, more focus has been on individual activities recently.

This separation fostered fans’ animosity with one another, as each member’s fanbase worried that their idol is disadvantaged in group activities. Since 2018, fans started counting the number of lines their idol had in group songs. The findings show that each of the young stars had 80 words in “My Friends”, which is the same as TFBoys’s last two songs.

For TFBoys’ anniversary concert, the company introduced a membership policy where members can purchase discounted tickets for 298 yuan. However, fans express displeasure at the policy as the tickets were not guaranteed for purchase and the server went down many times during ticket sales.

TFBoys Perform “My Friends”

Source: World Journal

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