TFBOYS Reflect On the Past Five Years

On August 24, the Chinese pop trio TFBOYS held a large-scale concert at the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing to celebrate their fifth debut anniversary. Sitting down with the press prior to their concert, the trio—Karry Wang (王俊凯), Roy Wang (王源), and Jackson Yee (易烊千玺)—reflected on the past five years, sharing their thoughts, experiences in the industry, their upcoming projects, and future developments.

“It’s already our fifth anniversary,” said Karry. “It felt like everything went by so slow yet also very fast. Thank you all for being with us in these past five years, and I hope that we can all walk towards the future together.” On their goals for the fifth anniversary concert, Jackson said, “I hope everyone can see our improvements and growth.”

Reflecting on his past five years, Roy said, “I think I can split the past five years into three stages. The first stage was during the first year of my debut. At the time, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Once I became clear on what my role was, I worked harder and tried harder. I kept up with that mindset. Now, in the fifth anniversary, I finally know what I want, and I will fight towards that goal in the future.”

“In the past, it was always the adults telling us what to do,” added Jackson. “Now, we can finally choose the jobs we want to do. The changes were quite big.”

“We started to handle things in a more mature manner,” said Karry. “The way how we approach situations, our jobs, or even our families, have changed. We’re not as unreasonable as we were before. We’ve learned to cherish the times we have with our families.”

TFBOYS released their debut album in October 2013. They were the first idol performance group to come out of TF Entertainment, which was established in 2009. TFBOYS hit mainstream popularity soon after their debut, gaining fans all over the nation. At the time of their debut, Karry was only 13. Roy and Jackson were 12.

“The fans have definitely grown with us,” said Jackson. “And I really hope that they were able to see how we’ve grown and how we did our jobs, so they can use that energy to propel themselves forward in their lives.”

Despite their live performance experiences, the fifth anniversary concert had been stressful for them. “It’s a big stage,” said Karry. “There’s definitely pressure [to do well].”

Five Years Later

When speaking about future projects and career goals, Karry revealed that they are preparing for a new album to be released this year. He also shared that while he has other solo projects scheduled to do, he hopes to fulfill his wish of releasing a solo album.

Roy said, “I will continue to do music and acting. I will diligently prepare.” Jackson added, “Me too. I will continue to do whatever I can, and if I come across something I like, I’ll consider it.”

What about five years later? Karry said, “Add oil! Continue to be myself.” Roy said, “Five years later, I’ll only be 23 years old. Still young. When I come across something I want to do, I’ll do it. I won’t let others affect me.”

Jackson, on the other hand, said, “I don’t know how I’ll be like in five years. Maybe good, maybe bad? I’ll take whatever that comes.”


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