Theresa Fu Reveals Severe Butt Bruises; Him Law a Compulsive Liar and Violent Boyfriend?

The turbulent emotional conflicts between Theresa Fu (傅穎) and Him Law (羅仲謙) started in December 2010, when Theresa claimed that Him was a liar and cheater in love. Despite reconciling, the pair had a physical dispute over Him’s continued cheating in the relationship. On August 20that a public event, Theresa shockingly revealed that she had confronted Him about cheating with two other women in their former relationship. In addition, Theresa suffered emotional and physical injuries in her one-and-a-half year relationship with Him.

It was understood that during their break up argument, Theresa was beaten by Him, with prominent bruises found on her arms, legs, and right buttocks. When Theresa’s friends visited her house and discovered the extent of her injuries, they urged her that a man’s beating of a woman should not be condoned. Theresa’s friends took photos of her bruises and recommended that she alert the police. Theresa refused the suggestions of her friends’ for reasons to be revealed later.

A Turbulent Relationship All Along

In January 2010, Theresa allegedly started dating her Filmko colleague, Him Law. The couple got along sweetly until December 2010, when Theresa exposed Him for dating another woman in their relationship. Without having acknowledged their relationship in the past, Theresa suddenly unilaterally revealed that she broke up with Him. Suspicions followed that Theresa made such statements to generate publicity.

Allegedly, Him constantly begged to reconcile with Theresa and promised to break off from his girlfriend in Beijing. An inside source revealed, “Everyday, Him called and sent text messages to Theresa, begging her to go back to him! He swore that if he were to hurt Theresa further, he will never become famous in his lifetime! He promised to never break her heart again. For the past few months, he continued to sweet-talk her. Theresa’s heart softened and gave him another chance, believing that he would not lie to her again.”

Lies On Top of More Lies

In April 2011, Him successfully reconciled his relationship with Theresa despite earlier arguments. The first thing he promised Theresa was to turn on the ring tone in his cell phone. An inside source revealed, “From the first day they dated, a long-distance number from mainland China often called Him. However, Him explained that there was a gay man from Shanghai who was interested in him. He said that he was only entertaining the gay man’s phone’s call and Theresa did not suspect him. When Theresa discovered that the ‘gay man’ called very frequently, she started becoming suspicious.

“One day, Theresa asked whether Him had anything hidden from her. Him swore that he did not. Theresa asked to see his cell phone and saw the frequently called number from mainland. Theresa called the number in front of Him and a woman answered on the other end. Theresa asked, ‘Who are you?’ The woman answered, ‘I am Him Law’s girlfriend!’ This incident revealed that Him had a primary girlfriend in Beijing!”

“After Theresa and Him reconciled since their December 2010 argument, he turned on the ringer of his cell phone to gain her trust. In July 2011, Him started relapsing again, which made Theresa suspicious. Checking his cell phone, Theresa found several suspicious text messages,” an inside source revealed.

Violently Bruising Theresa’s Butt

When Him saw Theresa checking his cell phone log, he cursed explosively. An insider noted, “At the time, Theresa asked Him, ‘You said you will never lie to me again?!’ Theresa thumped her hands on Him’s chest. With one hand, he grabbed his cell phone back, while he shoved her on the floor with another hand.”

During their argument, Theresa threatened to kill herself. “Theresa had no strength to fight back and shouted, ‘If you hit me again, I will die before you!’ When Theresa attempted to get up again, Him pinned both of her arms behind her back and shoved her on the floor again.

“Him suddenly picked up Theresa in his arms and took her into the bedroom. Theresa struggled and slapped Him on the face. Him shouted, ‘This world has so many [expletive] men who are the same. Do you see woman talking about it? I can [expletive] kill you with one punch!” Him threw Theresa on the bed, whereupon she bumped against the window and Him finally walked out,” an inside source revealed that Theresa and Him officially broke up after the argument.

Theresa’s Friends Reveal Inside Story

Him injured Theresa on July 22nd but she did not tell anyone what happened. On July 23rd, several good friends visited Theresa’s home. Freshly out of the shower, Theresa’s arms and legs were full of bruises. Her friends asked her what had occurred. “We asked her what happened several times. One friend asked whether Him Law had hit her. She remained silent and hoisted up her shorts, revealing the severe bruises on her butt. Several of her friends grew extremely angry and one friend took some photos with her cell phone, urging Theresa to call the police! Theresa shook her head and the friends scolded her for being foolish. Her friends continued to urge her to call the police.

“Finally Theresa said that when he accused Him of cheating [in December 2010], everyone thought she was fabricating the news. In addition, Him said he possessed a good public image and everyone would believe him instead. The friends could not change Theresa’s mind and sought out her elder sister, Christina, instead. The friends showed the photos with Theresa’s bruises to Christina, who urged Theresa to call the police. Theresa was very stubborn and refused to do so.”

Not The First Time Striking Theresa

Allegedly, it was the second time in which Him had hit Theresa. The first time Him hit Theresa was in their first year of dating. “At the time, Theresa lived at Island Resort. One day, Theresa had an argument with Him and called a friend, who had Theresa’s key and immediately went to her house to check on her. When the friend opened the door, Theresa was laying on the floor. Taking in the situation, the friend pointed at Him and shouted, ‘What gives you the right to hit my friend! Leave immediately! You dare to hit her? Women are for you to beat up? How do I know if you accidentally kill her in a rage one day?!

“At the time, Him explained that he had an argument with Theresa while they were eating congee. They shoved each other and Theresa accidentally spilled some congee on his chest. Him fell into a rage and slapped Theresa on the face and shoved her on the floor. After hearing the story, the friend asked, ‘You hit Theresa over spilled congee? Do you have a compulsive violent tendency?’  Him continuously begged Theresa for forgiveness, kneeling down to promise there will not be another time. Finally, Theresa agreed to put aside the incident,” an inside source recounted.

Mutually Lacking Trust

Him indicated that Theresa often checked his cell phone and did not trust him, which made it impossible to continue the relationship. In fact, Theresa indeed has checked his cell phone.  “Since Him lied to Theresa once, she had reservations towards him. After they reconciled, she looked at his cell phone once. She did not see any female names come up in the caller ID log. Him never put in the names of his contacts and only recorded the telephone numbers. When Theresa saw the text message, she did not know who was the person that had sent it.”

Trust should be mutual and its absence should be held accountable between both Theresa and Him. “It’s easy for Him to become jealous. Whenever Him called Theresa while she was out with friends, if he heard any male voices at the gathering, he would call Theresa’s friends who were also present to ensure tthat the other men do not get close to her. If Him could not find Theresa, he would call her friends. His suspicious nature was high. He often asked Theresa’s friends to praise him in front of her, describing him as a handsome and good man.”

Theresa And Him Apologize At Press Conference

On August 24th, Theresa and Him appeared at a press conference arranged by their management company, Filmko. To avoid embarrassment, Theresa and Him arrived at the conference at different times. Theresa was accompanied by her elder sister, Christina.

When the reporter asked about her bruises from Him Law, Theresa sidestepped the issue, “When my mother saw that I was hurt, she was heartbroken. This made me feel very hurt. I am very sorry to them.” However, Theresa could not shed any tears.

Theresa described her relationship with Him as “a heavy feeling that hurt her deeply.”  She added that she had to “leave behind the heavy burden and wipe away its shadow” before departing to Beijing for her career development. Apologizing numerous times for breaking the news to the media without Filmko’s knowledge, Theresa said, “I feel extreme remorse. I promise it will not happen again. Whatever happens from now onwards, I will discuss it with my company first.”

Unfortunately the current edition of Next Magazine featured a sensational story about Him Law throwing Theresa Fu against the window, which heavily bruised her butt. In addition, the photos revealed that Theresa had large bruises on her legs and back as well. When Theresa stood up to leave the press conference, reporters asked how her bruises were. Theresa only mumbled, “Mmmm” in response before leaving the venue and refusing to answer additional questions. When she arrived home and stepped out of the car, there was still an apparent bruise remaining on her left calf.

After Theresa’s apology speech, Him Law spoke before the media. Appearing quite nervous, Him sighed several times. He apologized to his colleagues and company that were affected by the situation. Asked whether he had apologized to Theresa, at first Him did not respond. He said, “When I was together with Theresa Fu, we had happy times and also arguments. I do not want to reveal the details. Under all circumstances, it is wrong to have any physical harm inflicted upon her. I apologize to Theresa Fu.”

Him stressed that he did not inflict serious injury upon his ex-girlfriend, “I deny beating her viciously. I also did not date four women simultaneously!” (Did Him date two women at the same time?) “No, I didn’t.  I have broken up with my ex-girlfriend in Beijing. She already has another boyfriend.” Asked whether Him will be cooperating with Theresa in the future, he noted that their company will make the arrangements.

Reporters asked how Him had hit Theresa, whether he felt he was a “Cheap Man” and a player. However, Him declined to comment in response to those questions.


Excerpt from Next Magazine #1120  and Oriental Daily

Jayne: Theresa’s bruises on her butt look very severe. She must have been thrashed several times against the window or hard object with force to achieve such severe bruises. Not the type of bruise that you get simply from one light collision. The bruises look like they hurt a lot when fresh.

While Next Magazine may have sensationalized some details, the overall account of Theresa and Him’s physical argument seems consistent with Theresa’s earlier account. I believe her. Now Filmko is eager to quiet down the incident. Fortunately, Theresa’ friend took a cell phone photo of her earlier condition and gave a “tell-all” account to the press.

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  1. For a moment I thought he grabbed her buttocks? Those bruising can also come from a very violent passionate episode. The article says it was because she was thrown against a window. You don’t get bruises that way for being thrown against a window unless the window was sticking out and her buttock hits something sticking out. Doesn’t look like being slapped on the buttocks, looks more like being poked hard or maybe squeezed hard. More poke than squeeze but then what we are seeing are not fresh wound so it is difficult to determine. I still have my reservation. If indeed it was from a compulsive violent man, then he certainly knows where not to punch. He didn’t punch her face or areas that could be seen very easily. She doesn’t seem like an easy woman as well. When I read he dragged her to the bedroom I thought what he was gonna do, instead he I suppose pushed her onto the bed and then… left. Was this his way of pacifying things? As in walking away, but not before his temper flared enough for him to slap or push or shove her but remembering, he was perhaps provoked? Again I feel with all these pictures etc, the police, the doctors should come into picture. Now she apologises and I wonder for what? For causing hurt to her management company? WHy should she? It would be inconsistent.

    1. Funn,
      It’s difficult to say whether Him did indeed carry Theresa into the bedroom. It could be Next Magazine adding in that detail to lead everyone to think along the lines of attempted rape as punishment against Theresa. Umm…I wouldn’t go that far to say that’s how her butt bruises came about.

      Once, I was in a train derailment accident and suffered ugly bruises similar to Theresa’s dark patches. I was knocked on the floor of the train very quickly and forcibly, thus the bruises were very deep on my legs and did not heal until 1 month later.

      Theresa’s bruises do not look like they were squeezed by a man’s hands. Otherwise, wouldn’t the bruises be smaller in size. I think he did throw her forcibly against a very hard object and it could have been a jutting window sill. Anyhow, the degree of the bruises definitely indicate forcible impact. There is already a lot of fat in the butt area so I can’t imagine how hard he must have thrown her. Apparently, Him must have fierce bouts of rage to hurt her to this degree.

      1. I agre about the jutting window possibility. But bruises do spread as in the blood spreads? Still have my reservation as to how it happened but now I do believe the why and where and when and who.

        But everyone probably wants to know how more…

      2. Him has strong muscles so the impact must be hard when he throw her. Theresa is a skinny woman too.

    2. @ Funn

      “Now she apologises and I wonder for what? For causing hurt to her management company? WHy should she? It would be inconsistent.”

      Remember the contract termination and the HK$1 million demand.

      “He didn’t punch her face or areas that could be seen very easily.

      Another magazine highlight bruises in her arms but, less visible than the buttock one. That picture was not her deliberately showing the bruises, but, it seems like she was attending a function or something.

      1. I think Theresa has no money to pay back the sum so she agreed to apologizes over

    3. It shouldn’t matter whether or not he was provoked. He should not under any circumstances raise his arm to hurt his girlfriend.

      I believe she apologized because her company was mad at her for going to the media w/o discussing the situation w/ them first… she is apologizing to her company but not saying she was lying, so there is no inconsistency… I believe she is trying to salvage her career.

      1. She has no money to pay the 1million debt and her career is tumbling down

  2. Look at these bruises and I know it hurt so much. Must be a very strong strike to cause to the bruises like this.

    1. Males strength are powerful especially against skinny frail females

  3. “Him threw Theresa on the bed, whereupon she bumped against the window”

    Wow, what strong springing effect the mattress has.

    “From the first day they dated, a long-distance number from mainland China often called Him. However, Him explained that there was a gay man from Shanghai who was interested in him. He said that he was only entertaining the gay man’s phone’s call and Theresa did not suspect him.”

    If this is true, lol at Him for thinking up such excuse that a gay man is harassing him.


    “Him shouted, ‘This world has so many [expletive] men who are the same. Do you see woman talking about it? I can [expletive] kill you with one punch!”

    Thank goodness it’s you the veteran that translated this, so many expletives, I would have to google thousand of times before realizing that they are expletives lol!

    Hmm…okay on a serious note, Theresa’s injuries doesn’t look like it was incurred from slamming against the window, if she was slammed against the window or window grill, it should be long thin bruise marks and not circular marks, it looks like it was caused by some circular object or maybe punch or pinch marks?

      1. Does bruise spread after several days for a pinch mark?

      2. Bruises can be quite “permanent”. A long pinch by my mom when i was young lasts till today although now it has turn way lighter

      3. @edmwer:

        Are u sure that’s not a birthmark?
        If not, maybe u have a blood clot there.

    1. Pvt Joker,
      It may be highly possible that Him took steroids to achieve his muscular build. The side effects of steroids use would include increased aggression, violence, and sex drive. Perhaps this explains his infidelity habits too.

    2. The first incident with the congee sound scary and lack of anger management.

  4. I would smack that booty too…..if I had the chance!!

  5. I hate how the company interfered with the situation and forced both parties to hide the story. It’s always about money.

    Theresa fell in love with the wrong guy. She was willing to hide the story before but as the truth surfaced, she had no reasons to protect him anymore. Him got a little too comfortable with Theresa and showed his impulsive side. Everyone has the capability to be physical but are able to refrain from acting upon it.

    Him Law – u need to fess up. I see no difference from Rihanna/Chris incident. Theresa was not as severely hurt which didn’t prompt the police involvement but based on the bruises it’s quite obvious what happen.

    Theresa has been semi frozen for a long period of time. She has no opportunity to participate in physical intense productions so we can eliminate that reason for the injuries.

    Him Law – HK may not be as forgiving, fess up and start some butt kissing like Amigo if u want to get back in the limelight.

  6. Wow it seems that Chris Brown might have found a good friend in HK – Him Law 🙂

      1. lol yeah….according to the pic release by the press rihanna’s face and body parts were covered with severe bruises and apparently Chris Brown did a headlock on her so yeah….I would like to change my previous statement I mean Chris Brown found a new disciple in HK – Him Law

      2. that girl vibrates a creepy energy. wouldn’t be surprised if she did some of the stuff on her self to gain sympathy…

      1. both actually both in rihannas case it’s obvious whereas theresa seems to seek revenge or something.

        well i do believe he held her or something but maybe not serious as she says it is

      2. lol but don’t you think it’s kinda odd for them to do that just to gain sympathy from the public? I mean it will definitely take someone to have mental problems to hurt themselves this way to gain sympathy and revenge.

      3. crazy girl got dumped by her bf after knowing that he have been playing around.

        well this is all just speculation, but im a little suspicious since it took her quite some time to reveal the incident.

      4. @exoidus – i can understand why she hesitated for so long. no doubt in having self motives when disclosing this but i believe the incident did happen. Him did it so now he’s paying for it.

      5. i do believe something happen just not the exact extent of it.

        we also don’t know what she did that made him control her. she might be a crazy wild child

      6. @exoidus
        I think it took her sometime to reveal it bcoz she probably still wants to salvage their relationship? I dunno…
        In a girl’s point of view I can see that Theresa kept it for so long and refuse to alert the police even when her friend told her to could probably mean that she still have feelings for him and it’s hoping for a chance to reconcile?That’s why they say love is blind.No matter how bad a guy treats a girl,she would somehow return back into his arms and let history repeat itself again.Just like how Him slapped Theresa over spilled congee and she easily gave in to him when he cried and beg in front of her swearing that he will never do that again but who knows the swearing went in vain and history repeated itself again. I don’t know if I should salute Theresa for her loyalty in love or despise her on her foolishness.

      7. I think Theresa is foolish. A smart woman will walk out immediately and find good solution when being treated badly by lover. I don’t want to be slapped to the floor just because I accidentally spilled some congee.

      8. LOL, spilled congee? haha seriously why should he care assuming she’s the one who have to clean it later.

        if it is true then he guy have some serious issues going on.

      9. @ exoidus

        “LOL, spilled congee? haha seriously why should he care assuming she’s the one who have to clean it later.”

        Congee spilled on his chest. Could be very painful since congee is hot.

      10. if she did it on purpose then i will understand him getting mad, however still no need to beat her up haha

      11. @lol:

        I agree but love is always blind, when you are head over heels in love with someone, you would feel that everything about him is good lahs, you would even think that the farts he emits are pleasant-smelling lol!

        “I don’t want to be slapped to the floor just because I accidentally spilled some congee.”

        Me too! Lol, haha but your sentence reminds me of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” where Theresa is Goldilocks but accidentally spilled the bear’s porridge while Him Law is the bear but allegedly beat her up over the spilled porridge lmao! 😛

  7. Who leaked this pictures to Next magazine? Theresa’s sister Christina, Theresa herself or her friends?

    1. I was wondering the same too. I thought her friends took the pictures when they came to visit her and the inside source sounds like she knows the details, maybe it is her friends or sister.

      1. I suspect her sister since the friend told her about it and she seems protective of Theresa accompanying her here and there

  8. Theresa shouldn’t have gone back to Him if she has to check his cellphone all the time. This relationship is doomed to fail. Totally back of trust. Both seem to be very possessive individuals.

    1. Agree. Theresa is definitely foolish and Him’s good with the sweet talking. It was probably hard for Theresa to resist Him’s charm.

      i do hope this ends his career. physical abuse is not acceptable.

      1. Since Filmko is investing a lot on him and they’re protecting and salvaging him so hard this incident won’t do anything to him. Theresa might disappear, but Him only get more famous.

  9. I don’t know what to say. I actually have the same bruise right now on my leg but I didn’t get hurt. Even I’m confused how I got it! It’s huge and really bad looking. But it’s not surprising because I usually get bruised out from no where. Maybe Theresa happened to do something and accidentally hurt herself; who knows? And then used the photo as a backup saying it was caused by Him Law?

    1. @FanWen,
      I agree with you FanWen. I got a big purple bruise on my leg one time for no reason. It did not hurt at all since I did not get hit or anything, but it just appeared out of no where. My mom said it was due to something but I forgot what it was. At first she thought that I got hit by something.

      I also wonder if Him caused her to get those bruises?? Did she do it to herself or something and is now blaming Him for it?? I am really confused as well but still get what her purpose is to dwell on this issue??? If he really did hit her, she should have just turned him in to the police, why go through all this??

  10. I am beginning to believe her now but still thinks she is a silly woman. She should have reported to the police at time of incident and not go shouting now. She has caused more damage to her reputation and career. She has come off worse off than Him even what she said is true.

    1. @Applelim:

      I agree, now Theresa just seemed like a woman who wants to drag Him down with her to hell but unfortunately bombed herself in the process.

      1. Agree too. She’s only doing harm to her career but failed to harm Him. I saw a lot of people only cursing Theresa for being attention wh*re.

  11. I think all in all, if Him Law really beat her up as perceived from the photos of her injuries in those magazines, Theresa shouldn’t have apologized and should have maintained her stand because honestly if dude really hit her until it was that bad, she might have a case in court to sue him and maybe send him to jail for good. Now that she apologized, it would make her seem more like “the boy who cried wolf” (like akin to causing a false alarm previously, such that even if she is telling the truth, no one would believe her)

    Even if Theresa was forced (by circumstances of the possibility of losing her career and forking out 1 million to compensate her company) to apologize, I thought she could have handled it better like seeking help from some women awareness group to support her fight against “abusive relationships” and making use of them to exert pressure on her management company to suspend or “freeze” Him Law as a form of punishment, at the very least.

    Well, right from the start, I think Theresa should have recorded her last fight with Him to prove that he was an abusive boyfriend (if he really was) and to make her management company have no choice but to stand on her side, with such circumstantial evidence to fall back on, it would be much easier to get Him to confess to his alleged “crime” and not be accused as a woman who is just seeking publicity for herself.

    1. good analysis unfortunately for her she isn’t as smart as you are.

      are most of the artist these days complete morons with no education and a common sense?

      1. @exoidus:

        “are most of the artist these days complete morons with no education and a common sense?”

        Well, I think they are just not as clear-minded as us and who really can be as cool-headed when they are the person involved?

        And no, I’m really not smart, I’m just good at giving opinions lmao! 😛

      2. @ah k

        true, hard to say if we were the ones involved. anyway her battle is lost since she already apologized and Him seems unaffected by her accusations.

      3. lol yes the outcome of this case is Theresa lost is being branded as attention seeker, while nothing is inflicted to Him Law besides getting free publicity in magazine covers

    2. How could Theresa record her last fight? They were fighting. Where got time and opportunity?

      1. hidden cameras since she would know that he will beat her up for small issues?

      2. @Kidd:

        Purposely provoke him. If he really isn’t that hot-tempered and violent, he wouldn’t take the bait. No harm trying right since it’s quite evident that he would probably bite the bait.


        Exactly, hidden CCTVs are the way to go manx lol!

      3. If there is video evidence using hidden camera, then clearly he was provoked to take the bait. But there is no video evidence. I believe this is a I shall call it passionate beating.

    3. Theresa is an airhead. She acts with her impulse and not with her brain

    4. @AH K,
      I agree with you and was wondering that if everything she said was true, then why did she even need to apologize?? As far as I am concerned, that not only makes her stories less credible but it may also imply that her stories may be partially lies… Even if she was telling the truth, the way that she is doing it makes people not want to believe her.

      I totally agree that she should have recorded some of the arguments/fights. That way she would have some truth. I still remember watching the American Entertainment news there were many recordings of fights/arguments were used as proof so it made the stories more credible. I guess Theresa just isn’t smart enough or lacks common sense or something…

  12. I personally don’t find either of them appealing as actors/ actresses/ singers – both average and really don’t get why ppl think Him Law is so hot, or maybe just that I prefer older men haha he seems a bit too fakey muscular..btw, I’m curious, was he a child star at TVB as well? His features seem to resemble a kid who acted long time ago in one of those costume dramas…

    Btw, though it’s so hard to really know the truth although I don’t think it’s impossible that he hit her..but the way she handled it is pretty confusing but then again, not in her shoes so it;s hard to judge..

    1. I remember seeing Him in a high school themed TVB series a few years ago but at that time his body isn’t build up yet.

      1. He was in a high school themed series but he was an adult already at that time. Not considered a child star anymore. The series is ‘Your Class or Mine’.

      2. nope I saw that series and I remember him in there but I keep picturing a kid with his features in some old shows if I’m not mistaken it was a costume drama and it had CHilam? anyways it’s ok haha maybe I remembered wrongly

      3. @Kidd – Yes he was an adult but at that time he was playing a school kid and his body is still average lol

  13. I find the gay man interested in me excuse really funny.

    1. ROFL!! That’s the only thing you get from this scandal?? 😛

  14. Hello Forum,

    Although Theresa was too soft hearted and possibly foolish for believing in Him Law, she doesn’t deserve to be physically/verbally abused. Those wounds could scar. There is a big chance of lasting repercussions from her abuse from Him Law. She may no longer trust in men and it will affect her later when she is in a future relationship. No one should have to go through such a horrfic experience. Any sane individual will not self inflict such wounds on themselves for revenge. Theresa has much to lose as a striving celebrity if she makes up this story. Despite the fact that Theresa’s story has been inconsistent, those photos scream guilty. I now denounce Him Law as a wife beater and cheater. He’s not a real man and certainly not even a proficient actor with his wooden expressions. Freeze him!

    1. ROFL you may denounce Him Law and say he’s a bad actor but to his company Him Law bringing money and have many female fans who worship his hot body!

  15. Read again and sorry Him but the gay story sounds very ridiculous.

    1. Yes the gay story sounds ridiculous but I also remember that after SOL was aired Him gain popularity among gay community because of his muscular body and big chest. He may got the idea from this lol

    1. The bruises on her butt look odd for falling against the window. I was thinking could it be that he kicked her too?

      1. Depending on the sensitivity of the Theresa’s skin, she can easily be bruise if Him just throw her on the bed or against the window. Similar bruises can be developed from a fall, therefore, I don’t think he kicked her.

  16. I don’t know who is Him nor do I care about him but I do remember Theresa posing pictures of her bruises she got from dancing many years back. It looks like she is someone with very sensitive skin so any kind of pressure can certainly leave a bruise. As an actress/singer/dancer, I do believe she can easily get bruises. I don’t dance, but I fell on my butt a few times while skating and my bruises are similar to Theresa’s. But the thing is that my skin is nowhere near sensitive, but the fall did actually leave some nasty bruises on my butt.

  17. I was thinking about what circular device could have landed Theresa’s butt to have such injuries, then it suddenly dwelled upon me, don’t they look suspiciously like those imprints left after doing acupuncture cupping? Just wondering! 😛

  18. think only both of them know what had happened!! i hv come across incidents where the women are equally violent in fights and sometimes inflict bruises on themselves which make other people think that it’s the man who did that to the woman. so, i reserve my comments cos i hv witnessed situation where the woman turned violent and try to hurt the man, but for self-defense sometimes the man’s strength to stop them might injure them. I guess when this happens, it’s more unfavourable for the men. So women get the sympathy.

    Hence, tough to comment cos only the two of them involved know the truth!!

  19. Well, this simply makes her look stupid. If you are in a relationship with a partner you don’t or can’t trust… then leave. It was her choice to stay for whatever reason. If he had other outside relationships clearly she wasn’t that “special someone” in his life. As far as accusations of his lying and cheating is concern, if that is the case it only makes her look more pathetic for staying.

  20. Until Theresa’s case being confirmed by the doctor, you never know whether or not she maybe violently raped + beaten by HIM….Who knows her hymen maybe badly bruised and bleeding profusely after being tortured by the “beast”….? It’ll be an unforgivable shame if she makes a police report with the outcome confirmed by the medical report………

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