Turning 35, Carlos Chan Plans for the Future

Turning 35 in October, Carlos Chan (陳家樂) hopes for new career opportunities, and is ready to embrace changes in his personal life. Although he does not have a concrete timeline for marriage, he looks forward to having children.

Filming “The Line Watchers”

Realizing the importance of an actor’s physique, Carlos started aggressively working out last year. As he wants more mature roles to match his age, Carlos felt the need to “take on new acting roles and change his physique.”

He was motivated to work out since August 2020, and hoped to fill out his uniform better in The Line Watchers <把關者們>. “At the time, I drank a lot of milk powder and did chest presses, hoping to broaden my chest…. However, the filming hours were too long, so I couldn’t work out much. I was eating a lot, and went from being muscular to a bit chubby. When I see my chubby self on screen, I feel a bit awkward.”

The Line Watchers is Carlos’ third TVB drama, but the naturally shy actor took time to acclimate to the cast, and was mistaken to be arrogant by his co-star Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪). “Many people think I’m [difficult to get along with] when they first meet me, but I’m just nervous and don’t want to say much. I’m afraid I’ll make more mistakes if I say more. Thanks to C Kwan (C君) and Derek Wong (黃建東), we slowly found things to talk about.”

Spends a Day on the Water with Shiga Lin

Although Carlos openly chatted about his work, he was more vague about his love life and never openly acknowledged his relationship with Shiga Lin (連詩雅). However, both stars did not hide that they went paddle boarding together recently.

Wearing a bright orange and pink swimsuit, Shiga showed off her long legs and skinny waist in her social media post. She wrote, “I have a one-day break, so I want to play in the water.” Although some of her fans complimented her swimsuit for being colorful and eye-catching, many thought the bottom was too big.    

Carlos also posted an individual picture from their outing. As this is his first time doing paddle boarding this year, Carlos wrote, “I hope there will be more chances.” Many believe that he was hinting at another date with Shiga in the future. 

As for marriage, Carlos does not have a target time frame in mind, but he did purchase a larger home with plans for children in the future. He hopes his career remains stable, and will take everything one step at a time.

Sources: Sing Tao, On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for Jaynestars.com.

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