TVB Actresses at Risk of Gaming Disorder

Believe it or not, gaming disorder is a real thing now. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially added gaming addiction to its list of mental illnesses.

Unfortunately, there is still no solution to the emerging illness, but WHO members urge the importance or proposing treatments and prevention solutions by 2022. The announcement caused an uproar in the gaming industry. Online streamers who play games to earn income said WHO diminished their livelihoods. Interestingly enough, some Hong Kong celebrities are also known for being gamers.

Kelly Cheung (張曦雯)

Life on the Line <跳躍新生命線> actress Kelly was labeled as a “Gaming Goddess” after live streaming herself playing video games on her YouTube channel, Mandy Suki. Netizens became fans of the 29-year-old for the way she portrayed herself in a very real way, even cussing while immersed in the game. Her passion for gaming led to an increase in her popularity, especially among the male audience.

However, she hasn’t live broadcasted her gaming sessions as of late due to her heavy workload despite finding time to play games almost every day.

Sammi Cheung (張秀文)

It turns out that Sammi is also a gaming addict, and frequently gets in a game or two while preparing for filming. She apparently played for 13 or 14 hours straight without eating, drinking, and using the bathroom!

Last year, she fell in love with the video game, “Monster Hunter World,” and even asked for gaming tips on Instagram. It seems that she has a high chance of suffering from a gaming disorder.

Source: Marie Claire

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  1. Everything is a disorder nowadays. One can’t even indulge in one’s hobby at peace. 🙁

    Kelly Cheung is a gamer, but, I don’t think she’s addicted or at risk. She still puts work first and only squeeze on time to play between works. She cooks, bake, attend acting class (info i got fro other articles on her) . She does other activities beside play game and work.

  2. i think it’s funny how they laid out the symptoms. i think everything can be addictive but it is about self control and knowing your priorities. one’s really got issue if the person is unable to control his/herself when all they can think about is gaming such as uneasiness when doing things when not gaming . i think as long as the person is doing things other than gaming, the person is okay.

    that said however, i do have a nephew who dreams about becoming a pro-gamer. he has decided to ditch work and stay home to game. he does go out to meet girls and have an okay social life. in his case, i still wouldn’t call it an addiction but a person without real dreams in life. gaming is something he is good at and unfortunately he hasn’t found any other talent.

  3. Agree with you two, @kidd and @m0m0. People can and should be able to like and play games as much as they like so long as they don’t forgo works or cancel on plans with their friends constantly because of gaming. Addicted to sugar/chocolate should be like a lot worse than gaming lol! Because at least with gaming, you use your brain! Eating otherwise… not so much lol. And this is a mom with a toddler who every morning will try to ask for chocolate lol. He doesn’t get we don’t give it to him just because he screams at our face, but he will try every morning lol! Now that’s an addiction xD

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