TVB Angered by Niki Chow’s Betrayal; Shelves “Sergeant Tabloid”?

Niki Chow (周麗淇) announced that she has signed with Mountain Entertainment, a sister company of East Asia. TVB was also interested in signing with Niki. Thus, Niki’s decision to join Mountain Entertainment has allegedly angered TVB, resulting in her series, Sergeant Tabloid  <女警愛作戰> being removed from the broadcast schedule in August!

TVB Went All Out to Woo Niki

TVB had all along been interested to sign a management contract with Niki. On several occasions, she met with TVB executive, Virginia Lok  (樂易玲), to discuss the terms of a management contract. However, Niki was only willing to sign a per-series contract instead. In order to woo Niki, TVB casted her as leading actress in Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君> and Sergeant Tabloid, pushing her to be a top fadan.

Sergeant Tabloid received overwhelming responses from overseas viewers, particularly in Mainland China, and this elevated Niki’s profile in the Chinese market. TVB also announced that they will film a sequel to Sergeant Tabloid, although it has not broadcast in Hong Kong yet.  An internal source also revealed that TVB hoped to seal the deal quickly with Niki, as the discussions were left hanging in the air for some time. 

Ms. Lok Angered by Niki’s Betrayal?

It was reported that Niki had allegedly promised TVB to sign the management contract, but instead turned around and signed with Mountain Entertainment. Ms. Lok is allegedly angered by her “betrayal” and throws out Sergeant Tabloid from the August broadcast schedule, shelving it aside.

In response to her fall out with TVB, Niki expressed her dismay, “There is no such thing! I am so annoyed with the rumors! I maintain a good relationship with TVB and my new management company has also communicated with TVB.” When asked why Ms. Lok did not attend the media conference, she responded, “Ms. Lok expressed earlier that she would attend, but it clashes with a media conference at TVB. There is an anniversary shooting which involved more than 300 artists on the same day.”

Regarding rumors that TVB will shelve Sergeant Tabloid, Niki said, “All along there is no official broadcast date! Please do not believe the rumors! ”

At yesterday’s press conference, Niki’s bosses, Peter Lam (林建岳) and Richie Ren (任賢齊) and fellow colleagues, William So (蘇永康) and Wendy Zhang (鄭嘉嘉) were all present to lend their support. Niki also took the opportunity to impress Richie and William, singing their popular songs, Heart Too Soft <心太軟> and A Man Should Not Let a Woman Cry <男人不該讓女人流淚>. 

Source:, Oriental Daily

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  1. “Ms. Lok is allegedly angered by her “betrayal” and throws out Sergeant Tabloid from the August broadcast schedule, shelving it aside.”

    August broadcasting date? I thought ST was aired earlier in the year already? 😮

    1. Chriselle,
      “Sergeant Tabloid” was aired in Malaysia and Australia, as well as in mainland China, but not officially in Hong Kong yet.

      1. Haha, thanks Jayne for the clarification. I remembered that it was aired overseas after I typed the comment.

  2. TVB didn’t exactly go all out to woo Niki they aired Bottled Passion at a terrible time slot and Sergeant Tabloid didn’t even air in Hong Kong!

  3. I do hope Sergeant Tabloid airs soon in HK. Everyone did really well in it, and the drama itself is very entertaining to watch, cliches aside.

  4. TVB will forever remain the spoilt child. I just feel sorry for all the cast and crew involved in this drama.

  5. I think ST will be aired in August because the schedule seems fit with the number of eps. ST ends right on 28 Sep, the time mentioned by Kate Tsui for the airing of Highs and Lows.

    East Media is like EEG, very good relationship with Txb.

  6. Aren’t there rumours about 620 leaving TVB and taking her favourite actors and actresses with her? I think 620 better be careful with that anger – you know what they say about those living in glass houses 😉

  7. This rumor is pretty stupid. I just saw today’s episode of Scoop and it covered Niki’s press conference and signing. If TVB was angry at her, why would they give her signing so much time on the Scoop? Seems baseless to me.

    1. She was on TVB Entertainment news, so more Niki promotion

  8. LOL how come everyone is referring Lady Lok as 620? Boo does that mean she won’t be in another series with Raymond Wong?

    1. Her full name is Lok Yi Ling which in cantonese sounds like the numbers 6 (luk), 2 (yi), 0 (ling).

      PS I like her with Raymond Wong 🙁

      1. Thanks for the explanation. Boo hoo, I finally found my new fav couples , now no more lol.

  9. This sounds more like a pyschological warfare between the media and TVB fans. Seriously, what a dumb rumour!

  10. I wish Niki will act in a drama again with Kevin. They have the best chemistry. But, I doubt if it’s possible.

  11. Hah, no wonder TVB is desperate promoting new faces.

    Niki isn’t even an actress of great caliber yet she realize the ship is abt to sink. Good choice Niki and good luck 🙂

  12. I take back my words. Really that Niki’s Sergeant Tabloids isn’t on August. Him Him’s A chip off the old block 2 took it. Look like a push to both of Him Him and Mandy.

  13. Never like her–just a pretty face but she is not like her sister Kathy…

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