Vanness Wu, Philip Ng Visit Andy On and Jessica C.’s Baby Tessa

Vanness Wu (吳建豪) gave fans a first glimpse of Andy On (安志杰) and Jessica C.’s baby girl Tessa, who was born on March 23, 2016. The proud uncles shared photos of the first-time parents holding the baby girl, who still has her eyes closed!

A few days ago Vanness and Philip Ng (伍允龍), who were filming a movie in the United States, stopped by Andy and Jessica’s residence to pay Tessa a visit. Vanness presented little Tessa with a red envelope, wishing her a healthy growth.

“She’s daddy’s little girl,” wrote Vanness on Instagram. He shared a picture of Andy holding little Tessa in his arms and imitating her yawn. Vanness said the martial arts star totally melted when holding the small bundle.

“May God bless your family with heavens eternal love and joy! Truly so happy for you brotha! Big big congrats to Andy and Jessica!”

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. ahhh baby is adorable!! And the photo of Andy holding her is precious!! Congratulations to the family!

  2. Why was Andy already in his Holloween costurme when the holiday is still 7 months away?

    Also, V and Phillip were filming in California while Andy/Jess staying in Chicago. That’s not what I would call “stopping by”. LOL!

  3. Aw … congrats to Andy and Jessica. Tessa is adorable!

    Happy to see Andy, Phillip and Vaness’s friendship still going strong!

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