Venus Wong and Derek Tsang To Be Separated For Over Half a Year

Despite their 12-year age gap, actress Venus Wong (王敏奕) and filmmaker Derek Tsang (曾國祥) have been happily married for two years and counting!

Tying the knot secretly back in September 2019 in Japan, it seemed that both mister and missus have plenty on their hands career-wise, with Venus busy filming upcoming TVB drama Bystander <旁觀者>, while Derek is currently directing for the anticipated Netflix sci-fi drama series Three-Body Problem <三體> in England.

A Surprise Bouquet from Hubs

Due to the quarantine requirements, Venus shared that she would not be able to head to England to visit her husband, plus she also has her filming schedule lined up to April next year. She added that Derek and herself would very likely be separated for over half a year – the longest duration they have ever been apart! Since Derek and herself will keep updated with each other’s lives via online video calls, Venus jokingly described their relationship during this time as “online pals”.

While the couple do not have the habit of commemorating special dates and coupley occasions, Derek delivered a surprise to his wife with a thoughtful gift of flowers to mark their second wedding anniversary, since he was not around.

Venus started her own YouTube channel in 2021.

Source: Headline HK,  Youtube

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  1. Distance, time, and everything else won’t matter when it’s the right person and these 2 are committed. I love it when celebrities use the golden excuse of “Our schedule ripped us apart” but then go date someone even more famous and even busier and get married right away. Why can’t you pull a Fan Bing Bing and say “He/She is worth my respect and efforts. I would choose him/her all over again given the same outcome.”

  2. This is the types of situation that leads to either one cheating and then divorce……….So common these days.

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