Venus Wong Patches Up Marriage With Derek Tsang

Separated from her husband Derek Tsang (曾國祥) for a year due to work, Venus Wong (王敏奕) opens up about her time of solitude and how they overcame this hardship together.

After six years of dating, Venus and Derek got married in 2019. Divorce rumors suddenly filled the air in April, when Derek’s photos started disappearing from Venus’s social media. In addition, it was said that Venus went to get their couple tattoo erased from her finger.

Vehemently denying the divorce rumors, Venus explained that the two were in a long-distance relationship for a year shortly after their wedding. Not used to Derek not being around, Venus expressed her loneliness and helplessness.

“Thinking back, it was a really difficult time for us. The hardest part is not just being apart physically, but  unable to talk to the person when you want to. I would worry about him, and we our conversations weren’t very deep when we chatted on the phone,” Venus said. When she felt tired after a long day, Venus just wanted something as simple as “come home to someone pouring a glass of water” for her.

Taking some time off to finally go on their honeymoon, the two flew to Italy to turn a new leaf in their marriage. When asked if Venus would transition into a traditional housewife, she finds joy in her career and will continue working. Venus expressed that their marriage is now stronger than ever.

Refusing Work as a Married Couple

After signing with TVB, Venus has received many opportunities to shine, including Forensic Heroes 5 <法證先鋒V> opposite Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).

With her love of acting and Derek’s skills in directing, it is surprising that the two have never collaborated together in the past. “We’re both past the point of working together. We try hard not to cross paths unless it’s absolutely necessary. He’s a perfectionist and a very serious person when he’s working – I don’t want work to put a strain on our relationship.”

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