Viann Zhang: “Dating Ron Ng Was a Nightmare!”

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Viann Zhang (張馨予) always had a turbulent relationship.  Even after their breakup, their relationship is still full of controversy.  From Viann’s one-sided breakup to Ron’s alleged infidelity, their news have been full of drama!

When they were dating, 25-year-old mainland actress, Viann Zhang has been liberal in expressing her open feelings towards Ron, as well as engaging in online arguments with his fans via Weibo. Now after the exposure of Ron’s sexual explicit phone sex messages emerged, Viann has been swift in criticizing Ron on Wiebo.    

Ron Gave Viann Nightmares 

Yesterday, Viann posted on Weibo, “I’m not very smart.  In fact, I’m quite stupid.  But it is me.”  Not long after, she posted, “I had a horrid nightmare.  I screamed so hard until my throat is sore!  I cannot scream anymore!  I cry until my heart is shredded and can no longer breathe.  I feel like I’m suffocating.  When I finally wake up, I draw the curtains open.  I look outside to see the street filled with cars.  I miss this world!  Please don’t put me back into the nightmare.”  Viann’s “nightmare” was widely interpreted as her relationship with Ron Ng, due to the turbulence of their relationship.

Ron Ng Will Not Respond 

Despite the negative news surrounding him, Ron did not appear to be bothered by it.  Currently filming new TVB drama, Season of Love <戀愛季節> with Kate Tsui (徐子珊), he continues to focus on work.  It was understood that Ron had unluckily fallen into a widescale “sex trap.” However, he refused to speak further on the allegations nor his relationship with Viann.  

When asked if he was affected with news of the explicit sex messages, Ron said, “No.  I feel okay but I have nothing further to respond.  I’ve said all that I have to say.  Right now, I’m just focusing on work.  I won’t let these things affect me.”  Regarding Viann removing her “Ron” tattoo on her waist, Ron said, “I really have nothing left to respond.  This rumor has caused too much attention!” 

Several celebrities have been dragged in to make comments regarding the current scandals. With Ron’s alleged ex-girlfriend, Ella Koon’s (官恩娜) declaration of being a past love victim, Kate Tsui was asked to comment.  Being one of Ron’s past rumored lovers, Kate said “I don’t know the situation so I’m cannot comment.”

Mavis Pan More Gracious than Viann Zhang?

Ron Ng’s good friend, Raymond Lam (林峯) has also been in the news for being involved with mainland actress, Liu Yuqi (劉羽琦). Raymond’s ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜) has mellowed in her bashing of Raymond in recent months. Regarding his recent scandal, Mavis wrote on Weibo, “By being kind to others, you’re really being kind to yourself.  Goodnight!”  Her comment seems to indicate that she has already to let go of her past relationship with Raymond and ready to start a new romance. 

Sources: Sing Tao, Oriental Daily

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  1. While Ron may not be the best boyfriend (subjective), I don’t think Viann should be so vocal about her relationship with him. It doesn’t do the both of them any good, especially since they’re both public figures.

    1. I agree which was why I didn’t think it was the greatest idea for Ella to dwell on the past about Ron either…it doesn’t do any of them or the public any good at all… I am beginning to think that she is even worse than Mavis Pan…

    2. seriosly. tis gal… vianne.. whoever she is….. never seen her movies or dramas b4, really nd to keep her big mouth shut… and also to other artist couples who just broken-up.. better dun wash each other’s dirty linen in public….. for the only pple who gaon fm these ‘dramas’ ate the.tabloid magazines……

    3. I think Viann and Ella knows, but they were hurt so bad or Ron left such a bad impression on them, they just couldn’t hold it in.
      I guess Ray didn’t hurt Mavis as bad then since Mavis was smart to not comment.

  2. And Ron replies;

    “Likewise, my dear, likewise”

    1. at this point, I think all guys should take note. I’ve said before that I thought Viann was a high maintenance girl… but man, she’s proving that in spades right now.

      1. I think we all know that she is high maintenance and can easily tell that she is…

    2. lol Funn, that’s exactly what I was thinking too

  3. this girl is just milking it for all it’s worth lol

    1. Yup, she is trying to suck as much milk out of the cow while she can… This is so pathetic…

  4. I’m not very smart. In fact, I’m quite stupid. But it is me.” Not long after, she posted, “I had a horrid nightmare. I screamed so hard until my throat is sore! I cannot scream anymore! I cry until my heart is shredded and can no longer breathe. I feel like I’m suffocating. When I finally wake up, I draw the curtains open. I look outside to see the street filled with cars. I miss this world! Please don’t put me back into the nightmare.” Viann’s ”nightmare” was widely interpreted as her relationship with Ron Ng, due to the turbulence of their relationship.



    1. Yea, either she is a faker or she has some other emotional problems or something… I wonder when she will just shut her mouth and move on… we will see…

    2. And approx 99% of Jaynestars commenters are female LOL

    3. funn exactly… tony i dont hate her… just telling viann be classy.. as ppl say dont wash your dirty linen in publc. so wht if ron was a bad bf… i dont thnk viann was an ideal eithr…..

    4. She should stop talking. She has nothing to do with Ron anymore.

    5. Like I mentioned above, Viann was probably hurt so bad or Ron left such a bad impression on her, she just couldn’t hold it in.

  5. LoL…The comments are more interesting than the article…

    1. yeah… I agree the comments here are way more interesting than the articles….n I myself cant help to contribute my 3sense worth of comments… hhaaaahhhaaaaaahhhaaa….

  6. This chick is so dramatic! Use that skill on your acting maybe it will help you be a better actress…hopefully.

  7. we all know that she was planning on breaking up with ron once she became famous and she did before she started dating ron she was a nobody and now everyone knows she can act and shes ron ex girlfriend.. that was put in a nightmare dating ron and now this girl wants all of ron fans to be on her side and all the ones that dont like ron to be on her side.. when really she was the one that cheats on boyfriends or she wouldnt even be with ron cos she was dating some rich business man and cheated on him with ron..

    1. What make you ensure that Viann cheated Ron?

      Viann can be the drama queen, attention seeker, milking the relationship nonstop, but nothing to ensure that she was cheated. On the other hand, Ron might be the most ideal bf but if Miss X. said the truth, he cheated and Viann is still a victim.

      1. Maybe Viann cheated. She break up with him and one week later Li Chen announce she’s his gf? Maybe the cheat is crying cheat!

      2. Ron cheated. Viann also cheated. They’re made for each other, Wait until Viann and Li Chen cheat each other

      3. Li Chen has never named the girl he mentioned in weibo. Can’t ensure 100% she is Viann.

      4. Li Chen will be Viann’s victim soon. Viann is tiger in plastic skin

      5. Ron go out for another girl because Viann is like this too demanding attention and always put on dumb shows. It’s Viann’s fault too if Ron find another.

  8. Viann and Ron suits each other. Both are B*tch and B*stard

  9. Oh, boohoo. Does this girl think she’s going self-implode if she goes ONE minute without attention?

  10. I knew this sour barbie doll would go back to her weibo and write cryptic messages to gain attention once people/media started to stop paying attention to her. She’s going to continue with her attack…this is not the last.

    1. Agreed. Sour grape want to get attention and milk her breakup by venting in weibo LOL. Viann we know you love attention LOL

  11. I think Viann is too exeggerated in the relationship, I wonder if she needs to reveal everything online so open when you’re inlove esp with a well known artist? or she’s just too exeggerating and love attention? I don’t think she’s stupid at all..with such 360 degree transformation of herself, she’s hardly considered as “simple minded” at all.

  12. The nightmare might have nothing to do with Ron. The reporter is just grasping at straw this time.

    1. I wonder how will Viann responded if Ron said he too had nightmare dating with a pyschopathic plastic girl? I’m sure she’ll go crazy.

      1. I cracked up at your comment Veejay!! I can totally imagine her getting a heart attack if Ron did say that. This Chucky doll is really coming to life…

      2. LoL HTS, yeah this Viann girl is like this,, she can attack anyone she likes as long as she gets attention but what if ppl verbally attack her back? I think she’ll just go lunatic and start hitting ppl..with that explosive behaviour of hers.

      3. Veejay,
        There are good and bad parts in any relationship. According to Viann, Ron had spoken about marriage. And he (perhaps under her prodding) posted that “very happy” message on Weibo.

        In fact, Ron appeared as if he was not ready to let Viann go yet. He certainly did a lot more for Viann than Ella Koon.

      4. @jayne,

        I could understand that Viann might be angry over the fake hopes given by Ron but venting all her furious complaints about how bad Ron was and etc just show her level of maturity and ppl will also think she’s doin that just for attention seeking.

      5. Veejay,
        Yea, it seems like she feels she can attack others but it is not ok for others to attack her. Those kinds of people are too arrogant.

      6. LOL, unfortunately that won’t happen since wooden Ron realized that it’s best to keep his mouth shut i.e avoid saying stupid things.

        Yeah, nightmare only when he’s asleep when awake too busy playing with her.

        Next time Chucky will reveal she had an abortion and Ron forced her, LOL.

      7. Ron better not talking at all or he will spill his dumbness

    2. Veejay
      Good or bad, I find Viann’s bluntness before the media and public to be certainly more interesting than polite celebrities who are too scared to speak their minds before the press.

      She’s much too good looking to be called “Chucky Doll” though.

      1. I agree with you that she has her good side sometimes but I didnt call her Chucky doll first was someone else.. hehe..anyway, it was just a joke for calling her nick 😉

      2. Veejay, HeTieShou,
        If I remember correctly, I think Exoidus started with the “Chucky” nickname. I think “Barbie” fits her figure more.

        Viann might come across as crass and rude in the fan fights with Ron’s fans, but still think she’s a rare one in speaking her mind rather than playing the meek celebrity with no personality.

        Viann reminds me of Lee Ka Ding in this sense, who can be quite crass, but the stuff she says is quotable and still makes me smile. She is certainly a lively one!

      3. Jayne,
        It is good to be straight forward at times but she can choose better words and methods instead of acting the way that she does. There are times that you cannot be too blunt either because it is just not appropriate.

        It is just a joke that we call her Chucky doll since she is full of plastic. She looks pretty much like a live doll.

      4. Jayne,
        Yea, Barbie would fit her more but Chucky just sounds a lot funnier. Her way of speaking does sound like Lee Ka Ding. However, Lee Ka Ding does not seem like the type to hold grudges. He may sound all rude and blunt but with time, he seems pretty forgiving and will let bygones be bygones. Let’s see if Viann is like that or not???

      5. @Jayne,

        Yeah it was Exoidus but it’s funnier like HTS mentioned to call her Chucky instead of Barbie since she wanted to become a barbie doll so bad and its just fun to label her something uglier and evil.. It was just a fun calling, and no harm is done to her esp since she doesn’t read any comment frm here.

    1. Viann, Mavis these plastics are all drama queens. What did 2R saw in them?

      1. The things you can’t see.

        I don’t see PSS really an attention seeker. She sold the pix to Next, yes, but it wasn’t the action of an attention seeker. If she is one, she didn’t be LF’s secret lover in half of a year without going to any reporter. Only his friends knew her. She is only a drama queen after that to milk the story a little, not as much as Viann. She is also more classy than Viann.

  13. Why do these male celebrities ALL get attracted to these drama queen, problematic girls? They may be cute/ pretty but they really have no brains.

    1. Maybe because they think women are like toys to them who they think they can sleep with them (whoever they want) just because they think they’re famous and handsome?

    2. Who’s more drama queen? Viann or Mavis? Ella and Raymond’s new mainland woman who claim to be his girlfriend can win supporting prizes.

      1. Let’s look at it –

        Mavis went on magazine cover for weeks spilling the beans about her and Raymond, but after she finished what she was doing, she’s quiet and back to her own life. I don’t recall her fighting with Raymond fans who were bashing her.

        Viann is quick to get angry at Ron fans who are bashing her and fights them back. She keep doing silly things and get on the media for stupid things that implicate Ron. When they broke up, she continue to pour oil on Ron’s horny man and philandering rumour.

      2. Liu Yuqi wins, hands down.

        At least all other 3 (Viann, PSS and Ella) have some truths with them, Liu Yuqi has nothing but still talk talk talk talk nonstop. She is the most desperate. And none of Viann, PSS and Ella claimed that they are virgins, but Liu Yuqi did. Her imagination is the most dramatic. She deserves the drama queen.

        Note: Uhm, PSS isn’t Mavis anymore. She changed name to Angelina.

      3. Liu Yuqi is more drama queen than Viann? I didn’t know Mavis changed her name but that won’t change her plastic face and body.

      4. Ella dont do drama. Viann gets my drama queen vote!

  14. I think we should ignore her news, just to get back to her 😛 hahaha

  15. Ron tattoo- LOL!!! I guess that is the stupid part in her.

      1. He still find miss x that means what he sees in Viann isn’t good enough. I think he just want her plastic body 😛

    1. Maybe he was only interested in her fake and plastic body so it was only physical attraction which as we know would not last long… Now we can see that it did not last very long…

      1. Viann can’t blame Ron for seeking out Miss X behind her when her plastic attraction is over 😛

      2. and Ron can’t blame Viann for seeking comfort from a real man when Ron’s getting wooden and fat 😛

      3. Dont blame them exoidus. Theory: Viann was away making drama in mainland when Ron meet Miss X and ask her pink panties. Ron was lonely without the big boobies. So he askfor pink panties and in return gives his sexy meat pics. Viann’s fault for leaving Ron lonely? LOL

  16. i would think dating viann would be a nightmare…. its like kettle calling pot black… seriously get a life…

    1. That’s why Ron find pleasure with Miss X because dating Viann give him headaches! Viann is Chucky!

      1. Yea, Chucky is now reaching her full potential….

      2. You can ask Exiodus that… But anyways, did you ever watch the American movie “child’s play”?? Basically, there was an evil and ugly doll in there named Chucky that came to life trying to kill and hurt others. We call Viann that as a joke since she is full of plastic like a doll and is acting up, so we call her Chucky… Get it?? I think Exiodus would give you a better answer since he was the one that started calling her that.

  17. I was rewatching Bi Xue Jian last night and noticed that Viann really reminds me of He Hong Yao who was a bit psychiotic because Jin She lang jun did not really love her… Viann really acts like her…

    1. Their relationship reminds a bit of the fable “the scorpion and the frog”.

      Don’t really know who is the scorpion and vice versa.

      They belong to each other. Should just get married and retire in the mountains where no one lives 🙂

      1. What is that fable about Exiodus?? I have never heard of it. I just think she reminds me of He Hong Yao…

      2. HTS,

        “The scorpion and the frog”

        A deadly scorpion wanted to cross the river but cannot figure out how. Suddenly a frog appears and is abt to cross the river.

        Modified dialogue

        Scorpion: dear froggy plz let me sit on your back when crossing the river.

        Frog: haha im not stupid how can I be sure you won’t sting me?

        Scorpion: well if I sting you we both will be doomed right?

        Frog: yeah that makes sense. Come on

        Halfway through the river the frog felt a sudden pain and it turns out the scorpion indeed had stung the frog.

        Frog: why why why?

        scorpion: sorry guess I cant change my nature!

        I suppose the lesson is that some beings can’t never change or think logically even if it leads to their own death.

        Not really a fan of “Bi Xue Jian” so can’t remember much of it. Their relationship reminds of the movie “fatal attraction” or perhaps Miss Ma from Demi god semi devil, hehe.

    2. I feel pity for HHY. Mr.Golden Snake deliberately seduced and deceived her to get her sect’s treasure. That’s very hurtful.

  18. Seems like the majority of people here are supporting the Handsome Guy. All on Ron’s side and forgetting about the recent news about him and this miss X and what disgusting things he did. I’m sure Ron isn’t such good of a guy, but probably not as exaggerated as Viann says he is. You can’t just all yell at Viann in support of Ron cause you don’t even really know Ron in real life.

    1. I am not really supporting Ron, but at least Ron only says what he needs to and shuts up. But Viann seems to milk this as much as she can just to get attention… I find that really pathetic..

      1. Even though what Ron did was bad and I don’t support him at all. However, at least he show more class by keeping quiet instead of doing what Viann is doing… What she is doing is making her worser than worse…

      2. @HTS – I wouldn’t mind if Viann did it like Ella, vent out the anger once and keep quiet later but this Chucky keep on milking for publicity.

      3. Actually, I did not like how Ella did it either, but is way better and classier than Viann who wants to milk this a much as possible. It is not doing her any good.

      4. LOL Ella’s motive is better than Viann. She wants to use the chance to clarify herself! Viann booby use this chance to promote herself!

    2. I don’t support Ron at all. He’s a b*stard cheater but Viann is a worse b*tch.

      1. Ron has keep quiet and didn’t say anything about Viann. It’s Viann who keep b*tching about Ron. Ella did it once but she’s not b*tching and she takes a classier approach.

      2. hahaha, but b*stard and b*tch are perfect for each other no?

      3. LOL can be. Ron might cheat with Miss X because he dont get night service fron Viann’s body anymore LOL and miss X can give him pink panties!

      4. If you don’t treat your man good, he will run away.

      5. Viann is too feisty and venomous. Ron might be scared and need Miss X to fulfill his fantasies. Dont blame him Viann LOL

    3. Nobody forced Viann to date Ron. She’s an adult. It’s her own wrong choice and now she’s airing all this grievances. No offense bu it’s just annoying and cheap.

  19. No offense but Viann Zhang is a nightmare too from what I’ve seen and read all this while. No wonder Ron cheated on her and risked getting himself caught with a voice tape.

    1. Hm.. Now that I think about it, maybe Ron cheated because that was his only way out?? He probably had no other way of getting out of the relationship and did not want to end up like Raymond with her leaking photos and such…

      1. I don’t feel any sorry at Viann when Ron cheated her. She’s not a good woman herself.

      2. I think it is wrong of Ron to cheat, but maybe he had a good reason(s) for it since Viann seems so annoying??Who knows??

      3. Yup Ron must have his reason to cheat. Viann is not a good woman anyway so I’ll just laugh at her if Ron cheated on her and smear his love moment with another girl on her face because she controlled Ron too much. I knew she deleted all Ron’s female friends before from weibo.

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