Viann Zhang Responds to Reports of Ron’s Infidelity

Previously it was reported that Viann Zhang (张馨予) found new love with costar, Li Chen (李晨),  while filming Naked Wedding <祼愛> thus, breaking up with Ron Ng (吳卓羲).  However, the explicit phone messages between Ron and a mysterious woman named “Miss X” were exposed yesterday, in which it was unclear whether he may have been dating two women at the same time instead. Ron has since denied the cheating allegations, claiming that he fell into a “sex trap” instead.

Possibly betrayed and cheated in love by Ron, mainland Chinese actress, Viann Zhang commented on Ron’s allegedly infidelity.  She tearfully claimed that she has always been dedicated to him throughout their relationship.  With this exposure of the audio clip, this Viann has lost all hope of reconciliation. She hoped that Ron will be loyal to his future love.

When Viann was interviewed, her voice was hoarse, likely after crying over Ron’s alleged infidelity while dating her.  During the interview, Viann was unable to hold back, breaking down into tears several times. 

Below is the interview between Viann and reporter. 

V = Viann and R = Reporter

R: Did you know that Ron cheated on you?
V: Yes. I don’t want to believe it!
R: While you were dating Ron, did you suspect that he was cheating?
V:  When we started in 2009 to our breakup, I’ve always trusted him.

R: Are you angry that he cheated on you?

V: Not mad.  When there’s no hope for the relationship, there’s no reason to be angry.  If I’m angry, it means that there’s still hope for us.  After the breakup, he still sought me out.   He knew a couple days ago that the infidelity news will be reported.  He sent me a long message to advise me that the news is all fabricated.  He asked me to believe him.  During the 2 years that we were together, I was in the relationship whole-heartedly.  When I learned of the audio tape from my friends today, I couldn’t handle it anymore!  Although our relationship has already ended, I still trusted him.  Now I’m disappointed and lost all hope!

R: When you were dating him, did you receive explicit text messages?

V: No, that’s why it’s so hard to believe!

R: Are you not going to trust him anymore?

V: I hope that he will be more sincere towards love in the future.

R:  When you were together with him, did he treat you well?

V:  Today’s news was the worst…When we were together, he treated me well.  When he had one day off from work, he would still fly over and visit me at the filming set.  The next day, he would then rush to catch the flight home to Hong Kong.  My mind is now blank …(starts to sob).  During our time together, I was dedicated to him.  Previously, there were news regarding Li Chen and I.  But I’m currently not with a man. The incident never happened.

R:  Are you and Ron still friends?

V: Yes!  I don’t want to hurt him.  I know that he must be in a lot of pain and pressure.  I hope that he can withstand it!  If he finds love in the future, he should be loyal. I use to think that we would get married.  I’ve been through a lot …Even after the breakup, he wished to reconcile and even proposed to me.  But today, I learned that what my mom said is accurate. She knows that some men are not husband material. (Tears up)

Previously, the public had viewed Viann as a demanding girlfriend because she wanted Ron to publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend.  With the new rumors surrounding Ron’s infidelity, was Viann to be blamed for feeling insecure about their relationship? Trust may need to be earned in a relationship.

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      1. I agree… I knew that she would not skip the chance to get some more publicity and attention.

  1. He even proposed to her??? Wow….he was that desperate to win her back?!?!

    I do agree with her mom’s comments that certain men are not husband material as they will never settle down and get married and will always remain as a playboy regardless of how old they are.

    1. A lot of guys and girls are like that in this world. It’s not just artists. But all people care about are artists and go all crazy when they find out about artists doing these things. They are humans too like the rest of the people in the world.

    2. I highly doubt that is true and she is just saying that to make it seem like he wanted her back so badly.

      1. But it seems that he really wanna get back to her, judging from his actions before and after the breakup.

  2. I’m so confused between this and the other Viann article. So is she dating Li Chen or not?

    Also, if Ron knew that the scandal was going to come to light, why didn’t he prepare a better answer instead of denying it? He made himself look worse. lol

    1. Neither Viann nor Li Chen admit.

      One thing I don’t highly appreciate in Ron is his answering skill. So I have no surprise when he replied carelessly.

  3. Omgosh. This woman is eloquent in her speaking. She’s smart and the way she answers each question thrown at her is classy to end a relationship.

    Lastly, I’m impressed. What’s with all the crazy articles of her being published the last few months (obsessed, vain attention-seeker), I thought she was a no-brainer. Here, I hope she finds happiness.


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