Vincent Wong Congratulates Yoyo Chen’s Best Supporting Actress Win

Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) wraps up her big year by winning Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 TVB Anniversary Awards for her performance in Plan “B” < 寶寶大過天> . In the industry for 21 years, the 40-year-old finally won her first acting award, and she could not be any happier as years of hard work finally paid off. Her husband, Vincent Wong, recognized how important this milestone was for Yoyo and congratulated her win.

Holding back tears, Yoyo said in her acceptance speech, “I finally got the chance to stand on stage after 17 years at TVB. It really hasn’t been easy, so I’m very thankful to the company for giving me this award. Thank you for all your support and opportunities, including every actor and production staff I’ve worked with throughout these years. Everyone has worked hard, so I’m extremely grateful and happy to finally reach this stage.”

During her interview, Yoyo also did not forget to appreciate the love and support from the audience and media. “I’m very thankful towards every person who voted for me, including reporters who kept saying I’m a hot favorite for Best Supporting Actress. I didn’t dare to think of the award, as I feared the greater the hope then the greater the disappointment.”

Vincent Congratulates Yoyo

Although Yoyo only thanked her family and did not mention her husband Vincent’s name in her acceptance speech, the actor took to social media to congratulate Yoyo’s win. She replied and thanked Vincent’s post.

As the couple rarely interacted on social media during rumors of their marital discord, many saw it as a sign that their relationship has improved.

A Breakthrough Year

Last year was a great run, for Yoyo who placed first in voice acting show, Dub of War <好聲好戲>. Challenging herself in playing various classic roles, Yoyo garnered immense praise as she successfully pulled off every character. Even veteran actress, Liza Wang (汪明荃), recognized her versatility and recommended directors to cast Yoyo in leading roles. Many agreed with Liza, as Yoyo’s talent and acting skills show potential to become a lead actress in the near future.

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