Wallace Chung and Super Junior’s Kim Kibum to Star in “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”

Korean pop idol, Kim Kibum (金基范) will star in the mainland Chinese drama, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils <天龙八部>! A member of Super Junior, Kim Kibum will play “Duan Yu,” the young and naïve prince of Dali. Wallace Chung(钟汉良)will portray “Qiao Feng,”  the chief of the Beggars’ Sect.

Other key characters like the monk, “Xuzhu,” and “Wang Yuyan” will be selected through auditions in which netizens can nominate their ideal actors for the roles.

Casting of Kim Kibum Sparks Controversy

Written by Jin Yong (金庸), Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils have spawned many television dramas versions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. As the novel is close to the hearts of many audiences, the choice of casting the Korean star, Kim Kibum has sparked a heated debate online.

Netizens protested and expressed that the role of Duan Yu should be awarded to a local Chinese actor; the drama can groom new local artists. Some netizens commented, “Why do they insist a Korean artist to play Duan Yu? I really can’t accept it!”

However, there are some netizens who felt that Kim Kibum is perfect for the role. Possessing a boyish and handsome appearance, Kim Kibum fits the bill of the young, charming Duan Yu. Some supported the selection of Kim Kibum and felt that the nationality of the actor did not matter.

Regarding the cast controversy, producer Chen Pinxiang (陈品祥) said, “Kim Kibum’s image, disposition and age fit the role of Duan Yu better. He is famous and popular in China and Korea. Using a Korean actor will internationalize Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. The Chinese culture and martial arts spirit will be spread in a wider region.”

Producer Chen also added, “Using a Korean actor may also have a higher marketing value in Korea and other regions.”

Source: QQ.com

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  1. Kibum is not in Super Junior anymore his name is the only thing left in SuJu.It’s good anyway.He is too good for Super Junior.

    1. He is still a member, but he is on hiatus so he can be consentrating about his acting. So he hasen’t left the group yet.

      1. I remember there is a chinese member in Super Junior? Is this him?

      2. Sigh..thought it was him. So he’s still in the group?

        My apologies for not knowing the members of Super Junior, I am only most aware or Choi Siwon who has a tendency to strip at the press of a click.

      3. There are 2 Chinese members (Zhou Mi from Mainland China and Henry Lau from Canada — strictly speaking Henry is Taiwanese) in Super Junior-M, which is a subgroup of SJ.

        Die-hard fans (the ones who call themselves Only 13, as in, the 13 original Korean members, with 1 Chinese member being Han Geng) don’t acknowledge Zhou and Henry as SJ members, although ironically still consider Han Geng to be a member, although his contract with SME ended 2 years ago.

      4. Kibum has been inactive in SJ over the past 2 albums and world tours. I’m starting to wonder whether he will ever go back to the group, although supposedly his contract with SME isn’t over yet.

      5. Bridget I was asking me the same, I don’t know if he is still a member just to be a member. Because before he left permanently for acting, then he was away from a lot of shows they where holding because of acting. It don’t seems like been in a singing group is what he really want to do.

      6. I fing it hard to tell who he is, super junior is such a big group,and to me most of them look the same. The only one that i notice most is ryeowook, he is so cute and hot

      7. Linnh – I agree, I don’t think singing / dancing is what Kibum wants to do. He seems to really enjoy acting. SJ was probably just a sounding board for him to bounce into acting.

        che, I used to not be able to tell them apart either but now that I’m a fan I can. 😉 They are very different from each other once you get to know them (personality, talent, career path).

  2. Will Jin Yong vomit blood over this? We shall see! Anyway Duan Yu is a very important character. MAybe Korea can adapt their own Jin Yong book? It could be interesting.

  3. Wallace looks too young to be qiao feng? -.- outlooks not so good lol

    1. I think so too… Maybe this will be just be an idol version for DGSD??

  4. Another version of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”? Wish these directors/producers/writers would come up with a refreshing storyline then just remaking Jin Yong’s. But I have to admit, it would be interesting to watch.

    1. I agree and am so tired of remakes, especially JY ones since so many versions have been made already…Why don’t they adapt novels of other authors? They are some of GL that have not been adapted or have not been remade for a long time already. I guess they are just out of ideas and stories to write.

      1. Oh, they’re definitely hoarding novels in. Every other novel I’ve read has been purchased to be made into dramas or movies or sometimes both. It’s a roller coaster ride if you’re a novel fan because you’ll be excited first and than your feelings can go all over the place depending on the producer, script writer, and casting, than there’s also the SAFTA. Some of those novels aren’t even suitable to be made in this generation of technology/skills.

  5. I’m tired of random Korean actors popping up in Chinese language dramas and taking opportunities away from Chinese actors.

    1. Not necessarily since I think it is good for actors from different countries to work together. CHinese actors and actresses are invited to be in Korean series too so are they taking away opportunities from Korean actors/actresses? I don’t see it as a bad thing at all…

      1. I’d like to know an example too. From top of my mind, I don’t think that’s ever happened before. A nicely made drama doesn’t need foreign actor/actresses to make it popular. See BBJX as an example, many countries like it and it’s purely Chinese actor/actresses. Should we also put in a Japanese Xu Zhu so that it’ll attract Japanese fans as well? Honestly, I don’t think much of the Korean communities will watch a Chinese drama just because it has a Korean actor/actresses. Have they ever even done a market analysis to see what is the benefits even? how big of a effect does it even make? Why take away the job of a Chinese actor who you could build up and offer it to a Korean actor when their productions don’t offer that big of a role to a Chinese Actor?

      2. One example that I can think of off the top of my head is the Thai actor Tae. He has been in many Chinese productions and the audience love him. They never hold it against him that he is not Chinese. This also is not the first time that. Korean actor/actress has starred in a Chinese/Taiwanese drama so what is the big deal?? Also even TVB series have non Asians and Indian actors in it so it is not anything new. Are you just prejudice against non Chinese or feel that they are inferior?

        In Taiwanese series such as My Lucky Star and Absolute Boyfriend both have a Korean actress as the leads and many liked it. As long as they are fitting and are talented then what is the big deal if they are Chinese or not??

      3. CHinese actors and actresses are invited to be in Korean series too

        This is a surprise. What series?

        I usually see Koreans in Chinese dramas but never the other way around.

      4. Yes there is as I have mentioned. I think it was Sun Fei Fei who was invited to star in a Korean drama. I just do not remember the name or any details since I was not interested it.

      5. I just googled it and the series is called Beijingy Love for anyone that is interested.

      6. Oops, I meant to say “Beijing My Love”. Gosh it is such a big pain to type on the IPod.

      7. I’m sorry, but Tae is 1/4 chinese and he is fluent in Mandarin. Beijing, My Love was a special project. It requires a Chinese actor because the business is based in China. The problem is hiring a non fluent actor to play such a key role in this story. Now it’s no longer the problem of non fitting casting, it’s more of a language barrier too. I will eat my words if this drama turns out good, but the producer himself isn’t very good with his works either. So obviously, he’s trying to bank in on popularity. All Jin Yong remakes get critized over and over about casting, and this is the farthest stretch ever.

        Our concern lies in that China isn’t doing very well in building up their own stars and relying on other countries already built stars. We have alot of talents in the country that could really use this kind of role. It’s like offering the role of Yang Guo to a foreigner, that’s crazy.

      8. Tae is actually not very fluent in CHinese from what I have heard but I can be wrong and he is only 1/4 so he is still mostly Thai. Basically, my point is, it should NOT matter what nationality anyone is. If they are talented, fit the role,etc… then do they really have to be Chinese??? I find it sad that so many are discriminating against non CHinese. Are Chinese afraid that celebs from other countries will be better??

      9. Also, keep in mind, they will all be dubbed anyways so will the language that they originally speak really matter at all??? Celebs from Taiwan, HK and even from Mainland are often dubbed so you do not get to hear their real voices that often…

      10. It also does not matter if Beijing My Love was a special project or not. THe point is that Chinese artists DO act in Korean dramas and artists from different countries DO work together. I personally do not see what the big deal is…

      11. It’s not discriminating. It’s more like there’s no need. Chinese production does alot of unnecessary things. Like recently I’ve been watching a mainland modern novel where they hired a Korean guy as the main lead. He’s a pretty good actor, Park Hae Jin. I didn’t even thought he wasn’t Chinese. But they had to go as far as making him sing songs for the drama and the pronunciation is just terrible (but not his fault).

        The thing is Chinese production companies don’t know their audience that well. They remake Korean dramas thinking that Chinese audience will watch them, only most of them in the end gets critized for no creativity. They put Korean actors inside a horrible drama thinking they can get people to watch it because it has a Korean actor as the male lead. Seriously it stains the actor’s portfolio also to be in a drama like that. Modern dramas and Ancient dramas are also very different. Modern dramas I welcome handsome guys from all countries as long as they can act it’s all great. Chinese guys like dressing according to Japanese and Korean fashion now days since it’s the trend. You can see a guy on the street and think he’s Korean, but he’s actually Chinese. The thing is Mainland ancient dramas. In Korean dramas, viewers complain and feel uncomfortable when a newbie actor is announced for a main role for a Saejuk. We hear that all the time. I’m not saying that Kim Ki Bum is a newbie actor, but there’s communication problems. There is also cultural gestures that are very different for Ancient Chinese characters compared to Ancient Korean characters. If it looks forced or awkward it becomes a quality issue. Why do this the hard way when you can just hire a local actor and build jobs locally? Kind of like how us Americans are always complaining why send jobs overseas when we have unemployed Americans in the USA? Because it’s cheap? well in this case hiring a Korean is no cheaper than a Chinese actor. Is there no Chinese actor with a open schedule that fits this role to the dot? I doubt it.

        The main thing is that not many Chinese viewers don’t even know him. Look on most of the Baidu bars for this drama and on news reports. Not just the english sites, many are asking “Who is this guy?” How many of Cdrama viewers are that crazy about the Kpop and Kdrama anyways? In my group of Chinese acquaintants more than 50% don’t even watch Korean dramas much less listen to Kpop. They are mainly Cantonese and are more open to foreign entertainment and even with this factor still less than 50% is interested in Kdramas. I’m a marketing major and from my POV to endanger the 90% of the market to gain the attention of the 10% who are Kpop/Kdrama fanatics isn’t very worth it. Adding a popular foreign name to the cast listing isn’t as effective as adding a well known Chinese actor’s name as Duan Yu. I can come up with a whole lot of names recommended by book fans who have been following this production. Jin Yong novel remakes are critized to the dot on each remake from filming to casting to sceneries to costumes. Even when they cast all Chinese actors in it, it’ll be unable to escape the fate to be critized by book fans. If can’t take this kind of preproduction criticism Ki Bum fans are gonna get their hearts broken when the harsh stuff comes.

      12. It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day all of them will be dubbed, some by their own voice but most by others. So thai, white, black, whatever, one can speak thai, one can speak korean, one speak chinese, in the end output is perfect mandarin.

      13. I think chancy426 do raise some good points. Not to trash mainland productions, but they are a bit long winded, plagiarize and yup, no creativity whatsoever (or so shockingly unbelievable). And because of that, they have to do a lot of remakes, and use famouse offshore actors to create buzz. But in the end, it will be just as dreadful as every other main land productions (well, most of them are dreadful, not all :p)

        And about the actor got their portfolio tainted, well, they deserve it, because they accept the offer (be it due greed or fame hungry. If they accept due to being desperate, most of them would triumph in the end, yan kuan is a good example)

    2. then what about the casting of HK actor like Wallace Chung? Does it also repesent the cannibalization of local talents?

      No matter the actor is Korean or HK, he would still need to be dubbed.

      1. Even mainland actors are often dubbed so of course foreign ones are dubbed.

        Good point Terminator! So are HK and Taiwan actors and actresses considered foreign too??

      2. Taiwan and HK actors and actresses are Chinese speakers, so no, I don’t consider them ‘foreign’ in the sense that Koreans definitely are.

      3. A majority of HK and Taiwan audience actually watch Mainland productions on regular basis. Also, some producer of these productions actually came from Hong Kong and Taiwan, so I don’t see problem with them using HK or Taiwan actors, afterall they are still Chinese.

      4. If you hear some of the HK actors/actresses speak you would think that it doesn’t make any difference by casting a Korean for the same role.

      5. It is also the familiarity of the source material. Louis Cha (the writer) is a Hong Kong writer. His works are so influential in the sino world, he is the equivalent of a Chinese JRR Tolkien if not an even bigger deal.

        So a lot of Chinese speaking actors and actresses r his fans to begin with, no matter where they are from, knowing the source material and at times the historical figures it’s based on by heart. Not saying it’s easy to translate a personal passion into effective acting…because acting in an LC adapt is much more prone to harshest critics across the board.

        And KiBum is playing a character based on a true historical royalty in SW China, fictionalized in DGSD. Unless this is so horrible no one is gonna check it out other than his fans, the general public will have a very hard time accepting on that fact alone.

      6. I highly doubt that every HK or Taiwanese actor or actresses has read LC novels.

        Chu Ja Hyun starred in a LC adaptation back in 2007 that turned out to be fairly successful. Chae Rim starred in a remake of the Yang Family Warriors that was also highly rated.

    3. To clarify my position, let me just say that all this Hallyu ******* drives me completely crazy. The Korean media is always making up lies about how Japan is completely at the mercy of Kdramas and Kpop and that China is next on the list. I guess the presence of Korean entertainment products may be good for the industry in small doses but the constant remakes of Korean dramas and the casting of actors who, in some cases, aren’t even popular in their home country just reinforces the stereotype that Chinese products and people are somehow substandard. Maybe I’m just being hypersensitive but I don’t like all the talk of invasion and infiltration that comes out of Korea these days.

    4. Cool. Just as I thought, you were unable to think of a single instance of a CHINESE actor taking part in a Korean drama. Do I feel that Chinese are superior to Koreans? Heck no. I believe all people are equal. Do I feel that many Koreans think that Chinese (and Japanese) are inferior? Absolutely. Why should we pander to people who look down on us? Doesn’t that just feed into our ever-expanding inferiority complex?

      1. Oh I thought that you were asking about foreign ones in Chinese productions… If you are referring to Chinese in Korean ones, there definately is. I vaguely remember mainland actress a Sun Fei Fei was invited to star on a Korean drama but I do not remember the name or any details about it. I am sure there are other instances too but I do not remember. You honestly sound like you have something against non Chinese. If you do then just do not watch the series that they star in. It is just that simple…

      2. I just googled it and the series is called Beijing My Love. Therefore, it shows you that Chinese actresses/actors do star in Korean productions. It is not that common yet, but I am sure it will happen more and more. Just like back in the days, even Taiwan and HK actors did not act together often but now they do it all the time…

      3. As I mentioned before, I have nothing against non-Chinese. What I am against is the relative lack of opportunities for domestic graduates. Aside from Jiang Jing Fu, I can’t think of a single young Chinese actor that has debuted this year as a leading man. China will never accumulate soft power unless the domestic entertainment industry can get stronger and worthy of export to the rest of Asia and going to ready-made foreign ‘stars’ will just make the process more painfully slow (if it ever happens at all thanks to SARFT)

      4. But I can think of numerous Chinese/Taiwnese/HK actors/actresses participating in the bigger stage of Korean movies than the smaller venue of Kdrama.

        To name a few: Zhang ZiYi; Cecilia Cheung; Tang Wei; Chang Chen; Shu Qi; etc.

      5. But, we’re talking about Dramas, not Movies. Movies have always been heavily exported. Many have also be collaboration investments. Koreans have taken big roles in the CMovie stages too. Most successful movies have been the stage for ready made actor/actresses and foreign markets was considered when making them also. China have before used foreign celebrities in their films to get messages out. For dramas it is slightly different because it’s mainly made for people in the production’s homeland to watch.

        My point is that if we always take the easy way in our productions by filling in ready made actor/actresses from other countries thinking we can rely on them to up a drama’s popularity and to tap into an already there group of loyal fans than we will never learn and improve. Had Korean dramas always been popular since they first appeared? They also took some time to really get the Korean wave to reach all areas of Asia. Same with TVB dramas. Many countries that became successful always relied on their own resources before taking in foreign resources. It’s like a balloon, the center is hallow. The only way to reap long term success is to train your own talents. We think we can hire other country’s well trained actors and pay them a little more to save the efforts that we would otherwise need to do to train our own. Offshoring and outsourcing also has it’s own problems in the long run. Some of our plotlines aren’t bad or less attractive in comparison to Jdramas, HKdramas, Kdramas, or TWdramas so we do have foundation in that department. We just need to put effort into training our own talents so that the production isn’t relying on imported talents as a reason for popularity.

        This has nothing to do with discriminating against foreign talents. I love watching Kdramas and love following Kstars so why would I discriminate against them? We are just expressing our disappointment with these producers who are not even giving these Chinese talents a chance and immediately cast a foreign talent in a role. It’s not that there was no other actors that were being recommended or other more suitable in our own pool of talents. So of course we have something to pick with these producers from our own homeland. All they think about is money, which isn’t wrong because they are in the business for money and not exactly to provide for their neighbors that are just standing around them. We are just disappointed that this is the way they like to do things and as they have the right to do what they please, we also have the right to feel disappointed. I’m sure SBS or KBS or MBC has a role open for Kim Ki Bum back in his homeland. Kim Ki Bum won’t lose much without this role, but a new talent that is waiting to debut can gain so much from this type of role. All Jin Yong roles are star making roles. Ki Bum popular enough in China if this producer even considered him for the role. But there’s so many other Chinese actors that are in haitus or just got out of acting school or needs such a big role to give them a push to getting the stage they need to show their capability to be a potential grade A actor.

        There will be this kind of talk for each and every drama coming forward that has a Kstar in it. It’s a given, especially if you have have watched Cdramas that have new and snail slow rising actor/actresses that you really like. Put yourselves in our shoes, if your home country producers all want to hire foreign talents to play leading or prominent roles and stick in your homeland talents to play minor roles would you not be disappointed. It’s become a trend right now so all the more disappointed we will be.

      6. Korea movies are less exportable than Kdramas and yet they still used these Chinese actresses so I fail to see your points. The movies participated by the Chinese actresses I mentioned were not joint production but pure Korean movies.

      7. If you really want to look into the psyche of the Chinese viewers over this issue, you’d find that they are less concerned about Korean actors/actresses coming in but more annoyed at HK actors/actesses/directors whom they view as carpetbaggers who often look down at Mainlanders but love their money.

      8. If u mean something like Late Autumn, Tang Wei plays a Chinese woman. Shu Qi in this other kmovie playes a woman from Hong Kong. Likewise, Park Jung Min plays a Korean in the tw drama. Kim Hee Sun plays a Korean princess in myth. Have no problems with these situations. But giving a strictly Chinese role in a cdrama or movie over to a foreign talent instead will brew up talks. It makes ppl think China has got no talents.

      9. Audience is much smarter than what you think so I don’t think it is much of an issue of starring a foreigner in a Chinese role.

        If not, hey, look at all the HK middle-aged male actors getting all the lead roles in Chinese movies would have led one to think there are no young male talents in China. Right?

  6. Qiao Feng is in his early 30s in the book and Wallace is in his early 30s in real life. How is he too young? Besides how can anyone claim this to be an idol version when no one has even seen this version yet?

    1. Qiao Feng is supposed to be the Macho type of guy plus with the big brother feeling. On the other hand, you see Wallace Chung’s physique or overall aura is just not suitable for the role. For me he’s not “Siu Sha” enough.

    2. Wallace is actually in his late 30s since he was born in 1974. However, he looks young for his age.

  7. Wallace better bulk up more if he’s going to make a convincing Qiao Feng.

    1. Was this character the one played by Felix in the Benny Chan version? If yes I remember crying when he died.

      1. Yes, but felix always makes the character too righteous, kinda annoying. My favorite character was lau yuk chui’s “ah gee”(purple).

        Benny was pretty good too. He looked fresh-faced and innocent back then.

      2. But Felix is a good role model for anyone who want to take up qiao feng. As much as its too righteous, you feel for the character, I think it’s one of the memorable lead for the series, and yes, I love Benny in that series, too. But Felix shines with such sad sad character. He’s one of the few hero with really sad fate, and moreover, he gave a convincing big brother performance, like, no need for you to see the whole series. Have 3 leads stand next to each other and you can guess who is the big brother. He just has the aura for that role. Wallace, he would be better off as duan yu, unless he’s all facial hair up lolol

  8. Actually those two original characters in jin yong’s novel are not han chinese anyway. Duan yu is the Dali country prince. And of course qiao feng is an ethic minority too. So it’s actually quite apt that a multitude of ethicities can play each character. I think the main thing is that the actors fit the character’s description. Ethnicity is not important especially when the heart of jinyong’s novels showcase a multitude of ethnicities.

    1. Lots of different ethnicities were blended into the Han during the process of Sinicization. Thus, plenty of people who are technically considered Han today aren’t really Han depending on how far back in history you go. Moreover, if China has it’s own ethnic minorities, why is it necessary to bring a Korean into the picture?

      1. why is it necessary to bring a Korean into the picture?

        Kibum’s international fanbase is still quite large, although he halted his activities with Super Junior. This adaptation will gain a large following.

  9. I’m so happy to see kibum appear in Chinese market. SJ is the best..

  10. I like Wallace Chung a lot, and he’s a good actor, but him as Qiao Feng is a miscast.

    On the other hand, I can see Kibum as Duan Yu. He physically resembles the character, IMO. His age is also perfect. I really don’t care that he’s Korean. They will all be the same once you see them on TV.

    But why another remake?! Ridiculous. I feel like mainland China is completely abusing the wuxia novels…

    Jin Yong’s other novels need more love!

    1. and Gu Long too.

      I feel Jin Yong is turning a blind eye to recent remakes, they have all turned very idol style. Granted, ROCH is on remake soon too by Yu Zheng. The recent editions of XAJH and LOCH has also been extra colorful compared to it’s immediate prior version. They’ve lost that earthly feel to it that makes it very wuxia feel. Like and dislike at the same time. As a girl, I like it, but I know my dad as a Jin Yong hates it.

      I’m more worried about the costume and hair styling for the characters rather than Kibum not looking Chinese. With this producer, it’s a hit or miss.

    2. These Chinese producers love to cast Kpop idols because they have huge fans China and South east asia. LOL take it as marketing plan.

    1. Lol, nope, treat this another want to be popular series, and kick it to the back of the closet. I love most of the original Jin yong series I’ve seen when I was young, so all the remake just don’t seem to match up lol. Plus some mainland productions love to add ‘filler’ bit that just make you cringe when you watch them. So I prefer remember how good the story is, unless it contain all the actor n actress I love, without those annoying signature mainland bits lolol

  11. I’m not against casting a well-known korean star but if the opportunity arises, I’d like to give the new blood a chance, and what better opportunity than in a grand production?

    I know they will be dubbed but the mouthing and the chemistry on set is always off scale and awkward.

    And to be completely honest, rating-wise, Korean stars haven’t had a splash in the rating game at all. Absolule Boyfriend flunked terribly and Skip Beat (w/2 Suju hunks) only managed a little above 1…..

    that is all.

    1. Exactly. Park Shin Hye’s Taiwanese drama tanked as well and I remember Park Hae Jin’s mainland drama doing horribly. Casting Korean actors, stars or otherwise, has not worked in the past for Chinese dramas and I’m surprised as to why producers keep betting on it. The disconnect between the actors is just so painfully obvious when there’s a language barrier unless that’s actually part of the plot.

      1. FYI, Tempting of going Home, a 2011 Cdrama starting Korean actress Chu Ja Hyun enjoyed the highest the highest viewing ratings in Hunan TV history, even
        beating out “Gong”

      2. Choo Ja Hyun has been acting in China for a while, iirc. There will always be exceptions to the rule.

      3. Glad you agree with me because Chu Ja Hyun is only the latest addition to a long list of Korean actresses/actors who were in some highly rated Chinese drama. It all started with Chae Rim, then came Jang Nara, Park Eun Hye.

        The example of “flops” you gave was not so much because the lead was Korean but because of the genre. Japanese manga based drama are no longer viable. Just look at “Sunshine Angel”, which flopped miserably despite it starred the ever popular Rainie Yang and Wu Chun.

  12. Not all Korean actors who did Chinese/Taiwanese dramas got low ratings or poorly received. Taiwanese drama, My Lucky Star was quite a big success back then and the lead actress is Yoo Ha Na.

    1. she was so so
      i dunno if jimmy was considered a great actor or not…

      most of the stuff coming out nowadays is pretty bad rating wise…and there were less korean actors then

      now there’s a saturation of them
      whenever i hear about a new cdrama…somebody in the cast is korean

  13. I find Wallace Chung to be extremely handsome and manly. Sometimes, he can even pull off pretty well. I support pan-Asian cooperation’s, but I would like to see that manifest in a different form than just the Hallyu wave.

    Had it been that long since the last epic Tian Long Ba Bu? 10 years yet? I think the last one well very well done with Hu Jun and Jimmy Lin in the roles we are discussing. Frankly though, my favorite story line was concerned with the monk turned dream man lover boy lol

    1. It will be 10 years by 2013. The last version was in 2003. I actually liked this PD’s HSDS 2003 with Alec Su and Alyssa Chia, but did not like his recent Magic Sword from Gu Long. Very interested in who will play Wang Yu Yan, maybe she will be the next Xiao Long Nu like Crystal Liu and Carmen Lee? since Yu Zheng will be doing ROCH in the close future and he’s missing a XLN.

      1. There are so many remakes of popular TV series especially those of ancient martial arts. Can you or anyone tell me is there or is there going to be a new version of the TV series Heavenly Crane and Magical Needle or Sin Hock Sun Chum in Cantonese. I last saw this series by ATV more than 20 years ago. Can someone please comment as I am not from Hong Kong. Thanks

  14. I find Kimbum kinda look gong xi so he might be able to handle the role. But my question goes to Wallace Chung. He lacks the Da hip feel. He might do the role offered to Kibum better than Qiao Feng. Oh remind me of how he ruined Fu Hung Suet in my mind.


    and as for the large import of korean actors…i have to agree with what some of you said
    why are korean actors flocking to china? simply becuase they will be paid a lot more than if they stayed in korea

    i have watched several mainland shows with korean actors…and something seems to be missing

    for example, i was impressed with the 2nd lead in city hunter, yet when he became the lead in a chinese drama (1/2 of a fairy tale)
    his movements were stiff…i was not impressed with his acting
    i don’t think he showed his potential because there was a language barrier

    even if its dubbed, i believe in order to have a good performance, actors who want to act in chinese shows should at least understand some chinese

    1. Actually Kibum has been acting for awhile. He took on a moderate role in Tree With Deep Roots (a saeguk a.k.a. Korean ancient dramas), a lead role in romcom I Love Li Tae Ri and also has a couple other dramas under his belt. Compared to other idol actors his age, he actually has a decent amount of acting experience. Can’t comment on his acting skills though as I’ve never actually watched him act.

      In general I’m not a fan of what I’ve seen so far for Korean actors in Chinese / Taiwanese dramas (Goo Hye-sun in Absolute Boyfriend, Choi Si-won and Lee Dong-hae in Skip Beat).

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