Wang Baoqiang Puts Ex-Wife’s Lover in Jail

Song Zhe (宋喆), lover of Wang Baoqiang’s (王宝强) ex-wife Ma Rong (马蓉), has been sentenced to 6 years of prison.

In 2016, Ma Rong’s affair with her manager, Song Zhe was revealed by the Chinese media, prompting Wang Baoqiang to file for divorce. The couple were married for six years and have two children together.

Following the divorce, Wang Baoqiang sued Song Zhe for embezzling public funds, and in 2018, he was sentenced to six years of prison. Song Zhe has not made attempts to appeal. A recent photo of the imprisoned Song Zhe showed that he has been transferred to a correctional facility in Tianjin. He looked ill and has lost a great deal of weight.

Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong’s divorce was finalized by the Beijing Chaoyang People’s Court in February 2019. Wang Baoqiang claimed that both Ma Rong and Song Zhe hid and transferred his shared marital property with Ma Rong, causing a rift in family relations.

Ma Rong has also accused Wang Baoqiang of physical assault along with four to five other people following an altercation in November 2018. Wang Baoqiang has denied all accusations.

Source: eastweek

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