Wang Baoqiang’s Ex-Wife Ma Rong Releases More Photo Evidence of Physical Assault

Only two weeks in and it’s already been a whirlwind December for Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) and his ex-wife Ma Rong ().

On December 2, a physical altercation erupted between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong at Wang’s residence. Police were involved, and Ma Rong was also admitted to the hospital for her injuries. The actress claimed that her fight with the Blind Shaft <盲井> star was over their children, and when they couldn’t reach a civil agreement, Wang started beating her along with “four or five” others. Wang, on the other hand, told a different story—Ma suddenly arrived at his residence holding a pair of scissors, and the police had to take her down.

Ma has since released a formal statement saying that she reserves the right to take legal action against false reports and rumors.

For now, netizens appear to be siding with Wang, as Ma was seen holding an object that resembled a pair of scissors in leaked CCTV footage. However, a close friend of Ma’s—known as “Fang Jie”—released more photo evidence of Ma’s severe injuries, and denounced Wang for his violence.

“Ma Rong’s injuries are actually much worse than the photo she released before,” said Fang Jie. “And you are all calling it fake? Her face is ruined now, and if Wang Baoqiang doesn’t get jailed, then where is the law? Where are the human rights?”

In the photos Fang Jie shared, Ma is covered with bruises all over her body, including the face and back.

Fang Jie also revealed that Wang’s current girlfriend is a model known by the surname Feng, who is also the mother of a three-year-old child. She accused Wang of adultery, saying that the child was born when Wang and Ma were still married.



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  1. just reading this article, tells me this couple have a lot of unsettled marriage, infidelity issues that should’ve gotten resolved a long time ago. I don’t care what the wife, female, girlfriend, spouse has done, but no female deserves to be beaten up, the male should never lay a finger on her for whatever reasons but settled their differences neutrally with some negotiator, legal go-between to be safe. Has she never even filed a TRO against him, she obviously needs to be protected, safe from his violent behavior because that could follow with taking it out on the kids too. So before any of that happens, file that TRO, besides deciding to file for divorce, etc; get some form of legal means started and soon, don’t wait, maybe too late before acting on it, just be safe, protect and save the children, parents should never show their violent side to their kids when arguing in front of them for fear this will traumatize the kids for life, it can’t be undone, so restrain yourself when dealing with spouse, separate yourself from the kids seeing all this violence, hurt, beatings around them, you will regret it for life if you don’t properly behave in front of them, it can’t be erased from their memory so long as they live, you too. Fighting

  2. Shouldn’t all these be released to the police? And isn’t releasing these photos at this moment may be interrupting the investigations?

    1. @funnlim I agree, i was gonna say, putting this onto the internet just taints the lawsuit. She should save the information for where it really counts — the courtroom.

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