Wang Baoqiang’s Ex-Wife Ma Rong Accuses Him of Domestic Violence, But Is There More to the Story?

As China’s most famous divorced celebrity couple, drama and gossip would always follow after Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) and Ma Rong (马蓉). In 2016, after it’s been revealed that Ma Rong had an affair with Wang’s manager Song Zhe (宋喆), Wang immediately filed for divorce, but that wasn’t the end of the drama.

A few days ago, a vide of Ma being frantically escorted to the hospital was shared online.  She was carried by a male friend with a white sheet over her head. According to the source, Ma’s suffered numerous injuries on her spine and limbs. A picture was then shared online by Ma herself, which highlighted the bruises and scratches on her face and hands.

In a later press conference, the actress claimed that Wang had attacked her when she went to his apartment to pick up their children on Saturday. She called the police for help, but no arrests were made. Later that night, the ex-couple had another physical altercation. Ma cried for the police, exclaiming that someone wanted to kill her.

In Ma’s words, Wang did not stop his violence after the police arrived. She claimed that Wang was accompanied by “four or five” others in beating her, and she was struck in head, the back, the neck, and the chin. Ma’s mother, who is over sixty years old, also suffered head injuries. Ma said this wasn’t the first time when her ex-husband had violently attacked her—in a previous altercation, their children were also present.

Ma’s mother said when they arrived at Wang’s apartment to pick up the children, Wang refused and turned violent. Ma hid in the guest room to call the police. When the police arrived, Wang requested for a private conversation with her, only for that to violent as well. Four others stormed into the room, breaking the glass door, and started beating her. Ma’s phone was also taken away.

Ma clarified that while they are divorced, she still legally co-owns Wang’s apartment. She also followed all rules of visitation rights which were approved after their divorce ruling. When Wang refused to allow her to see their children, Ma pulled out her phone and started filming them. Ma stressed that she will share the clip as soon as her phone is returned to her.

Wang, on the other hand, had a different story. Through his lawyer, Wang stated that Ma had stormed into his apartment with scissors, to “cause a scene.” Wang’s mother fainted from shock, which was when Wang contacted the police. After the police left, Wang and Ma’s confrontation continued over the next 7 to 8 hours, with their children present. Ma hid herself in a guest bedroom and refused to come out. When Wang, with the help of police, broke in through the door, breaking the glass, Ma grabbed a piece of shard and threatened to cut herself. She also held up her phone and told Wang that she would be filming them. There were also rumors that she tried to threaten the police with the glass.

In a leaked CCTV video outside of Wang’s apartment, a woman resembling Ma and her mother were seen trying to knock down a CCTV camera. In the process, an object that resembled a pair of scissors fell to the floor.

With two versions available, a lot of netizens found the incident suspicious, especially Ma’s story. When Ma shared pictures of her injuries, netizens said she looked like she was posing for an artistic magazine. “Was she trying to do a selfie?” one said.


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  1. Ma: Police already arrived at Wang’s place and then 4 people+Wang burst into the room to beat her up???
    Doesn’t seem likely that police would do nothing if they were already there.
    The ex-wife is most likely making fake news

    1. @tungamy
      I noticed that too….LOL!!! Her side of story doesn’t add up and full of holes….Let’s see what the police will say since both sides’ stories did say the police were present…..I have problems believing a cheater though…

  2. I saw the CCTV clip and the scissors. It was so obvious who went with a vengeance to cause havoc. She has nothing to loss now, thus she will go all out to create scandal to pull him down.

  3. i saw this on the news a couple days ago but didn’t read the text. i only saw the same pic of ma rong as the one posted with her injuries. when i first saw it, i thought it was a pictorial from filming an injury scene. her eyes looked too confused but deliberate. don’t know the real story of who’s right or wrong, but i’d take eveyrthing w/ a grain of salt.

  4. all i can say is, neither parent love their kids. they made this a public fiasco. that kind of attention will follow their kids as they grow up. that can’t be healthy.

    1. @coralie could be those aren’t really his kids, it was reported the affair between ma rong and the manager was going on for a while. So he doesn’t give a crap if they’re hurt, still wrong since they’re innocent in this whole mess.

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