Wedding Bells Soon To Ring For Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming?

Above: Angelababy with Huang Xiaoming’s parents.

Since Angelababy (楊穎) and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) confirmed their relationship at the end of February, the media has been in a frenzy trying to predict when the two will finally tie the knot. With more frequent overseas trips and meetings with in-laws, many expect that the couple is getting ready to marry soon.

Theories about wedding bells became rampant after Huang Xiaoming’s high-profile appearance at Angelababy’s 25th birthday party on February 28. Unlike their usual behavior, Xiaoming made a curious public show of presenting his girlfriend with a $2 million HKD Lamborghini, cementing their relationship. Their subsequent vacations to the United States and Japan also generated gossips that the two may have already registered their marriage. Although both parties denied these claims, the possibility of marriage continues to grow every day.

As if to further solidify these predictions, Xiaoming and Angelababy have been getting themselves acquainted with their in-laws. Angelababy has apparently met most of Xiaoming’s family prior to her birthday, and she seems to have established a permanent presence around the Huang family.

On April 21, Xiaoming shared a photo of his mother’s birthday celebration. Although his post shows only his parents and himself, it was later discovered that Angelababy was also present and the four even took a group photo together. In addition, a fan claims that Angelababy also tagged along with Xiaoming and his parents on a recent trip to South Korea. Although the fan has no proof because Angelababy had declined to pose for a photo, the four were said to have gotten along very well during their travels.

Furthermore, Angelababy had recently expressed that she would like to share a home with both Xiaoming’s and her own parents, positioning herself as the perfect daughter-in-law. Given her close relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Huang, it is likely that the couple has already received their families’ blessings to take their relationship to the next level. Although both have kept mum about any possible plans, a recent report suggests that Angelababy had told friend Ada Choi (蔡少芬) that good news will soon be on the way.

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Hahaha………..that is very funny……I guess her face is just as plastic as Barbie’s.

  1. He doesn’t look like his parents who both have this soft look. They look rather friendly.

  2. They look so cute and happy together. I don’t understand why many dislike her. Many celebs have plastic surgeries….so what? If it advances their careers then let them be. If the audience weren’t so superficial in choosing their idols then they wouldn’t have to undergo drastic changes.

    1. I think people don’ mind if Angeleababy admits that she had plastic surgery. They just don’t like her lying.

  3. Seriously if they do get married, I bet their kid will look ugly, because she’s had sooo much plastic surgery everyone thinks she is drop dead gorgeous, but in reality her BEFORE life is a different story!

    1. I believe confidence should come within. If you did not even have innate confidence, you can try to turn yourself into Xi Shi and it still would not make you confident enough.

  4. michelle does not fit the role. she is not pretty at all

  5. It’s time she dropped the baby from her name. Angelababy’s baby and Mrs. Angelababy Huang sound too comical. Good thing she didn’t pair with BabyJohn Choi.

  6. its a nickname. her stage name. just how people use fake names to write books. deal with it.

    1. silly names bring ridicule. that’s how people deal with it.

  7. Huang Xiaoming does not look like his parents at all!!!! How much plastic surgery did this guy have? I can’t even imagine what their kids will look and when and how much plastic surgery the kids will have. So sad.

    1. In many cases you do not look like your parents, but like your uncle,aunt,grandparents,etc… Huang Xiao Ming did not do much at all since I have seen his childhood photos and saw him since the beginning of his career and still looks pretty much the same with just some minor changes.

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