Wedding Plans for Lee Seung Gi in the Works?

Since publicly acknowledging their relationship last year, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In faced disapproval from fans. Despite this, wedding plans may be upcoming in the near future for the couple.

The actor’s fans were critical of the budding relationship due to Lee Da In’s stepfather’s previous imprisonment, as they felt she was undeserving of Lee Seung Gi, who had a squeaky-clean image and hugely successful career. As a result, the couple faced incessant breakup rumors. When speculations began to magnify, Lee Seung Gi finally spoke up about the matter and clarified that there has been “no change since our relationship became public.”

Aside from backing up his girlfriend, Lee Seung Gi recently purchased a mansion worth more than 5.6 billion won and registered it under Lee Da In’s name. The news led many to believe that the two are preparing to get married.

Lee Da In’s agency responded vaguely to the news, simply stating that the matter is “the artiste’s private life.”

Source: World Journal

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Lee Seung Gi’s Girlfriend is Revealed to Be Lee Da In

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  1. He is not getting younger and if he does want to get married, I am happy for him. Hope some of his fans don’t get his GF such a hard time… honestly, Lee Seung Gi dont need those fans to tell him who he should date…

    1. Agree. The poor lady doesn’t get to choose her stepfather. If that is the only objection fans have it is really silly and unreasonable- as if they have a say on who he intends to share his life with.

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