What Sean Xiao Was Like in High School

Since the broadcast of The Untamed <陳情令> Chinese actor Sean Xiao (肖戰) became the ideal summer boyfriend for everyone. A netizen made a curious post wondering what it feels like to be friends with Sean in real life. Many who claimed to be his former school mates came forward, and one particular female shared a long story of her heart-racing crush on the idol during high school.

One of the viral posts made was about Sean helping out his former female school mate carry some heavy items. She shared that she had almost tripped a few times. At this moment, a boy suddenly appeared and lowered himself to hold the heavy item while saying, “This thing is quite heavy; let me take over.” She turned to have a look at him and instantly fell in love at first sight of the sweet and enthusiastic fellow student. She later came to find out that the student was the campus’s most popular Sean, who is also one year her senior.

She then expressed that though they had mutual friends, they only shared a few sentences with each other, so it wasn’t enough to consider them as actual friends.

Too shy to make a confession, she would only secretly steal glances at Sean during lessons and deliberately create coincidental encounters. She also recalled excitingly recording down his contact details when she came across his name on a society member list, and feeling super nervous when seeing him walking with his seniors together that she asked everyone on their well-being, when she was only truly interested in him.

She then added in remembering that other seniors would talk about him only drinking yogurt or juice during gatherings because of his low-alcohol tolerance.

After he graduated, the female netizen revealed she continued to follow him closely on his projects. Seeing Sean being surrounded by fans in photos, she felt happy and a little sad, but is very thankful for this summer in making her remember her school crush memories.

The post became highly shared and many fans commented in response saying that it was very relatable. Sean’s school mates must have been very lucky to have him being a part of their youthful memories.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I question the fan’s imagination. It sounds like a rip off out of an idol plot, lol. Before fire comes this way, I’m not questioning or challenging his character or personality; only the so called story from a fan or ex-classmate. Bet there’s additiomal “salt and oil” in there!

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