Who Leaked Wen Zhang’s Scandalous Photos to the Press?

Above: Wen Zhang with girlfriend, Yao Di.

On March 31, Southern Metropolis Weekly broke the news that mainland Chinese actor Wen Zhang (文章) cheated on his pregnant wife, actress Ma Yili (馬伊琍), with one of his previous costars, actress Yao Di (姚笛). As netizens expressed their disapproval, Wen Zhang posted an apology on Sina Weibo in an attempt to calm the waters. However, netizens soon began to question how the magazine had managed to snap so many condemning photographs of the extramarital lovers.

Southern Metropolis Weekly’s chief editors, Xie Xiao (謝曉) and Chen Chaohua (陳朝華), both claimed that they had simply conducted a news report and that their intention was not to unmask the secrets of any celebrities. Nevertheless, well-known paparazzi reporter Zhuo Wei (卓偉) revealed that the media had already gotten wind of Wen Zhang and Yao Di’s love affair last June or July, which is when the paparazzi started following the two.

The question still remains: who leaked the photographs to the press?

Although some people suspect that Yao Di orchestrated the news in a desperate attempt to force Wen Zhang’s hand, it is unlikely that the actress would reveal information so condemning for her career. Now labeled as the “third party” in the news, Yao Di has suffered from the backlash, and many drama producers shared that they were reconsidering working with her in future projects.

It is also improbable that Wen Zhang’s management company or the actor himself leaked the news. Though doing so would drum up hype for his new film, On the Road <我在路上最愛你>, released in theaters on March 28, the negative response would be too much of a risk for the actor’s traditionally sunny image. Indeed, some netizens claimed that they would stop watching Wen Zhang’s movies due to the scandal.

Other people surmise that Ma Yili had already known about the affair and gotten fed up with turning a blind eye on her husband’s cheating ways. By making his misdeeds public, she could protect her daughter and unborn child from existing as a broken family. This theory gained strength when editor Xie Xiao stated in an interview that the actress had sent him a text message to thank him for saving her family.

Many people also suspect that Wen Zhang had previously known about the photographs but had failed to suppress the news. For entertainment news reporters, it is common courtesy to notify celebrities ahead of time about relevant news items so they have time to mentally prepare themselves. Both of Southern Metropolis Weekly’s editors hinted that Wen Zhang had rejected their attempts at intercession and was now paying the price.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Warning them ahead or blackmailing them ahead? Which is it, I wonder? I dont agree to his actions but we are dealing with Media mobsters here. Wen Zhang, did not play their game and pay their price thus he has to suffer.

  2. Wait, is this article serious? They’ll notify the stars about their dirty laundry prior publicizing? That’s total BS.

    What they mean is, they’ll blackmail the stars to gain their cooperation for future use. If the stars refuse, then photos will be published.

  3. This explains why he came out ahead of time to level the damage.

  4. Does it really matter who leaked what? Fact remains had he not be cheating, there’d be nothing to report.

    1. Exactly. He can apologize his way to the moon for all that it matters. He is only remorseful that he got caught and there is proof everywhere. He knew full well his actions were wrong when he began his affair with Yao Di. If he were a man of integrity, he would have not cheated or at least divorced his wife before engaging in a new relationship.

      His selfish actions have hurt his wife and children. I hope his wife divorces him but it does not seem like she will. The trust is gone and if they stay together for the kids, good luck with that. Relationship with no trust is a recipe for unhappiness and disaster.

    2. Agree. All the paparazzi of the world could stalk Wen Zheng 24/7 and would still get nothing if he was instead innocent. IMO, WZ was an idiot to be hugging on the open streets since he was so recognisable. Hope MYL divorces him.

      1. MYL divorce him?

        On the contrary, when news broke out, and because of something he said … my intial thought also was: this is the official wife who was forcing his hand with societal pressure/judgement, by outing the affair.

        I doubt it’s the mistress forcing his hand, because she’s got too much to lose herself being the 3rd party.

        At the end of the day there’s NO winner If the heart is not there, there’s really zero point forcing reconcilation and playing ‘happy family’. Behind closed doors it’s just unhappiness.

        Putting out one fire doesn’t mean there won’t be others.

    3. Agree with TVBfanatic. It does not matter who leaked those photos, but the fact is that he cheated on his wife and was caught. I really wonder why he married Ma YiLi??? I feel regardless of whether you are a man or woman, if you know that you cannot be faithful to only one person your whole life, then why get married in the first place??

      1. Regardless of whether man/woman: if they cannot faithful or respect monogamy … why bother officiating the relationship with a piece of paper in the first place?

        Self awareness and selishness?
        1) people change over time
        2) unless real life/challenges happen – sometimes people don’t know how they’d really react or what they’re slowly seeing they’re giving up. ie freedom, money (expenses),time and energy, even uninhibited anytime/anywhere sex etc etc etc

        Aka the ‘shackles’ of marriage don’t rein in some people until child #2.

        3) Maybe a marriage certificate was the only option his wife would consider if she was going to bed with him or have ongoing sex (so marriage was out of selfish reasons).

        4) When the going gets tough, an affair is also avoidance-escapism from reality. Forbidden fruit/forbidden time and all that hnaky-panky secretive excitement is probavbly wayyy more fun than thinking about the extra finances involved with kid #2, sleep deprivation or a breast-feeding tired wife not much interested in sex etc etc etc

        >>>if you know that you cannot be faithful to only one person your whole life
        Who knows? I doubt all cheater “KNOW” from the start they’re cheating material.

      2. He’s a lair and the women he chose were vulnerable and they made it easy for him to manipulate.

  5. That picture would’ve been so cute if there wasn’t such a dramatic and disgusting truth behind it.

    Look at Yao Di’s satisfied look cuddling against Wen Zhang’s bright smile.
    What a waste.

  6. I am not sure if many, or any of you here are aware that the paps do not post the incriminating photos until a deal is worked out with the celebs who are caught in a compromising position.

    That could be what happened to Wen Zhang. I remember when the news first surfaced that Wen Zhang is cheating on his wife, all I heard was, “where is the evidence, where are the pics?. I will not believe until I see proof”. The media must be having a slow news day.”. 99% of the time, there is proof. How the celebs choose to handle things determine if that proof sees the light of day or not. Have fans and netizens ever thought…..”Why is it that these celebs do not sue the media, including their writers and photographers for these articles that they write about them?. They do not because there is back up evidence. Netizens and fans need to wake up.

    Of course, there are some heavy duty idols that these media guys are not going to touch because they might end up missing, them or their relatives.

    Time to wake up.

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