Re-kindling Affair with Ex, Wen Zhang’s Cheating Marred His Career

Wen Zhang was reportedly in love with his “Naked Marriage” co-star, Yao Di, for many years while still married.

Although his popularity soared due to breakout roles in movies Love is Not Blind <失戀33天> and Journey to the West: Conquering Demons <西遊.降魔篇>, Wen Zhang’s (文章) career hit rock bottom when he was caught cheating on his pregnant wife Ma Yili (馬伊琍) with actress Yao Di (姚笛) in 2014. Although things have been quiet since Wen Zhang got divorced, recent rumors surfaced of the 35-year-old Chinese actor re-kindling his affair with Yao Di.

Wen Zhang with Ma Yili

Wife Forgave Him then Divorced Him

After Wen Zhang apologized for cheating and “failing his family” on Weibo, Ma Yili chose to forgive him. Just having given birth to their second child at that time, Ma Yili warned him to “treasure what you have.”

But it was speculated that it was all an act to save Wen Zhang’s reputation, as he allegedly didn’t even want to end his affair with Yao Di. Although Ma Yili publicly forgave her husband, her trust in him was gone.

In July, Wen Zhang and Ma Yili got divorced and officially announced the end to their 11- year marriage.

Yao Di is Now Engaged

Yao Di with her fiance

Now with Wen Zheng’s divorced status, it is speculated that the actor is back together with Yao Di despite the fact that she is currently engaged to wealthy second-generation Gao Jie (高傑). Netizens noticed that Wen Zhang and Yao Di shared a couple’s bracelet and it’s rumored that the two currently share the same email inbox.

More suspicion arose when Yao Di was seen heading to Yichun in secret without her engagement ring during the same time that Wen Zhang was in Yichun for filming. Many noticed that the engagement video of Gao Jie proposing to Yao Di was deleted from a Chinese social media platform. Accused of trying to cut all ties to Gao Jie, Yao Di was said to have stopped all business relations with the matchmaker friend who introduced Gao Jie to her.

Just as rumors of Wen Zhang wanting to get married with Yao Di began circulating, the actress went out with Gao Jie on a high-profile movie date. Although seen out with her fiancé, Yao Di was speculated to be only using Gao Jie to stop the negative gossip surrounding her and Wen Zhang.


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