Ma Yili Prepared to Forgive Cheating Husband Wen Zhang?

Mainland Chinese actor Wen Zhang (文章) and his wife, actress Ma Yili (馬伊琍), were recently spotted at a restaurant together, sparking rumors that Yili had forgiven her husband after he cheated on her with actress Yao Di (姚笛).

In late March, news broke that Wen Zhang and Yao Di were in an extramarital affair, with photographs showing them behaving intimately in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. According to reports, they had been involved ever since collaborating in the 2011 drama Naked Wedding <裸婚時代>. After several days of silence, Wen Zhang issued a public apology on Sina Weibo, claiming that he did not deserve his wife’s forgiveness but that he would make up for his wrongdoing.

On April 12, Wen Zhang, Ma Yili, and their five-year-old daughter, Wen Junzhu, were seen eating together at a restaurant. Currently pregnant with their second child, Ma Yili was dressed in somewhat formal clothing, while Wen Zhang was dressed more leisurely.

After a while, the family was joined by three other people, one of them being screenwriter Wang Qinan (汪啓楠). Wang, who is currently employed by Huayi Brothers Media, is known for penning the 2010 drama Legends of the Message <風聲傳奇> and the hit 2012 romance film Love <愛>.

Though the purpose of the meeting is uncertain, it seems to suggest that Ma Yili has decided to forgive Wen Zhang for his infidelity and refocus on work. By placing their unhappy past behind them and drawing attention to a possible upcoming collaboration, Ma Yili may be hoping to protect her daughter and future child from unwanted media attention, as well as salvage what is left of Wen Zhang’s professional reputation.


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  1. She is stupid to forgive him. She deserved what he did to her and he might have found his mate for life. They are tangled in a web of lies and the kids are the one that will pay for their stupidity.

    1. Would you forgive him or her for the sake of the children? Well, it’s good to forgive but stupid to trust him again.

      1. If you plan to forgive, then you must learn to trust again. Forgiveness without trust in the end will drive him away. If you can’t trust, leave him.

  2. How much therapy is needed for her to forgive someone that shame her. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal in a marriage to a woman and to a man. Something that is not forgiven. Trust is to earn over a period of time and just for an itch in his pants he decided to toss everything out. A woman that lack the knowledge will only make stupid decision. For the sake of herself and the kids she should get the hell out, get a divorce, file charges against him for adultery and get everything. Ma Yili is dumb for telling everyone that she’s a woman with a mighty heart. A girl lost! LOL!

    1. BTW, to forgive him he would need to be neutered. But then again he’s no longer useful. What a mess. “Forgive” easier said than done. LOL!

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