Why Wang Feng Wrote “Nowhere to Belong” for Zhang Ziyi

In August 2015, Wang Feng (汪峰) dropped his “Nowhere to Belong” <无处安放> music video, which starred his wife Zhang Ziyi (章子怡). It was the couple’s first official collaboration, and the video was released at a time when Ziyi was still rumored to be pregnant with their daughter Xingxing, who was born in December 2015.

In the premiere episode of the singing competition Sing! China <中国新歌声>, one of the contestants chose to perform Wang Feng’s “Nowhere to Belong” as her first song. Wang Feng, who is the contestant’s coach, revealed on the show, “This song was written for my wife, Ziyi.”

He shared that he wrote the song after a trip to Los Angeles with Ziyi. “I was in Los Angeles, driving on the freeway with my wife by my side. The road was going downhill, so the only thing you could see in front of you was the round moon. It was hanging right above the end of the road. It was beautiful.”

Half a year later, while Wang Feng was writing new songs in the middle of the night, he came up with “Nowhere to Belong” with that memory in mind. “Ziyi was sleeping. Once she heard me playing this song, she woke up, and told me that the song sounded special and nice. I told her that since she loved the song, I’ll write it for her.”

The story touched other Sing! China coaches, including Jay Chou (周杰伦), Na Ying (那英), and Harlem Yu (庾澄庆). “That’s why Wang Feng is awake when Ziyi is still sleeping,” they said.

Wang Feng and Ziyi married in 2015 and welcomed their daughter, Xingxing, in December 2015. Wang Feng has two older daughters from previous relationships—10-year-old Manxi (known as “Little Apple”) and 4-year-old Jingyi.

“Nowhere to Belong”

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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