“Work Later, Drink Now” Gets a Second Season

Beloved by many fans for its heart-warming and candid storytelling, South Korean drama Work Later, Drink Now will be returning for a second season!

Starring Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa and Jung Eun Ji, the slice of life drama is based on a popular webtoon and  follows three best friends as they meet up after work for drinks. When the trio catch up, they share stories of their personal struggles and stress, and find support from each other. 

Although the first season aired without much fanfare, the series gained momentum with each episode and became one of the most well-received dramas in the second half of 2021. Fans praised the female cast’s strong friendship as they juggle between the uplifting moments and emotional scenes. 

Following the success of the drama, South Korean network TVING delighted fans by announcing that a sequel is in the works and the original cast will be returning to reprise their roles. While more details will come at a later date, fans can look forward to the trio of best friends having each other’s back.

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